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  • Epic must pay $245M after luring customers into 'Fortnite' purchases

    Chinese communist owned EPIC Games, lol

    But Biden Justice department s still supporting them in anti trust suit vs Apple?

    somebody on the Chinese communist payroll?

  • Lionel Messi treats team to gold iPhone 14 Pro after victory

    Why not Samsung?
  • Biden demands antitrust action against Big Tech during State of the Union

    Anti Business and Anti American liar in chief.

    I honestly thought I was getting moderate Scranton Joe and he wasn’t the typical new  Democrat when I voted for him 2 years ago , I thought I was getting Bill Clinton again but we are getting a socialist . 

    Let’s let the Chinese spy balloon fly over USA for week letting it do god knows what but let’s go after our own great American companies with help of Europeans. 

    Ever seen anyone do a self knee cap?
    CluntBaby92red oakwatto_cobra
  • Netflix says strict new password sharing rules were posted in error

    BirderGuy said:
    It’s funny how Apple and Google are evil for charging for their hosting the App Store and building a huge worldwide network to support it, from which many developers who complain about it became millionaires, yet streamers charging 5-15 dollars a month for their service and taking a cut of the profits from the film makers is perfectly fine.  
    Exactly. But you are assuming our politicians have working brains 
  • White House calls Apple and Google 'harmful' in bid to cut app store fees

    DarkMouze said:
    Madbum said:
    spheric said:
    Madbum said:
    This White House , which I regretfully voted For

    is fast tracking our families  to a Nuclear War vs Russia….

    is helping European Union bashing America’s greatest companies while doing nothing against European companies 

     a complete shit show in more ways than one ….

    I was waiting for someone to tie this into EU-bashing. 
    Well, do you see EU bash their own companies? No they know how to protect their own and tax base.

    but current American government stands with Europeans more than Americans ….
    Do you really expect us to see coverage in the media of European regulation of European companies? Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The companies we’re talking about here are technically American companies, but they’re really fully international in their scope, size and influence. Not surprising they get attention from everywhere.
    We are in 2023. We have easy access to European media