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  • Apple says popular demand brought back the HomePod

    Reading between the lines: the original HP wasn’t discontinued due to lack of interest but due to not delivering the profit margin Apple wanted. In other words, $299 was the sweet spot and it hadn’t been designed to sell at $299. 
    This actually makes a ton of sense.
  • Apple Music launches Rihanna's Road to Halftime show in Spatial Audio

    sdw2001 said:
    The halftime show has been a complete joke for 20 years.  Katy Perry and Lady Gaga were watchable/listenable, but each show was so over-the-top ridiculous that it's hard to even make them exceptions.  The shows feature: 

    1. Insanely overproduced, seizure-inducing effects and choreography 
    2. Washed-up, aged talent (e.g. Tom Petty, Rolling Stones)
    3. Inappropriate genre (Bruno Mars, Black Eyed Peas) 
    4. Awful lip syncing (for literally every performer) 
    5. Acts no-one over the age of 30 has heard of (e.g. The Weeknd) 

    Until the mid eighties, they had marching bands.  The peak of it was probably Michael Jackson, and even then I remember thinking "no one calls him The King of Pop."  

    I usually watch to take pleasure in how epically awful the show is.  If Rihanna's hair is any guide (from the commercials), I shouldn't be disappointed.  

    1. Have you been to a major rock concert in the last 30 years? Or do you prefer lounge singers?
    2. Nothing wrong with having a career that has been long and successful, fans that revere you, and songs that stand the test of time.
    3. What makes these genres "inappropriate" exactly? Not white enough for you?
    4. Pretty commonplace for a one-time performance that is 13 minutes in length and needs to go off with the least amount of technical difficulties possible.
    5. I'm almost 47 and there's never been a halftime performer I have never heard of. I would say the same for my peers as well.

    And just out of curiousity, what's your issue with Rihanna's hair? Is that also not white enough for you?

  • Apple Music launches Rihanna's Road to Halftime show in Spatial Audio

    Well kids, we've found where grandpa likes to hide his comments!
  • Apple TV+ short gets Oscar nominations, 'Emancipation' shut out

    If that were the conversation then I’d say the academy needs a long hard look in the mirror, exactly for their willful act of retribution rather than an honest take on the merits of the project Smith was involved in and his contribution.  

    They either should have a rule that says, only those in the academy are qualified for awards or they should select nominees and winners based solely upon merit of the works under consideration.  Any punishment meted out for unrelated incidents such as Smith slapping Rock should be a wholly separate issue. 
    Award shows are just as much about merit as they are about moving the needle forward culturally. Rules such as those proposed dismissing "unrelated incidents" would be like the Grammys recognizing R. Kelly for 'I Admit It' or the Oscars giving a lifetime achievement award to Harvey Weinstein which would not be a good look for either institution or the industry at large, would be seen as condoning (rewarding even!) bad behavior, and would in turn send a message to others that they too can achieve greatness by being a predatory/violent loser.
  • Apple TV+ short gets Oscar nominations, 'Emancipation' shut out

    JP234 said:
    No nomination for Emancipation or Will Smith is a slap in the face to Apple TV+.
    I came here to say the same thing. :-(
    Is it though? I feel like a true slap in the face would be shutting Apple TV+ out completely instead of giving them 2 noms for other projects with less baggage. I also feel like Emancipation receiving any nominations at all was a huge long shot given the circumstances (would you reward an adult baby for trashing your house?). This was a slap in the face to Will Smith and Will Smith only, and quite possibly a signal to the industry that anything he is involved with may be perceived as toxic for a very long time.