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  • Akitio Thunder3 10G network adapter adds 10 gigabit ethernet connection to MacBook Pro, iM...

    dreyfus2 said:
    If this delivers the advertised performance, it is quite a steal. ATTO's TB2 to 10 GbE adapters sold for around $1k.
    Wow, no wonder why we won’t saw 10GbE controllers in mainstream PCs.
  • Akitio Thunder3 10G network adapter adds 10 gigabit ethernet connection to MacBook Pro, iM...

    Soli said:
    I'm glad to see there's an option, but I'm a little surprised its size.
    Pretty much an entire PCIe card in-a-box.
  • All models of iMac Pro shipping to customers, 14-core models now arriving

    macxpress said:
    I'd really like to get a 10-core model iMac Pro this year. It just seems more practical to buy an iMac Pro than a full-CTO version of a regular iMac if I'm going to keep it for five years or more. It would be nice to grab a refurbished iMac Pro later this year.
    Yes I'd like to see what the iMac Pro refurbs will look like price wise. I bet they go fast when they start becoming available. Refurbs are actually a great way to get a deal on a Mac if you want to buy directly from Apple, and they're typically just like brand new. You can even add AppleCare to them which some people may not know. You just don't get the fancy looking box they normally ship in. I have a refurb 2012 Mac Pro tower and you'd never know it was a refurb. Its a great computer...no issues what so ever. 
    If you're in the market, it's REALLY hard to argue with the $500 off deal that B&H has running now, and the $1000 off at MicroCenter that runs periodically -- assuming you have one near you. 

    I'm guessing April on refurbs.
    When will you guys do a thermal test on both 18 and 14-core version?  It will runs whole lot hotter with more cores.
  • Apple's MacBook refresh buys time for bigger changes

    Mac laptops are the only thing I felt disappointed in yesterday's WWDC.  Hopefully next year we will get something like hex-core Xeon with ECC capabilities.

    Although Coffee Lake still won't support LPDDR4 and that sucks...
  • Microsoft unveils new Surface Pro ahead of Apple Mac & iPad Pro refreshes

    k2kw said:
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    jkichline said:
    I'm not buying the 13.5 hours of battery life though.  The claim is that this is with video playback without WiFi and screen on low brightness.  However, that's not typical usage.  I know for a fact that I can get 12+ hours from an iPad with it actually being used.  I

    This device is about 50% thicker than the iPad Pro and the latter has more pixels.  Notice how they compared it to the 12" MacBook instead of the iPad Pro... why are we comparing laptops to tablets exactly? Why isn't the iPad Pro considered a computer by statistics companies again?

    The thing also weights more.  I'm not saying it wouldn't be a great device, but I don't think it's all that much better than the existing iPad Pro lineup and Apple is set to announce something new in less than two weeks...
    Because you can do heavy workloads on a surface you can not do on an iPad...  Can you run VS or equivalent dev environment?  Can you run a full on database server like Sql Server?  A local web server?  Linux?  Full Photoshop?  No...  That's the reason they don't compare to iPads.  One is a toy one is a powerful computer for real productivity tasks.
    Do you own or use a Surface Pro?  Do you believe it is good value for the money to run it as a server?  Or use full Photoshop?  Why pay the premium for the laptop form factor when what you want is a PC.  It costs a lot to get a well spec'd system. 

    And I am sure you are absolutely horrified at the lack of ports and 16GB limit...
    SP is designed to get an i5 or i7 into the lightest form factor and in that regard it does a good job at 1.73 pounds.    Granted its not as light as the iPadPro but its both lighter and more powerful than the MacBook and has the same about as many ports as an MacBook Air for a more up to day processor.   I've got to say the the Magnetic connection of the Surface Pen is a very nice idea - better than sticking the Pencil out of the lightning port  (hopefully Apple comes up with a better idea like magnetic connection and wireless charging between the iPP and Pencil).   And for you MS haters, the kick stand is very nice, very convenient to have.    I'm a little surprised at the updated Surface Pen because it implies that MS is actually trying to go after the Digital Artist segment that iPP excels in.    

    The ball is in Apple's court now.    Hopefully the i5 without fan SP means Apple can come out with an i5 MacBook. 

    The iPP is definitely an impressive tablet, but it needs without mouse support its productivity is limited.   Ironically Apple has added a keyboard to it but not the mouse.   They've only have gone half way there.   Time to add basic Mouse support (keep the fixed windows system).   Apple needs to slowly expand iOS to do the things the Mac does (not the other way around).  They are behind on touch screens besides SIRI.

    Hopefully the i5 without fan SP means Apple can come out with an i5 MacBook."

    i doubt it.  There's no magic when it comes to cooling, and the most efficient way to do it's always using a fan.  To achieve the same temperature as the air-cooled solution, you will need tons of copper, which makes it both heavier and hotter to touch.  If someone said they build a "super cool and light system without fan", that basically means the chip won't have much heat to begin with, and usually lower performance.  It's basically impossible to put a higher-performance chip without some drawbacks.

    Back to 7300U, even most of the chip won't as hot as the i7-U, it will not be as low as 4.5W as well.  Intel offers what's called "configurable TDP-Down" to make it runs @7.5W, which is the highest TDP that core m3 can achieved (yes, the TDP of 4.5W doesn't mean everything).

    Back to 2016, where there are many notebooks that went "thinner" than the new MacBook, but using a full-power i5/i7 instead the core m.  This truly put the MacBook in shame on paper, but all of them will definitely suffered from heavy throttling when you push these machines into some stressful situations.

    So back to the topic, to build a MacBook which equipped with a i5/i7 ULV, is either will equipped with a fan, or lowering the TDP, and I will suspect the new Surface Pro did the same.