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  • Apple Silicon is why 15-inch MacBook Air was possible at all

    rezwits said:
    I would say the super THICK 16-inch MBP is the reason why the 15-inch MacBook Air was possible, really...
    LOL.  I am typing this on my NOT-THICK-AT-ALL M1 Max 16" MBP.  Across the table from me is an old vintage PowerBook Wallstreet from the 1990's.  I suppose one could call THAT one "super thick" but even that doesn't hold a candle to the original Macintosh Portable.  

    Back when I was in engineering school from '89~'94, I had my backpack filled with very thick and heavy books, one of which alone could best my existing 16" MBP many times over.  So I have no sympathy or understanding for people who think even the 16" MBP is thick, large and heavy.  It's not at all.  I suppose that means others are wimps and I am therefore a macho man; but let me tell you, I'm no Arnold Schwarzenegger. And yet I can carry around a 16" MBP with ease. It's nothing.  Heck, back in the early days, people totted compact Macs like the 128K.  I have one, and its original Apple branded tote bag too.

    At the end of the day, I am NOT jealous of a thinner and less powerful notebook, especially since a 15" screen is SMALLER than my lovely 16" too.  I do a lot of video editing and can use all the CPU and GPU power available to me.  I have the 2TB SSD, and that is absolutely the right size to get, despite the high prices Apple charges for storage.  I LOVE the fact I can get so much power in such a THIN machine, one that also runs rather cool too, not to mention being very quiet. And because it's not a baseline Mac that cut corners on specs and performance, it will last me a long time before I begin to feel the urge to upgrade.

    I suggest that people ignore the conventional wisdom, save your money and buy something a bit larger, spec-filled, and more expensive than you feel you need.  A couple years after purchase, you'll thank me.  Yep, even for the added muscle mass you'll have due to carrying around a modestly heavier, yet significantly better, machine.
  • Apple Vision Pro safety concerns limit 'fully immersive' apps

    geekmee said:
    jgreg728 said:
    And here is a major reason why this technology will not be replacing any current devices anytime soon.
    Yes, it will be a utter failure…
    just like Apple’s other failures.
    You mean like...
    • Pippin
    • Hockey Puck Mouse
    • Butterfly Keyboards
    • Lisa 1 with Twiggy Drives (even though UI elements of the LISA OS made their way into the Mac)
    • Apple III
    • eWorld
    • Newton & eMate (no, it did NOT evolve into the iPhone)
    • Macintosh Portable (totally different from the PowerBooks which came later)
    • iTunes PING
    • AirPower (hyped, but never released charging pad)
    • Pretty much the entire PERFORMA line
    • Copland, Cyberdog, Open-Doc, QuickDrawGX, and...
    • QuickTimeVR, which I always felt was outstanding tech, but where is it today?

    I do not say this to suggest VisionPro will fail.  I say this to combat flippant replies.  There are people who, without using their brain at all, casually claim VisionPro will fail, and then you have the opposite extreme who mock and say it absolutely will not.


    That's the point.  I hope VisionPro will succeed in the market where others like Meta and Microsoft have failed.  Apple certainly has the reach and the money to do something other big companies cannot.  But in the end, consumer acceptance and sheer sales will define it as a success or failure, just like all the other items I just listed.

  • iPhone vs Android: Google Bard has picked a winner

    Hope this is a satirical response because that's not the meaning of that statement. :lol: 
    Well, we can ASSUME it isn't the meaning.  But when reading the English in sequence, taking the plain reading of the text, it does basically say this sequence of statements to my brain:
    1. Bard chose iOS as its preferred option.
    2. Bard isn't intelligent.

    For clarity, it probably would have been best to add, "...Bard is not intelligent. Not because it chose iOS, but because..."


    Anyway, the way it was worded amused me, so I wrote my earlier post to express that.

    Naturally, I'm a big AppleInsider fan and enjoy your articles.  Keep up the great work!
  • iPhone vs Android: Google Bard has picked a winner

    We entered the prompt, "Which do you prefer: iOS or Android?" and it [chose] iOS as its preferred option.

    ...like other chatbots, Bard isn't intelligent.

    As per the above article quote, AppleInsider is basically telling us that Bard's choice of iOS over Android "isn't intelligent."  But clearly AppleInsider is lacking intelligence because iOS should be AppleInsider's "preferred option" as it is mine.  If it isn't, for goodness sake, why are well all here and not in an Android-lovers forum?

  • Plant-based marketing campaign uses Steve Jobs & faces potential conflict with Apple

    While we all know what ultimately took the life of Steve Jobs, the fact remains he died young at 56, and it always made me think about his often strange diets through the years.  Remember when he only ate fruit for a time and didn't use deodorant?  Could be his diet had nothing to do with his getting that form of cancer, but we honestly don't know.  As such, is it really smart to use the likeness of a man who died so young as a promotion to eat in a particular way?  To me, that's rather crazy.