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  • EU's antitrust head is ignoring Spotify's dominance and wants to punish Apple instead

    avon b7 said:
    "The European Union suspects Big Tech firms are avoiding their responsibilities to the publc"

    I'm guessing that is relative to gatekeeper status and all that implies. That is something that Spotify doesn't have so its dominance is less of an issue.
    It does have Gatekeeper Status, though — except the victims are the musicians, and not corporations. 
    It is all but impossible to be an active creative musician and not go through Spotify. 
  • Spotify listeners may finally get lossless audio -- but at a cost

    Unless they also stop doing whatever audio processing  they're doing to every master they put into their streaming service, there is absolutely ZERO point to going lossless.

    If you want to hear the actual sound of the original  uploaded masters, Spotify isn't giving that to you — lossless or not. 
  • Japan to seek up to 20% fine for monopolistic practices by Apple

    Apple could either
    1. leave the Japanese smartphone market entirely,
    2. remove its own app store (and everyone's app store) from the Japanese smartphone market, or 
    3. allow (or require) Android as the OS for iPhone users in the Japanese market. No more iOS on iPhones in Japan.
    I favour option three.

    4.  follow the law. 

  • Australian court is the latest to attack Apple on behalf of rich corporations

    entropys said:
    I love the story of the little red hen, particularly the Ronald Reagan version.
    it explains so much about the nexus of entrepreneurism and just who is entitled to benefit from those activities. And the role of government in capturing those benefits for the loudest voices.

    "Exactly," said the agent. "That's the wonderful free enterprise system. Anyone in the barnyard can earn as much as he wants. But under our modern government regulations the productive workers must divide their product with the idle."

    And they lived happily ever after, including the little red hen, who smiled and clucked, "I am grateful, I am grateful." 

    But her neighbors wondered why she never again baked any more bread.

    Ah yes, the capitalist corporate CEOs who all build the cars on their own, with their bare hands, while ten thousand workers stand by, idly watching the executive toil away, all while demanding their fair share of profits. 

    Reagan was a genius. 
  • Australian court is the latest to attack Apple on behalf of rich corporations

    nubus said:
    Would we ever accept an ISP blocking some sites and features like local shopping "to protect us"? Do we want or need a gatekeeper on apps? A warning perhaps - but a gatekeeper?  And the 30%... that Apple then lowered to 15% after massive political pressure.

    People experience a juggernaut going from lost cause to lost cause in courts while taxing customers on memory, taxing developers, blocking app-installations, and blocking upgrades. Apple should go win some hearts.
    Actually, we DO need an app gatekeeper. but not in a censorship way. that's awful and apple is guilty of that as well. But we DO need someone to make suer the appas arent' nefrarious in their coding, spying, etc. 
    If there's ever an App Store on iOS that guarantees that, you'll be free to use it. 

    Right now, there's only one option, and it notoriously doesn't. 

    So, here's hoping: 🤞