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  • Apple gearing up to re-release revamped HomeKit architecture

    JP234 said:
    Unless you're a developer, here's the best advice you'll hear on installing beta software: don't. And if you still feel the need to, do a current backup first, and take your device offline.

    As a consumer/enduser, you have nothing to lose by waiting for the official release. I spent 14 years working for an Apple Specialist and then Apple Inc. and never, ever installed a beta on any of my devices after seeing people coming in crying about what happened when they did.

    I’m in complete agreement with you on this. I never install any beta., ever. I feel most people on the Apple betas are just in it for the new features early and not to report bugs.  In all fairness though, the new HomeKit architecture released with 16.2 was a public release.  
  • Apple releases AirPods Pro 2 firmware update

    Can they please fix the unreliable “Left Behind” alerts… Everyday without fail I get a notification that they were left behind when they’re not. I get this sometimes while they’re in my ears and actively connected to the iPhone. Extremely annoying.  
  • Apple iPad smart home hub dock rumored to be coming soon

    Of course this is coming now.  With Matter on the way and other smart home docks that will gain compatibility (Echo Show, Google Home Hub), Apple is gonna have to step it up to compete. 
  • Yale Assure Lock 2 works with HomeKit to secure homes

    Schlage has had a smart lock for at least 5 years that does all this and more. So, what is new about this lock???
    Yale themselves has also had a lock that does all this for at least 5 years lol.  From the looks of it, just a physical redesign and future Matter support?  Very disappointing. 
  • Yale Assure Lock 2 works with HomeKit to secure homes

    snarbin said:
    There’s no mention of HomeKey compatibility on their website, so it looks like HomeKit and Apple Watch support just means Siri and unlocking with the Yale app on the Apple Watch. That’s disappointing, as I don’t see a reason to buy a new smart lock without being able to unlock it natively with the watch and phone. Sure it only takes a couple seconds, but not unlocking the watch or phone with HomeKey is just way easier. 
    Watching their website video, the lady says you can unlock without taking out your phone, so just gets near it with her purse. 
    The previous version does this too when used with the August Connect module. It unlocks using Bluetooth when you arrive home.  HomeKey is a big deal (re: Schlage Encode +)  and if there is not a single mention of it on the website, it’s not supported. 

    I got the email a few days ago saying that this lock was coming up but no HomeKey means no purchase for me. I was sure their follow up version would have it. ASSA AMBLOY was one of the companies on the list of smart locks that would offer it and I’ll admit I’m shocked it doesn’t. I love my previous Yale Assure lock with August Connect and tired of waiting for the Schlage but I just can’t go forward with this one. Shame since it’s looks really good too.