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  • Rumor: 'iPhone 12' will look like a slimmer, taller iPhone 11

    lkrupp said:
    Come on Apple...let's do USB-C this year too. Fingers crossed.
    Why? Because it’s the current “standard”? Because everybody else uses it? What makes it a must-do-or-else for you?
    Exactly - the obsession with a switch to USB-C is just another manifestation of “I want it because it’s new”, while not actually spending any time thinking thinking of the ramifications (or why USB-C would be a terrible choice for iPhone, aside from bringing about zero benefits).
  • Teardown shows 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard's revised mechanism

    elijahg said:
    I'd wager this is the same keyboard that's in the 2019 iMacs. It's scissor, it has shorter travel than the 2015 MBP but more than the 2016+ ones, but feels really nice, I like it a lot. No doubt this will trickle down to the other MacBooks as they get updated. Apart from key travel, it seems this is pretty much the same as the older Macbooks, layout an' all.
    The article pretty much stated that, quite clearly, that this is the same as the magic keyboard. Helps to read the article.
  • How to use Sign In With Apple and manage your log in information

    And so why exactly should we believe that Apple is any more ethical here than others like Google +, Facebook and the rest? Just because Apple says so? Please .... All are American, money-fascinated & tarred with exactly the same shareholder priorities; these days, user data is the most valuable commodity on earth.
    Ah, nice, obligatory tin-foil hat “they are all the same” ignorant comment. Gotta have at least one, right?
  • iPhone 11 Pro review - Buy for the better camera, stay for the battery life

    Thanks, I’ll pass.
    Lack of a Home Button is the 100% deal breaker for me.
    If I wanted an Android phone, I’d have one.
    When Apple brings back TouchID (and an associated virtual Home Button), and gets rid of the notch - ie fixes most of what Jonny Ive has screwed up, I’ll be first in line - until then, my iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 will do just fine).

    Again, I’m not poo-poo’ing the tech, which is superbly executed, but I’m not going to spend good money to support incompetence and (IMO) Ive’s clueless stupidity. Good riddance that he’s gone, and I have confidence in Tim Cook and Jeff Williams fixing this mess starting next year.
  • Apple design chief Jony Ive to depart later this year, create new studio with Apple as cli...

    Nothing to see here.

    Let's say another company wanted to hire Ive to do design work for them (like Tesla, as an example). Ive really likes Apple and doesn't want to leave Apple behind and join another company to do their design work for them. But he likes the idea of doing other projects other than Apple.

    So he "leaves" Apple and starts his own independent design company. Apple remains a major client, so Ive technically still works for Apple, but he can also work for others as he sees fit. Apple gets to keep Ive and Ive get to do other stuff as well. Seems like a win all around.

    To address this - this whole scenario is the equivalent of a company letting an employee go, promising him work as a consultant, throwing them 1-2 bones, and then simply severing ties.

    All around, this allows everyone to save face, Jony to ride off into the sunset, and Cook to hopefully, finally, fix most of the mess Jony has left behind, with new and better human interface design teams.