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  • Zuckerberg: Apple's ad-tracking block will impair COVID-19 economic recovery

    Zuckerberg is so FOS.  There is a punishment for lying to Congress.  The master fibber is due. 
  • Nobody will win the Apple versus Epic Fortnite battle, not even consumers

    How would consumers not win? Say Epic wins and they get the fee reduced, the ability for direct payments, or more hopefully, we get full sideloading on iOS. For the first situation we could get cheaper apps, as developers could reduce the price of the apps themselves or the price of In App Purchases, something good for the consumer. For the second we got proof that it would be better for the consumer, as the price of V-Bucks was cheaper with the option for directly purchasing the V-Bucks from Epic rather than through Apple's processor. For the third consumers wouldn't be beholden to the App Store. Stadia and Xcloud would be usable on iOS, Much more open source development could occur on iOS because developers wouldn't have to subscribe to a $100 fee to host their apps on the store. Hell, with sideloading we could get app stores that actually show off more than regurgitate the top apps of each category.
    Are you mad?  You are only looking at Epic, and dreaming that all developers would be 100% on the up and up.  Here’s a big part of the down side: 1) it would allow any company making apps an opportunity to get your payment information without a check to see how secure they keep that info, and without the protection from unauthorized payments that Apple gives you.  2) Side loading apps and all these “app stores you talk about are also opportunities to get malware and viruses on your phone, going around the protections Apple has for us, making it far less secure, like Android with less google vacuuming of personal info.  Add that to your comment and you get a fuller picture.  It looks a lot more like Epic is just trying to push public opinion in their favor hoping for a reduction of the fees. If you want that kind of risk, buy an android phone and quit crying.   
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  • NFT firms say Apple rules make the App Store 'impossible'

    Well this is this wonderful thing called the internet. They seem to forget that all smartphones have the ability to connect to the internet and have internet browsers. So all they need is a functional website. In 2 moves someone who actually wanted to go to theirs it's could create a bookmark on the desktop of their phone, that would function just like an app. They don't need an app to swindle people out of money. 
    NFTs are such a scam! I'd be quite interested on how much of a discount they give to celebrities who buy them, just to promote NFTs. That would be like a ball card company giving a top rookie a bunch of limited edition rookie cards.  
  • New iPad Air's thin back panel and creaks prompt build quality complaints

    Ok, I watched the video.  I would think that someone trying to show a flaw that causes the creaking, would zoom out enough to actually show what they were doing to the iPad to cause the sound, not a closeup of the screen and the sound.  Not making any accusations, but the video is evidence of nothing.  Not rushing to blindly defend apple.  I would actually like to see a better video showing what the claims are.  I have thought about getting an iPad Air. 
  • Secret party app Vybe Together says App Store ban was 'political'

    It’s called Public Health!!  It’s not political.  Your company endangered thousands with your reckless promotion of illegal parties during a pandemic!  Be happy that you didn’t have more significant consequences.  You clearly demonstrated your disregard for public health.  Nice try with the Monopoly BS.  Enjoy life stuck on Android and find some ethics
  • Coinbase CEO accuses Apple of antitrust behavior, calls for crypto-compatible phones

    Next he is going to cry about parents not giving their kids allowances in Crypto, or schools not accepting crypto payment for school lunches.  Sorry, but crypto will always be shadier than using a credit card or debit card, or even cash. Not about to put one cent in crypto on principle.  Investing in crypto will increase cavalier of if.  Remind me what form or payment were the hackers who were encrypting hospitals, police departments and other computer systems demanding for the ransom? That would be crypto.  So, big fat no.  Also not going to invest in NFTs or Pokémon cards.  
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  • Google uses Drake's 'Texts Go Green' track to troll Apple

    Google is such a joke! Let's poke fun at the competitor for having had superior product for a long time, and try to get congress to force them to use our crap!  Trolls gonna troll
  • Attackers hit iOS and Android devices with spyware in Italy and Kazakhstan

    It's funny how The "geniuses" in congress and and EU keep trying to force apple to let alternative app stores and sideloading.  Crap like this shows another reason apple is right and they are just stages for the likes of Epic games, google, and bad actors. 
  • New Apple Car rumor suggests 2026 debut at less than $100,000

    Everything about their pursuit of a car without a steering wheel seems a bit off in the clouds to me. There are laws requiring steering wheels on cars. They have to be mostly round. Elon Musk ran into that when he wanted a rectangular steering wheel on one of Tesla's cars. 
  • Samsung's new display tech could return Touch ID to the iPhone

    Their claim of being able to measure blood pressure seems quite dubious. There is no mention of how accurate it is. Without measuring how much pressure is being applied to the screen by your finger/fingers that is is measuring the BP in, there is no way to accurately measure blood pressure. You can measure pulse rate, but not BP. Samsung has a long history or putting out tech that is not fully ready for the sake of claiming first. Doesn't matter as much if it is living up to claims, just that they got it out the door first.