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  • Teens are still excited about iPhone & Apple Watch, less so about VR

    opinion said:
    Yes, to make market research is most of the time a good idea.

    Actually Apple is very famous for *NOT* using market research to design its products and services.

    Remember that these are results from a Piper Sandler survey not Apple.
  • iOS 16.0.3 & watchOS 9.0.2 updates arrive with bug & security fixes

    elijahg said:
    iOS 16 has some pretty glaring bugs still.

    Do they do no regression testing at all at Apple?

     This is why for the past 3-4 years I wait until Q2 the following year to upgrade to the latest macOS and iOS. It makes for a less hair-pulling transition and user experience.

    I'm on iOS/iPad OS 15 and macOS Monterey and I won't transition to iOS/iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura until April 2023.

    Apple's software QA has really gone down over the past five years. Not worth it to be a beta tester which is basically what you are through the x.3 release these days.

    It got significantly worse with macOS Crapalina which I never ran as the primary operating system. I tested it multiple times on a practice drive but ultimately spent 1.5 years on Mojave before upgrading directly to Big Sur (somewhere in early 2021) bypassing Crapalina completely.
  • Google Stadia getting added to the graveyard of failed services

    The saddest part of Stadia’s shutdown is that Google’s game partners didn’t receive any notification.

    Google didn’t just screw some of its employees, it unapologetically screwed a bunch of third party developers.

    Sure Google can offer displaced Stadia employees opportunities to work elsewhere in the company but employees working on Stadia games for developer partners are left out in the cold holding the bag.

    Not cool Sundar, not cool at all.
  • Apple Watch Ultra & AirPods Pro 2 impress, iOS 16 bugs, Apple Store experiences

    The enjoyment of ANC technology goes far beyond the audio performance. All headphones bother me after 20-30 minutes so despite superior passive sound isolation from over-the-ear headphones I end up having a more pleasurable listening experience with earbuds.

    That’s why my Bose QuietComfort QC25 cans gather dust in a cabinet and my AirPods Pro go everywhere with me. Even to the pool deck. I will say that my ears don’t get hot and sweaty as they would with traditional headphones.

    When my AirPods Pro die, I’ll replace them with version 2.
  • Logitech's 'Designed for Mac' collection includes a mechanical keyboard

    tht said:
    mpantone said:
    tht said:
    It's amazing how keyboards can have so many keys, yet have these weird imperfections. There isn't one perfect keyboard, or mouse for that matter.

    Some of the keys on the Mx Mechanical mini for Mac keyboard don't look to be standard width and are less wide. If it is for Mac, why are the functions in the function key row different from a Mac laptop keyboard? There's always something.
    This is a 65% keyboard. The normal keys are all regular sized keycaps. The lens on the camera might be making things look different but all the central keys are the same dimension.

    The other keys (tab, caps lock, shift, control, command, option) have to be adjusted for the constraints of the 65% layout which is one key wider than the main layout.
    It's a standard 75% keyboard layout. It's probably an optical illusion that the right side cmd, fn and opt keys, the esc and tilde keys appear less wide than they should be. Then, Logitech did not put the sound volume controls in F10-F12. What the F1-F3 keys are, I don't know. They all have the same icon.

    It's a mechanical keyboard with replaceable keycaps. So, if the keys don't look the right size, they did something wrong as buyers typical want the option to have replaceable key caps on this sort of keyboard. But it looks like an optical illusion, so that's good that it really is "standard".

    Here are a couple if other low-profile 75% keyboards that are "made for Mac":

    Basically the same layout, with different treatments for the top row of keys.
    Yeah, the Keychrons are pretty good. I own several including one K2, a low profile TKL model.

    The versions with the Cherry MX style keycaps remind me more of the better keyboards of yesteryear, not today’s chiclet designs which are nonsensical for desktop keyboards.