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  • What the iPhone 15 Pro in gray titanium could look like

    It’s a super bland color, yuck. Then again, who cares? Who walks around with a $1200 phone without a protective cover?
    I care. I've never used a case and never will. I've also never dropped or broken any of my phones. It's like those tacky people why buy furniture and keep it covered in plastic. Or people who don't peel the plastic film off a brand new TV because they think it will make the thing last longer. What's the point of having nice things if you're going to cover it up? Take care of your shit and it will last a long time!
  • Ex-Apple retail head Angela Ahrendts joins Kim Kardashian

    jimh2 said:
    Another professional leach moving from company to company without actually doing anything of value except talking a big game.
    Before running Apple retail she was a highly successful CEO. Your bias is showing. 
    Point taken, but then the Mango Mussolini was a successful CEO too. Not an automatic qualifier.
    Define "successful."
  • Netflix won't be making a native Apple Vision Pro app

    Why would someone want to see virtual furniture while watching a movie?
    I agree. But if I could design my own Barbie Dream House to watch 'Barbie' in I guess it could be kind of cool?
  • After 11 years of work, people actually like Apple Maps

    I prefer Waze for my day-to-day navigation, including for routine trips. The reason is that I know that the maps are up-to-date and the traffic and road-closure data is accurate. What allows Waze to accomplish that is that it obtains data from all Android users, not just those that use Waze, and community-edited maps. Apple has the first component of that from all of its iPhone users. What would help is allowing community members to edit and correct map details.

    To give you a couple of examples:
    1. I am not a Waze map editor myself. It’s a bit complicated—which keeps vandals away, too, I guess. A nearby road has a 30-day closure, because of roadway realignment, starting in two days. I reported this in the Waze map. An editor has already implemented this change and scheduled it, and two days from now, I can expect Waze to send me on a detour (not necessarily the officially suggested one). After 30 days this road closure will automatically disappear, unless someone reports that the construction project finished early, or—let’s hope not—took longer.
    2. A while back, Waze advised me to make a left turn across a median that was not interrupted at that point. I reported that, and a community editor implemented that change. Community editors are eager to help make even minor edits like that, which improve overall map accuracy.
    With Apple’s loyal following, I would think that an army of willing editors could easily be found who conscientiously would make edits. This could propel Apple Maps ahead and would likely help especially in markets outside of the U.S., on which Apple places a lower priority (case in point: today’s news that Apple Pay is rolling out in Morocco, nine years after its inception).
    I tried Waze once a few years ago and the map was flipped so that if you were traveling north, then east was west. All the labels and text were not reversed so it appeared normal until it instructed you to turn left but appeared on screen as a right turn. Never deleted an app so fast in my entire life!
  • Apple's trailer for the final season of 'Physical' is bathed in neon -- and dark

    ITGUYINSD said:
    Lost interest in this show back in Season 1.  Never was a fan of the "what the character is thinking" dialogue from the character themselves.
    I found her "inner voice" to be an effective device for portraying the self-hatred and loathing of a female protagonist struggling with an eating disorder and body issues.