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  • Intel-based MacBook Pro is Intel's latest anti-Apple campaign target

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    Intel drops the ball, AMD picks it up and Apple decides they'd go with ARM. Intel is now in the process of doing damage control.

    Apple on the other hand never targeted gamers and has always been a joke for gamers. Deprecating OpenGL and leaving it in a seemingly unmaintained state does not help the game developers who do want to port to macOS. On the other hand, while this is a barrier for a certain number of game developers, that iOS has a healthy selection of games, may mean there is a chance that these games will be ported to macOS. Also, I wonder how many Apple users simply turn to a console for the gaming experience?
    And to me gamers have always been a joke, a tiny, minuscule market niche of people with questionable social skills. sort of like the gear-heads of the 1950s and 60s with their super chargers and Holley 6 packs trying to outdo one another on the street.
    From: Global-PC-Games-Market-Analysis-2015-2019
    The global pc games market was valued at about $27.73 billion in 2018 
    That is one big niche. I can still understand why Apple doesn't care since even moderate share would still be just a blip for them but it is pretty big nevertheless.
    The more important question is: wat is the return? A market can have a huge value, but still be only marginally profitable.
  • Epic expert estimates Apple's App Store profit to be nearly 80%

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    And the profit on V-bucks after paying store fees I estimate to be 90%. (Full disclosure I pulled that number out of the air but it’s probably close.)
    The cost of producing a "V-buck." amortized over the cost of developing the game is very, very close to Zero.

    A digital "V-buck" is an invented currency. It is a line of code? A few lines of code? Pure Profit! (Does anyone remember 150 texts per month for $15? Cost to phone company was essentially Zero.)

    The Apple App Store provides actual services (come on Epic! payment processing, auto updating apps, etc etc etc).
    Exactly. If I was Apple, I would not mind spending a few billion to make an example out of greedy Epic. I would just ask Epic in court. “ So you want to use our services for essentially free? Do you think we are in communist China?”
    Interesting remark, considering that one of the biggest shareholders in Epic is a company going by the name 'Tencent'... 
  • EU demanding Apple give equal treatment to all apps in privacy shakeup

    They're sleeping at the wheel lately in Brussels lately, aren't they? First the corona fiasco with AstraZeneca, then the Borell fiasco in Moscow, and now this...

  • Incoming Intel CEO demands better chips than 'lifestyle company in Cupertino'

    They would have been in a different league if they had embraced the EUV platform of ASML earlier. While Intel was one of the first companies to invest in the development efforts by ASML, they somehow decided to wait and wait and wait, while TMSC en Samsung started much earlier using the platform. With Apple being one of the largest beneficiaries.
  • Windows on Apple Silicon is up to Microsoft, says Craig Federighi

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    Why would Microsoft want to embarrass themselves (and their ARM devices) by allowing Windows on an M1 MacBook that will massively outperform their own devices?

    Microsoft has never been one to miss an opportunity to embarrass itself.

    But the chap running the show these days much more of a pragmatist. That's why he binned billions of dollars in development and now makes sure their software runs on iOS and Android.

    Actually, Apple and Microsoft have had a long love-hate relationship but eventually almost always working together for mutual benefit.  And, the real winners were us.
    I find it perplexing that Apple is simply laying back saying "Not my problem".   But it is their problem.   Just because they have to work with Microsoft to fix it doesn't mean it's not their problem.

    I'm hoping they drop their childish petulance and work with Microsoft to bring native Windows back to the Mac.   Everybody would win.   There would be no losers.

    You keep throwing this word 'petulant' around, and I'm not sure you know what it means.

    The interviewer asked Apple about Windows support, and Apple replied that it was up to Microsoft, which obviously it is.

    LOL....  I know exactly what the word petulant means.   You might try looking it up.   Or, if you want an example just look at Federighi.

    His response was childish and petulant.   "I'm NOT!    I'm NOT!   I'm NOT (going to clean my room!)"

    Apple changed the environment and now stands back and, without offering to lift a finger says it's all Microsoft's problem (even though Apple created the problem!)

    That's childish and petulant.

    This is getting bizarre. Microsoft is solely responsible for its own software, it is as simple as that. Apple is not in the business of selling Windows crap, in case you haven't noticed.
    As for people who claim that Windows is a necessity: in the research-intensive company I work for, none of the mission-critical software runs on Windows. Those days are really over.