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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Okay dokey I'd like to say checking in has been fun, but it has been the usual sack of spanners. 

    I've got some real life stuff to do with some people who know some actual useful things. 

    Some things we have learnt:

    • DBK does not understand argument from motive is or how to apply it. 
    • DBK does not like references to Stockholm syndrome.
    • Argumentum ad nauseam is a good candidate for the dybbuk family motto.
    • Trying to argue with DBK is like shouting at a washing machine full of eels that demands you "add the ginger beer this instant young man" horrifying, perplexing and oddly quaint.
    • DBK does not understand that his "contribution" is as welcome as cat crap shaped ice cubes in your drink, made of cat crap.
    Some things we have learnt about the textblade
    • Naff all
    That's time well spent all round isn't it? 

    Go ahead and blah blah your yadda yaddas because it doesn't matter. Unless you are an employee of WT what is the point of you? You can sit there and type your tuppence ha'penny worth of self congratulatory nonsense, as an excuse to inflict your wafer thin personality on the rest of the world. But don't think for one moment that your lack of skill with language, poor diction, obvious issues with academics, and argumentation with logical flaws so gaping you could match a band through them, doesn't simply and obviously drip from your every word. 

    In this carnival of cock-ups WT are calling a product development, you are a side show. A cautionary tale of what happens when someone's self worth exceeds their actual worth. 

    So ta ta for a couple of days, conferences to attend, awards to accept. That sort of humdrum real world stuff that carrying a textblade might be helpful for. 

    Arkorott, Wsmurf, Alex keep the thread warm in case WT actually fancy answering a customer. I'll be back to add the ginger beer before you know it.

    TBD try not to actually Eat DBK before a get back. Or at the very least film it if you do.

    Some of us are just waiting for a small keyboard.


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Like I said, it makes a particularly good example and I don’t see any of the people who have used it ever withdraw it so still worth pointing out. 
    It's pointless. Unless of course your reasons for posting are just petty points scoring. 
    Well, either you are fine with unsupported statements being made that require mind reading as long as you label it “hyperbole”, or you are reading his mind. 
    That called a false dichotomy. The options you proffer are not the only two options. 

    1. unsupported statements - Still does not understand Hyperbole or deliberately making a strawman hard to tell.
    2. require mind reading - falsified already
    3. you label it “hyperbole”, - Demonstrated through use of logic and words that this was the nature of the text. so no need for quotes.
    4. or you are reading his mind. - Nope, reading their words. 
    Even when you are apparently being glib it's just the same rubbish over and over. I wish you were more interesting to discuss things with but you are getting terribly dull. 

    What I would really like is WT to answer some questions. The fact that you sit in every public space WT occupy and do ^^this is getting in the way of customers getting their answers. And before you go on one of your "but I help people, i criticise WT" washing machine cycles of nonsense. 

    correction: I just want to deal with the company that I ordered my Keyboard from. Not waste my time on retired school teachers who have nothing to contribute. 


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    And there you go. Someone makes up a rather notable personal criticism and you let it go because, "who does know" - but I give my opinion and you don't allow that same excuse. 

    I take then that that is an admission that you do not hold that qualification? Your opinion is as valid as the others then. 
     but I give my opinion and you don't allow that same excuse. 
    What, hold any opinion you like regarding whether you have Stockholm syndrome as without qualified medical assessment its all conjecture? If you like. 
    Basically you are proving my point
    Only where DBK moon logic works. Which is inside your head only. I get that it annoys you when people say you suffer from Stockholm syndrome and are petrified of having the prototypes you hold taken away from you. I really do. I am trying to tell you that the more attention you draw to it the more it will happen. Treat it as an expression of the "Streisand effect"
    So making stuff up, when criticizing WT, that is just "hyperbole".You just have a double standard. Shown yet again with this:
    No hyperbole is hyperbole. I did say you would have trouble with this. Me predicting that isn't important really it just shows you are predictable and you weaknesses are known, Every single time to can't understand a thing you start complaining that the is the universe that is on the blink, not you. It is frankly exhausting cataloguing all the concepts you don't grasp and trying to explain them. My hope is that one day Pinocchio will be a real boy, but that does not appear to be today. 
    You see, I accurately reported what was stated at the time. 
    Did you? I did not bother to check as it doesn't actually matter. Strawmen are not worth arguing.
    No one outside of WT actually "knows", but that didn't stop TBD from saying it didn't happen.
    Well there is an assumption right there. Should the statement you said was made actually be true, people holding those non-forum allocated units would "know" and by your own reckoning that would be getting on for triple figures now. The statement is falsifiable, find some of these missing testers and get them to report in. I have seen no evidence of great swathes of non TREG prototypes being put out there. Moreover I don't care, if WT want to play that one close to their chest that is their prerogative, but you in your ignorance add nothing but ignorance to that topic.
     Which would require he be able to read minds.
    Nope, that is not required. TBD could have had a conversation with WT confirming his suspicions. As unlikely as that might seem. WT_support could confirm whether they had a chat with him and admitted the absence of non-TREG testers, or in fact confirm their existence and distribution. The bigger issue, as I have stated before, is you have limboed under the point that TBD's comment could not be literal, and that time travel is required. It's depressing that in all these years of trying to educate you you still can't really grasp this stuff. 
     So work on your ever changing standards and get back to me.

    I detect a DBK sulk coming on, this is often one of the first signs. Don't be that guy, again. 


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Pretty sure I said what I think it was about. Unlike some other posters here who declare their opinions to be absolute fact.

    Would have been nice if you were as concerned about mind reading when people were claiming Treg members suffered from "Stockholm syndrome", or that we were brown-nosing, or were afraid of having our units turned off, or that we worked for WayTools, etc, etc, etc.
    Speculation is speculation. That others may engage in it does not make yours evaporate. 

    And as I have been at pains to point out, despite WT's best mud slinging, I am not other people. 
    Treg members suffered from "Stockholm syndrome"
    Who knows? I think you would need a qualified person to make a diagnosis, and some clinical conditions i suspect. It's almost impossible to falsify as an argument so it's not tremendously productive, however many points of similarity between the behaviours there are.
    or that we were brown-nosing,
    I think, that charge was directed at some more than others. Speculation is often made at the point of publication of a particularly florid piece by a new TREG applicant as to the likelihood of admission to TREG based on the content of the posting. That speculation is correct more often than not. 
    or were afraid of having our units turned off
    That sanction (removal of service and property recall) is in the NDA. I don't know whether the "we" in this instance would be afraid of that. I would suggest that putting so much time into the success of a product that even years into physically holding one or more prototypical versions that could be taken away entirely at the discretion of it's actual owners must be an interesting calculus. The way I read the NDA your don't have to actually do anything "wrong" to lose your unit(s). This is not to say that you will all suddenly find your units failing to connect and letters requiring you to return the property on loan, that would be a less than good outcome for all of us, but that possibilty lies on within the term of a contract that exists between TREG members and WT. 
    or that we worked for WayTools,
    Payment in kind arguments, and why WT seem reluctant to call TREG members "testers" to one side (these have been discussed at length before), WT themselves seem to have a their own criteria for defining who is working for whom. If that criteria is applied to some TREG members they "must be working for pro-PR" (as opposed to the term WT use) because they conform to the criteria that WT have set out I would not be so crass as to fling WT's own absurd circular logic in this matter back at you, I don't hold you at fault for WT's behaviour.  


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Okay so going back to "993" for a second. 

    In response to the question regarding whether an update, and by update I mean the promised "technical update", will be available by 2019-06-21: 
    Info about our next firmware release will be on our site, (not in this article comment zone).  Please look for it there.
    I did not ask "where will it be/" nor did I ask "can you post it here?" 

    Did you misunderstand the question? here it is again:

    I look forward to your next update, can you let me know whether it will be before 2019-06-21 or not?

    I'll help; the possible answers are: 
    1. Yes.
    2. No.
    3. I don't know. 
    4. I refuse to say.
    5. Not to answer the question.
    Everything past the first line of your response does not answer the question. 

    I can not ask this question on your site, and as a customer I think that it would be a simple question to answer. (Yes it will, no it won't, i don't know, I refuse, look a squirrel.) 


    Let me know whether your next update will be before 2019-06-21 or not?