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  • Apple chargers and cases subject to US tariff increase

    Apple has been shortsighted for many years, manufacturing the vast majority of its devices in China. Some might say they were driven by greed.  China production costs are so low it was easy to keep expanding manufacturing there. But Tim Cook, the uber-supply chain expert should have seen the mess they were creating relying exclusively on Chinese production for their highest revenue products.  Imagine if there ever was a war with China? That would terminate Apple production.  Rather than focusing on how thin and beautiful Apple products are, Tim and company had better move quickly on diverse production sites. Including manufacturing in the USA.  There’s no reason Macs can’t be produced in the US with highly advanced robotics at a cost similar to Chinese production. Apple has been driven too much by quarterly Wall Street numbers. They need to get strategic about manufacturing. And fast!!
  • Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging mat, citing quality issues

    Apple made their mission too complex. Most people would have been happy with a charging pad that had a specific location for the phone, the watch and the ear pods. I’m sure being able to put any device any where would have been a beautiful thing.  But for version 1, keep it simple and ship something that would support all three devices without the add complexity of any device anywhere. 
  • Face ID, Touch ID unlocks can't be compelled by law enforcement, rules federal judge

    MplsP said:
    I thought there was a ruling a while back saying people could be compelled to unlock a device with FaceID?

    As a practical matter, faceID expires and requires a passcode after a set time limit, so the police act quickly your phone would require a passcode anyway. I can't say I agree with Gatorguy. I want privacy and I don't want the NSA snooping on everything I do, but as I've said before, the 4th amendment prevents "unreasonable search and seizure." It is not absolute, nor is the right to privacy. If law enforcement has adequate grounds for doing so, I see nothing wrong with compelling the use of FaceID to unlock a device.

    You are foolishly assuming law enforcement always has good intentions, the safety of others, and truely valid reasons to force people to unlock their private assets.  I personally don’t trust the government that much. I would like to think I can protect my privacy from the prying eyes of the government. 
  • Some iPhone apps handing precise location data to as many as 40 businesses

    I just deleted Weatherbug.  I have no tolerance for lack of transparency regarding data acquisition and data sharing.  I encourage others to kill of Weathetbug
  • Deputy AG Rosenstein says companies like Apple are trying to 'defeat legitimate law enforc...

    lenn said:
    The government has the legal right to enter your house and search every inch of it with a warrant but Apple's Cook says even with a legal warrant we will do everything in our power to stop the government from searching someone's stupid mobile phone?????? So if someone invents a "new technology house" that includes encrypted locks and a system that will destroy all the contents of said house unless you know the right password to enter it that's ok too??? For some reason people today feel that their phones are some how special and above the laws of this and other countries. I personally would much rather have the police search my phone than my entire house, car, ect. Hell the police can even get a warrant to search someone bank safely deposit box! But someone's iPhone is off limits. People keep saying their phone is personal so it's different. So your home, car, ect isn't personal?
    Technology has enabled the government to monitor and store massive amounts of personal data “just in case it’s needed” in the future- all in the name of security. Would you feel differently if the government recorded everything that went into your house or car in case they needed to know in the future? The government has shown through history that they are constantly pursuing more power and control over the people.  Your opinion is that of a simpleton who has no comprehension of the bigger picture.