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  • US demands Chinese owners sell TikTok, or face ban

    I love how the MAGAnuts are having difficulty finding arguments for why this is a terrible thing, before the fact that Biden actually agrees with the disgraced Mango Mussolini on something makes their little red China-made hats explode off their heads. 
  • Battle of the sexes: Men and women like different iPhone models

    Careful, AI. Don’t you know you’re not allowed to notice the differences between men and women in our culture today? LOL
    It’s so cute how the right wing‘s single joke is inevitably centered around imagining that somebody else gives a shit about their insensitivity and somehow wants to punish them for it. 

    It’s as if they know they’re being assholes, and the only reason they are is because they get a rise out of pretending somebody else is angry about it, so that they themselves can play the victim. 
  • Spotify's HiFi tier is coming -- but not soon

    melgross said:
    Spotify continues to generate losses. I’ve been saying for several years that the only companies that will be able to offer music streaming on a large scale will be companies that offer it as a service, as additive to their other, much larger businesses.
    This would be the final nail in the commoditisation of music. 

    In which bizarre universe is the logical business choice simply accepting that there is no way to make any money off streaming business model, and in consequence reducing it to a loss-leading add-on? I mean, rather than figuring that THE FUCKING BUSINESS MODEL DOESN'T WORK? 

    I'm slightly irate over this because at NO POINT in this (mis)judgement of business viability do the interests of those supplying the actual content ever enter into the equation. 

    Oh, so you've built a "business" around ripping us off and giving everything we make away, conditioned customers to expect access to everything for free or ad-free for price of three Starbucks coffees a month, and haven't figured out how to make a profit? 

    Well, now. I have this D-sub tie-line cable that would like a word with you. 
  • Battle of the sexes: Men and women like different iPhone models

    I was so glad to replace the dork-slab Xs with an actually pocketable 13 mini. 

    I dread the day this one gives up the ghost and I have to go back to a fucking aircraft carrier, since they've stopped putting out pocket-sized models as of the 14. 
  • Apple launches Apple Music Classical app

    AppleZulu said:

    So, no. It’s not just the new quadraphonic. 

    I appreciate the in-depth explanation! I do believe the comment was meant as „is Atmos another passing fad designed to get people to pay a lot of money for licensed equipment to support a new technology that completely misses any real market need and is completely orthogonal to the way most music is actually heard, the way quadraphonic was? 

    My vote is „yes“. 

    Not least because while Apple is one of the major adopters and driving forces of Atmos remixing, their implementation is supposedly rather botched, from what I’ve read. 

    I’m also generally skeptical of „remixes“ and „remastering“ of classic material. Unless the original was actually messed up, I’ve rarely heard any example where the new version actually improved on the original vision. 

    Usually, it brings it in-line with modern expectations—none of which have anything to do with what made the material great; on the contrary.