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  • 'iPhone 13' will have bigger batteries than the iPhone 12 family, leaker claims

    JinTech said:
    seankill said:
    urungus said:
    IPhone13 might consume more power, for rumored 120Hz display, always on display, or some other new feature
    So larger battery may not mean longer running time.
    I’d turn the always on display off. Stupid feature IMO but I understand people will have different thoughts.  
    Agreed, not sure what actual purpose it serves.
    Agreed,  seems like a useless waste of battery
  • Apple announces M1 as first Mac Apple Silicon chip

    docno42 said:
    Thank goodness they kept the MacBook Air.  Time for an uprade!
    It’s very popular,  I have used them for 9 years.  Now, this new one appears to be really extra amazing.  Can’t wait for reviews
  • What MagSafe on the iPhone 12 is, how it works, and what can it do

    I'm not a hater by any means, but what happens when you put an iPhone 12 in the same pocket as a hotel keycard?  I've had these get messed up from time to time when I wasn't carrying a strong magnet around with me.

    Maybe it won't matter since hotels barely exist post-Covid.  Or it will force them to support using iPhones to open hotel doors (as a very few hotels do already).

    Actually, screw hotel key cards, what about the credit cards in my (mini) wallet?  I routinely have credit cards in a leather sleeve in the same pocket as my phone.  Will I have to replace that with a shielded sleeve?
    I hear you.. had that hotel key issue happen to
    me with a case that had cover that had tiny magnet to keep it closed.  Will never buy such a case again.  Will be very interesting to see how it goes with the new phones for users.  
  • New 5G iPhone SE with dual-lens camera in 2022, ProMotion in 'iPhone 13' display analyst s...

    Does anyone have the current SE 2020? Any good? 
    A friend of mine has one, and he says the 5G sucks ass unless you turn off LTE.  With LTE on he was getting less than 2 mbps, and with it off, he'd get 30 or more.  Quite a difference.  The area in which he lives has quite solid 5G support otherwise, and his kids' LTE phones work just fine, so it doesn't appear to be an LTE problem.

    I have no idea how widespread that problem is, but he claims to have seen "quite a few complaints" online from other people with the same problem.
    Not sure what you mean.  I really don’t think the current iPhone SE has 5G ability.  Unless you are looking at the misleading and absurd 5Ge logo that shows up that AT&T has been doing and what’s worse maybe that Apple has put up with it,  even now in iOS 14
  • Apple objects to app's pear logo trademark application

    mainyehc said:
    Objectively and geometrically speaking, the leaf design is way too similar and it’s on the same side. Also, its angle is similar, only mirrored. Apple does have a bit of a leg to stand on here, I’m afraid.

    And no, I’m not (just) a fanboy, but a future PhD in design, and even an undergrad with a keen eye would spot the similarities right away… This isn’t much different from spotting plagiarism in typography, you just have to overlay the curves and see how well they match. Do you want me to?
    If you and Apple lawyers are upset about the Leaf part of the graphic,  that is truly sad.  So, in other words, no other company in the world can now have a tiny bit of whatever logo they have include such a leaf.  WOW.    It does not take a PHD to see that this is BS.  The color they are using is green as well,  does Apple have a problem with that too??   
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