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  • Scientific community up in tentacles over Apple's 'upside down' squid emoji

    I long for time when this is the biggest controversy of the day.
  • Australian teen hacked Apple's corporate network, accessed data and user accounts

    nunzy said:
    greg uvan said:
    Time to hire him! Smart people need to be channeled into good ends, not put in prison. Hire him and keep him occupied by hacking into Russia or doing other state espionage.
    He should rot in prison for hurting Apple.
    He embarrassed Apple, but there's no indication that he actually hurt the company. It seems that the "hack" wasn't so much Mr. Robot or Hackers-style hacking; more like he did some "social hacking" and obtained the keys that got him access to Apples corporate network, which is impressive nonetheless.
  • iPhone unlocking firm Grayshift faces extortion demands after data breach

    We’ve entered William Gibson’s world...
  • Activists stage 'die-ins' at French Apple stores to protest impact of tax avoidance on soc...

    I’m as SJW as they come, but when “activists” like this target Apple and only Apple for their protests, while ignoring other companies that do far worse, then I know that these activists aren’t so much concerned with social justice as they are with brand recognition. If they can tie their protest to a famous brand (e.g. Apple), that elevates their own profile far more than if they protest a lesser brand that has far less ethical qualms in their corporate behavior and culture.
    Greenpeace has done this, Consumer Reports has done this, This American Life has done this. The problem is, that by targeting only Apple with their headline-grabbing protests, they’re undermining their own social justice agenda, because they’re letting far less ethical companies fly under the radar, and continue doing what they do.
    Apple has admitted to problems in their supply chain, and has taken steps to fix those problems. They publish an annual “Supplier Responsiblity Report” for anyone to read. This report includes problems they’ve identified, and what they are doing to fix those problems. But the headlines will only report the problems, not whether they’ve actually been acknowledged or addressed, or even fixed. In the meantime, competitors will simply deny that there are any problems at all; they will silence any complaints, and suppress evidence.
    It’s kind of a no-win for Apple.
  • Compared: 2018 iPad cost efficiency versus iPad Pro features and speed

    This is only tangentially related to the Education Event, but... I hope that Apple is working on a new Pencil with a built-in eraser. It's much more intuitive to flip the stylus around if you want to erase something, than to select the 'erase' tool. That's what I loved about Wacom's styli. Apple could eliminate the lightning connector and have the Pencil be charged via the Smart Connector, or via wireless charging. Or come up with some clever engineering where the Pencil doesn't require any power at all, like Wacom does.
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