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  • Tim Cook makes $41.5 million in his first Apple stock sale since 2021

    Especially with GM’s CEO getting the flack she is, I which industry would move to a more modest $250,000 to $500,000 base salary and all other income is based off of performance of the company.  That way they have the most Incentive to make the company do good.  

    Like the Rivian CEO, should be making enough for a nice living situation, but shouldn’t rack up the $$$ until he is able to get the company profitable. I think that is a fair approach and allow for companies to reinvest as much as possible back into them. It also helps us investors in a company, as stock prices should go up. 

    Glad Tim is getting his beans. While not the most innovative period of Apple, Tim has done a great job with market cap and share prices. 
  • Tim Cook makes $41.5 million in his first Apple stock sale since 2021

    Maybe he knows something we don't?
    Nope, sure the CEO knows nothing, nothing.🤦‍♂️
  • Spotify cutting off remaining customers paying through the App Store

    lam92103 said:
    Apple should not be able to dictate what over 53% of American consumers can install on their phones. They should not be able to force companies to bend to their rules or just loose 53% of the mobile market
    Well since In 2012 Apple had it’s walled garden and only 30% market share and the share has grown just over 20% in 10 years seems the customers are voting on how much they appreciate the walled garden approach.  

    Just because personally you would like to “jailbreak” your phone does not mean I want that for myself of my children’s phones.  That’s the joy of a non-monopoly situation, select the company and phone that meets your personal desires.
  • Brydge relaunches in a new venture with old executives

    Yeah nothing to worry about when a foreclosed company is bought out by the previous person in charge of the money and the former person in charge of sales.  Not like they don’t have years of experience making a company profit….oh shoot😉😂🤣
  • New rumors clash over 15-inch MacBook Air release date

    wood1208 said:
    In 2023, 13.6" and 15" MBA will be M3 based and released around the Back to School season, WWDC23.
    Exactly.  It seems these leakers are living in fantasy land.   If a 15” is in development it will most likely be released in the fall with the M3 across the full Air lineup.  While Apple has done some short upgrade cycles, it is extremely unlikely they will release an 15” Air to update the 13” Air this fall.  If they did, I would actually suspect Apple moving to more of a 2-year cycle which is closer to when people are willing to upgrade.

    Here is my predictions, so we can see how good of guessing I am compared to these leakers.

    1. M3 Ultra/Extreme will be released along side the new Mac Pro and AR headset at WWDC.
    2. New Airs released with the M3 in the Fall. 
    3. New MBP with M3 Pro/Max in the summer of 2024.