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  • Coalition for App Fairness originally Epic-funded to assist in App Store legal battles

    Now if we could only get networks to talk about this in the news and shut up some of these senators trying to make it look like they are tech savvy and pro consumer and little guy by writing bills to “protect consumers” that actually does the exact opposite 
  • US House introduces companion bill taking aim at Apple, Google app stores

    They seem to have no clue what the majority of the consumers and citizens want.  Windows CE allowed you to get programs from anywhere.  Viruses and malware were everywhere, either designed to target the phone or designed to target the computer you were Dow loading the program to “side load” apps. 
     There already is a way to pay the developers directly.  Just look at Netflix.  I personally trust apple with my payment info more than I trust any of the developers.  Plus, it is only one company, instead of a dozen with your info that hackers may target.  
  • Apple slapped with patent lawsuit over iPhone security features

    Yet another sign that there are way too many law schools and obviously not nearly enough ethics courses required
  • South Korean legislation could force external payment options onto App Store

    Maintaining the App Store and the servers, as well as continuing to develop better tools for the app developers to use to make apps for the iPhone is magically free.  Neither is maintaining a safe and secure payment method for consumers.  Reviewing apps to weed out scams, malware, and apps that rip off other apps, isn’t free either.  This “Coalition would like us to think that all apple is doing is charging 30% just to be on the iPhone.  They want us to forget all that entails to keep the App Store safe and secure and continuing to develop better APIs
  • South Korean legislation could force external payment options onto App Store

    Notice Epic only dropped their pricing from $9.99 to $7.99. That is 20%.  They cry about apple taking 30%, and go try to go around them and only discount by 20%.  
    Not one single but if this BS is about the consumers, nor is it legitimately pushed by us consumers.  This is phallus measuring by corporate CEO’s and they are trying to run one of the biggest scams.  The consumer is significantly safer with only 1 payment, not multiple app stores, or multiple payment systems.  I certainly have no desire to have my credit card info in the hands of any developer.  I would rather they focused their energy and time on making better apps, than making sure their payment system was secure.  How many payment systems databases have been hacked??? I haven’t seen one story involving apples payment system being hacked and exposing sensitive user information.  The CEOs and Council for App Fairness is an utter farce and only represents the CEOs of the large companies in reality.  I wish these politicians would get clue.