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  • Arizona bill that could force Apple App Store to allow third-party payments one step close...

    This proposed law is a joke!  How is having multiple payment systems a benefit to customers?  In this day and age, most companies are getting hacked and customer information and sometime payment info is stolen and sold on the dark web.  Who would you trust with the info more, Apple, or Epic games and several other companies selling applications?? Apple has been shown time and time again to have a more secure customer database
  • Microsoft reveals Chinese hack targeting Microsoft Exchange

    Enough is enough!  
  • Facebook developing smartwatch with health, messaging features

    To quote Sting, 
    “Every breath you take
    And every move you make
    Every bond you break
    Every step you take
    I'll be watching you“.
    That’s the first thing that crossed my mind when I read the headline.
  • Third-generation Apple TV to lose CBS All Access support in March

    I wanted to wait till a new model was introduced, but caved and bought a 4K around Black Friday.  Apple is good at waiting just long enough for holdouts to buy a new model, before introducing their latest Apple TV.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they introduce one in Sept that uses the processor from iPhone 12, and has some new awesome capability. 
  • Apple protests VirnetX patent loss that could cost over $1 billion

    ITGUYINSD said:
    Apple can certainly afford the 84 cents per unit going forward -- look at the money they are saving by not including a charger or cable! No one thinks that the price of an iPhone was going to drop by the cost of the missing adapter and cable?
    This sounds exactly like something one of the patent troll lawyers would say.  They ask us to ignore 2 of the 4 patents, that were worth that 84 cents per unit, were thrown out.  They need to go back and assess the value of the 2 patents remaining and use that number, at least for any units made after the 2 patents were tossed.  

    Someone argues that Apple wanted to pay less for use of IP, but ask everyone else to pay as much as possible. Most companies do this.  I know it doesn’t make it right.  The part that I find weird and that Apple fights against is that the companies want a percentage of the final price of the product Apple sells for the use of their IP.  So, they would pay more for IP used in an iPhone than LG would pay for the same IP used in an android phone.  I know it helps make the entry level androids even more affordable, but it if it’s the same IP, shouldn’t it cost the same for the use?  I think this principle is also part of why Amazon can sell their tablets at low prices to get you do buy more of everything from Amazon. Apple Pay’s more for the same IP because they make a higher quality device.  Does any other industry do this? I’m asking because I really am not sure.