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  • Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019

    lkrupp said:
    It needs more capacity.
    Use it as portable music / video / media storage or player. Just plug it into whatever playback device you have.

    512GB would be nice. 1TB would be ideal.
    Apple, never good enough, always lacking, always failing.
    Lkrupp,  maybe just maybe it's okay for somebody to look subjectively and objectively and have differences of opinion on what Apple should or should not do??   I am a huge fan of Apple and have used their phones since the original and go back to the G4 cube which would be super cool for them to update and release again.    For years before that I was anti-Apple until I realized how good their products generally are.  I support everything from windows to linux to Mac with my job.  I use Mac because I prefer it having used the others.  I am pretty technical with a lot of experience from the old "8 bit" days - like machine code stuff back in the day... hey I would even consider going out to California and working for them if they offered..  But now I will have a comment about this new iPod - it would be even better if they threw in an FM tuner. I don't think it has one and would probably have costed them pennies in mass production. If everything is always "rosy" with Apple, then where is the room for improvement ?
  • Comparing the 2018 MacBook Air with the less-expensive 2017 model

    I have the new Air for over a month now...  generally very pleased with it.   I do miss the Mag safe connector with the LED indicator on it, that was a very cool thing.  The lit up logo on the back of the screen is gone, miss that too, it really was a distinctive thing from the old Air that really shows it off in the crowd.  However, the new Air is very close in size to the 11" Air I had for 8 years.  Love the size.   The old keyboard was so familiar but the new one is not that bad after you use if for a while.  It has been hard to keep the screen clean for some reason - it is a dust magnet.   Every tiny speck of crumb or dirt you have on the keyboard will find its way onto the screen the next time you open the laptop up.  Trying to find out what is best liquid and type of rag to clean this with.   You definitely don't want to eat while using this laptop because of the crumbs and dirt.  I am glad we still have the old school headphone jack on it - LOL...  I use it of course.   The screen quality is great.  I don't know why anyone would now buy the older Air model at this point, despite having to deal with usb-c dongles and no SD card reader (the 11" Air never had the SD reader).  I have the $39 SD card reader to hook into the Air and it works fine.
  • iPhone XR demand reportedly forcing Apple to cut production expansion plans

    lewchenko said:
    There could still be truth to it. 

    $750 is still expensive. Flagship prices only 2 years ago for the mid range phone option if you consider the XS and XS Max the flagships now. 

    Broadly speaking , Apple might be finding that less people than expected are willing to shell out top money when cheaper options are available (iPhone 8)

    The XR’s biggest problem is its size. I know people who have said they no longer have an upgrade path from either a 6/6S/7 etc as they don’t want a bigger phone and the XS is too expensive. The 8 is the only option for them and it’s not much of an upgrade. My wife is one of them. She would (and is) buying nothing instead which is a lost sale for Apple as she really wanted to upgrade. 
    Agree with most of what you say but to say that the 8 is not much of an upgrade I have to disagree.   The 8 has the same A11 chip used in the X phone which is faster than nearly everything on the market except the newest iPhones.   It has wireless charging which I love.   It has much better speakers than previous 6/6s/7 phones.   It also is smaller and lighter than the new "flagship" XS and XR phones.
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  • One month later: iPhone XS versus the iPhone XS Max

    Choice - it's a good thing.   Let's hope that Apple continues to offer choice in sizes.  I don't want to walk around with something as big and heavy as the Max but that doesn't mean that others should not.   What would really be cool is a new phone size bigger than the SE but slightly smaller than the iPhone 8 with the new "liquid" retina LCD screen making the most out of the size.   I think a phone like that would sell like hotcakes.   The size of the iPhone 8 is about as big as I want to go, portability and one handed use is important to me.