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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    colinng said:
    Regaralexonline said:
    Just for reference here: aren't you the guy who compared Mark Knighton to Mozart, Beethoven, and da Vinci? (whoa credibility!)

    And thanks for the flattery. I'm not important enough to quote, but it seems the time has come that I actually have to, um, quote myself:

    Colin said:
    "good-ish" is very predictable. You can produce that on budget, on schedule. It's repeatable like factory work. You can churn out a bunch of good-ish novels one after another. 

    But great stuff? There's a reason, hundreds of years after they have passed away, everyone knows: Mozart, Beethoven, Leonard Da Vinci. 

    If you want stuff that can be churned out on schedule - get it on Amazon (same day!), find it with Google, or AliExpress. In fact, I don't need to mention those places - because you already know where to find run-of-the-mill stuff. There are many pages in the WayTools forums where people constantly post the latest keyboard. I happen to like not wasting my money. Most tech enthusiasts can recall owing a product that sat unused in the bottom of a drawer.

    I believe I equated Mozart, Beethoven, and Leonardo Da Vinci with "But great stuff?" 

    Of am I missing something here? 

    You are missing something - the above implies that producing work to a schedule is likely to result in something that is not "great stuff"; you cite Da Vinci, Mozart and Beethoven as examples of this (thus also suggesting that they did not tend to produce work to a schedule). You further imply that the TextBlade will be "Great Stuff" akin to the works of Da Vinci et al, and that this excuses the current lack of product.

    1. Da Vinci, Beethoven and Mozart did produce to schedules, and they did produce work on time, even if sometimes only just (the story goes that the parts Mozart handed out to the orchestra for the overture to Don Giovanni had wet ink as he'd only composed the overture in the hours immediately prior). I would submit that no good artist does not produce to schedule.

    2. I don't care how good the TextBlade is, I really don't feel the designer of a piece of plastic that falls apart/has paint that rubs off can be compared to some of the greatest minds to have ever walked the planet.

    Oh, perhaps I should mention that in the space of four sentences, despite having edited your post subsequently, you still managed a typo. I wouldn't have said anything, but you know, picking people up on accurate typing is apparently your thing. Seems the TextBlade isn't that great after all.
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Indeed. Unfortunately from what little i have seen of MK on forums he does not appear to be the sort of person who is likely to be sufficiently empathic to be swayed by this sort of story to action, even if he could.

    ...and speaking of lack of empathy, how on earth does someone reply to a post like that inserting your two cents’ worth without even expressing sympathy/horror at what he was put through?
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    New visitors to the WT web site are told 'what to expect' for orders placed today. Ship window: Fall. Ship time, a mere 4-7 days.

    A calendar on the WT web site indicates that....oops...if only you had ordered sooner, you would have received your Textblade already. Those of us who ordered long ago are apparently already received our Textblades for April and May (dang! if only we checked our mail more often!), June Textblades are rolling in, and July - September Textblades are coming soon!

    Then there's some sort of blue-green infographic bar graph thing going on for Oct, Nov, Dec. Maybe the blues are Dvorak Textblades, and the greens are Qwerty Textblades? Anyone care to guess? Who knows?

    The point is, this graphic, which has been on the WT web site for years, estimates your product will arrive in Nov 2019 if you order now. This is a blatant lie. Mark Knighton constructed this graphic to deceive new customers into giving him money. He is a liar and a scam artist. You will not receive your Textblade in June, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, or Dec of 2019, or 2020, or 2021, or 2022.

    I particularly like the “Preorder Now for Early Delivery”. I shudder to think what he considers Late Delivery to be. 
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Rolanbek said:
    A more reliable source, that bloke from the pub, said that one of the delays was getting otters trained which their little paws to push the Flex PCB from front to back during assembly. This was due, he says, to a global shortage of otters. He reckons you will have to clean every textblade's magnetic contacts right out of the box due to the combination of fish oil and otter fur from the assembly process. 

    We all know that otters never wash their hands properly... 


    I see what's gone wrong here. The problem is that back when development began on the textblade otters were really quite easy to come by, what with the Voyageurs and all bringing them down from the North. Nowadays however the fur trade has hit hard times, and I really think WT need to consider moving to a more modern workforce. Yes, in the short-term it may introduce further delays, but MK has already shown himself with the firmware rewrite to be prepared to absorb short-term delay for long-term gain, and I think this is a perfect example of why sometimes we all need to bite the bullet and make those tough decisions, regardless of how many angry potential customers we may have. 
  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    A 2yr old necro-post was just revived on Waytools forum with a very long and impassioned post at the end (https://forum.waytools.com/t/are-the-delays-understandable/4909/19?u=weirdosmurf) trying to rationalise why the delivery delays for the TextBlade might be “understandable”. Whilst it might be theoretically possible to “understand” why Waytools have not been up to the task of delivering a product, that does not conflate to being in any way “acceptable”...

    The post mentions customer service and support post-release and the difficulties Waytools might face; from what I’ve seen, they’re in a world of hurt on that score as they can’t even get an update out on time...! What on earth makes anyone believe they are remotely capable of doing the infinitely more complex and difficult task of actual customer support...?

    i suspect we are in for a long, long wait before anyone sees an actual purchased TextBlade (if ever...). Who knows, it may happen one day, but perhaps another company with expertise in actually realising products might need to buy up the company and take over the product release... Waytools have shown no evidence that they have any ability to actually achieve general release... (and when they say they’re going to do something, they invariably don’t follow through, so anything they say regarding... pretty much anything... should be taken with a grain of salt - basically; “believe it when you see it... until then, it’s just vapour and unfulfilled promises...”)

    *Mark, don’t you dare cancel my order; that decision rests with me, not you - your responsibility is to deliver me two TextBlades... if you’re annoyed at my post or tone, channel that rage in to actually releasing the product... or failing that; a progress update (preferably in plain, not-jargon-peppered English...)
    Agree completely. I've not read the whole of the post on the other side but just skimmed it, partly because it was written by someone I've decided I don't wish to hear any more from (and I must say, it's really quite liberating: I've never put anyone on ignore before, and it's quite fun seeing "gaps" in the post numbers and imagining what tripe I'm not having to waste my time with!).

    I can't pretend to understand the complexities of programming, or  launching a product, as I've never done it. Well, there was that one time in my adolescence when I produced a case statement in Unix shell that was hundreds of lines long, but that doesn't really count... But I can see that lots of other companies manage it more efficiently, and with more realistic ability to estimate progress. I certainly do know a lot about producing work to time, particularly written work. and to see someone fail that as badly as WK has is really quite depressing. This leads me to the inescapable conclusion, as I think we all agree, that the delay and problem here lies not so much with the product per se as the person leading the project. Like you, I suspect the only way we'll ever see a GR is if another company buys the IP. it'd be kinda cool to be proven wrong, but I'm not holding my breath.