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  • Philips releases Hue 'Gen 2' app with Routines, Rooms & other improvements

    Holy cow.  This app is bad.  Let's say a room has four bulbs.  How do I create different setups for those four bulbs?  Let's say, a Bright setup, an Ambiance setup, a Mood Light setup, etc.  In the old app, they were called Scenes.  I can't figure out how to do that with this new app, and I'm a frigging college graduate.  The design of this app will not make it easy for new users to figure out how to set up Hue.  Yikes, Philips.  This is bad.

    EDIT:  Never mind.  Found it.  Sheesh, the design of this app is bad.
  • Philips releases Hue 'Gen 2' app with Routines, Rooms & other improvements

    Is it me, or is this app a billion times more complicated than it should be? And yet, it lacks some pretty basic functionality. I can't rearrange the order of my lights within a room? Why the heck not?  Oh, because you have to go to a completely different part of the app.  Why not make it possible to press, hold, and drag?  I guess that would be too easy.  Who designed this thing?
  • Mac owners unable to log in to Messages, FaceTime after OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan update

    Oh, the good old days! When all "Things (Apple) just worked", which, I'm afraid, has become a "Thing" of the past.
    Whenever I see a comment like that, I assume the poster is either a kid who never knew what those good old days were really like, or it's someone who glorifies the past to the point where they lose touch with reality.

    No company is perfect and no software is either, but I feel sorry for anyone who honestly believes El Capitan has more bugs than Leopard.  Or Tiger.  Or Mac OS 8 & 8.5.
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  • The best Apple-approved HomeKit smart home accessories you can buy right now

    I own a Philips Hue setup (4 bulbs and 2 light strips), and all I can say is it's awesome. It's great that it'll work with homekit, but I don't need that. For me, the best thing about Hue is that it has an open API which is documented well. I use Applescript to control Hue from my Mac, and I set up hotkeys to trigger the Applescripts using BetterTouchTool. The setup is seamless and it's fantastic. BetterTouchTool also has the ability to assign hotkeys to Apple Remote button presses... which means ...I have Hue on remote control. Like I said, the whole setup is seamless. I'm using one of the old white Apple Remotes. The 6 button version (up, down, back, forward, play and menu). I created a different scene for each button with one scene being All Lights Off. Did I mention how fantastic the whole setup is? Applescript and the Hue API. It's awesome.
  • Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic set for Feb. 2 digital release, later on Blu-ray & DVD

    Danny Boyle's Steve Jobs biopic on Blu-Ray = Bag Of Hurt. How could they have thought it was wise to make a movie about Steve Jobs starring an actor who looks nothing like Steve Jobs? How foolish could they be? I may watch this thing once it hits Netflix since I already subscribe... but I certainly wouldn't buy it.