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  • Cupertino building dept. approved Steve Jobs Theater occupancy after iPhone X event invite...

    1. Why is this even worth reporting on?

    2. Pretty obvious that the project managers at Apple and the construction firm that built the place knew they'd get it.  Projects this big are pretty predictable, especially something as important as an occupancy permit.  Getting the piece of paper that says they're good to go is merely a formality.
  • High Sierra's APFS optimized for flash storage & SSD, incompatible with legacy HDDs and po...

    Does this news hint at the possibility that Apple is looking at eliminating hard drives from the whole Mac lineup?
  • Apple TV losing market share to streaming set-top box rivals Roku, Amazon

    I'll echo all the comments on the remote: it's a far cry from the simplicity and ease of use (historically an Apple hallmark) from the Apple2/3 remote.  This new one (which I got a few months ago, so "new" to me) almost always requires a direct look at the remote to operate, it's too small and slippery so it's easy to drop, and the touch area is actually so large that erroneous inputs are frequent.  I'm somewhat surprised this design made it to the shelf to be honest.
  • Movie studios may sidestep theater chains in deals for early Apple iTunes rentals

    holyone said:
    I pesonaly hate the theatre, theres nothing that ruins a movie more for me that people who cheer or clap hands or abruptly stand infront of me, Fuck !!!!, I've probably only been to an actual cinema maybe 5 times in my entire life and the last time I went to watch something I just had to experience with other people was MJ's "This Is It" and thankfully no one ruined that for me, I got the discs later and it was even more enjoyable. I think an experience that requires you to actually get all dressed up and leave you're house had better be all kinds of awesome, something that can't be recreated at home, with a kickass 120 inch :p, AVETAR was crazy with a "k", and that should be the only type of experiences that people should leave their houses for.
    You sound like the stereotypical 30-year-old that stills lives in his parents basement.  Do you melt in the sun?

    As for me, living in the Phoenix area, we have Harkins Theaters which is a great chain of cinemas.  I can get discount tickets from work so that a movie for the wife and I comes in around $20, including a soda and snack for each of us.  The theaters (and even the bathrooms!) are clean and comfortable.  I'm in the minority on this one, but I'll take watching a new release film in a theater any day over watching it at home, even though I have 7 channel sound and a 70 inch screen.
  • iDevices launches new Apple HomeKit Dimmer Switch for $100

    Are we really at the point with technology that we need to control light switches in our homes from a smart phone, as opposed to just walking up to a wall switch or the light itself to turn it on or off manually?  A lot of this smart home stuff has pretty limited utility.  Paying $100 to control a dimmer from your phone is the height of stupidity.  And laziness.  I'm all for technology, but this is just vain.