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  • Compared: OnePlus 10 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max

    sdw2001 said:
    I prefer the iPhone images, but that's just me.  I do think that Apple is going to need to step up its game with the resolution.  It's software processing is second to none, but when you're dealing with 400% fewer pixels, I'd think there are limitations.  
    Why do you need pixels? Do you know what human eye angular resolution is? You will not see any difference unless you look at large photo and watch it by small parts and not as entire picture.

    Now having said that PlusOne beats Apple hands down and I was watching them for last two years as I need to replace my Android.... that in turn was beating iPhone with sound quality (LG with quad 32-bit DAC) that I gave up (two of them: business iPhone and personal iPhone). Everybody fixated on Apple vs. Samsung competition forgetting that others are sneaking with higher quality products.

    If Apple was not as arrogant I might return to iPhone, but keeping me nagging with 2-factor and misnaming SMS code as "two-step" while entire security world calls it 2FA and requiring other Apple devices and Apple "ecosystem" instead of supporting other platforms (even Microsoft changed their ways and support other platforms) is no way to go for me. I'd rather stick to 7-Digital music purchase these days than iTunes Store even if I consider that iTunes Store has been great and might be superior to alternatives.
  • YouTuber builds his own Studio Display by upcycling an old iMac

    Sure, 5K is "old"...but 4K and 2K are even older. 
    And what do you see more when you look at 4K and 5K on 27 inch monitor? It is not about pixels. Human eye angular resolution is the limit. Same with colors. Marketing geeks came up with 16 million colors while human eye sees only 300 thousand. It justified encoding with 32-bit, but it had to be excused to buyers.

    It is not about old or new, but how much you see and what level of detail. Samsung came originally with high level unrealistic contrasts (now Apple) while Sony biased colors to make them "vibrant" a decade or two ago (also unrealistic). Do you really see life around you the same way as on those monitors? Think.
  • Compared: Apple Studio Display versus Porsche Design AOC Agon Pro monitor

    rob53 said:
    Nope, not for that amount of money. 
    Because you never used professional monitors for graphics and publishing. They are several times more expensive than cheap monitors even for gaming. I recall some argument with pretty ignorant businessman who claimed his wife uses less expensive and she is "graphic designer". probably hobby designer and not professional studio designer who spent thousands of hours on content for serious clients.
  • EU lawmakers unfazed by Meta's threat that it would pull out of Europe

    crowley said:
    bshank said:
    Small businesses in Europe may be upset that they have a hard time advertising and connecting with customers. Shouldn’t help out small businesses in Europe. I guess that’s why the EU likes to tax our companies
    When was the last time you saw a useful ad on Facebook?  It’s all junk.
    Exactly! They snooped on my car research that I was considering for different purpose (not exactly regular commuter as i have several cars of different type for different reasons). Same was with wine. They shoved at me boring and unproductive garbage car ads (good cars but they or AI does not understand context of what I am doing even tiny bit). Same with wine. I posted few with friend who is experienced taster and I happened to like some with no expertise in area. I would be buying some wines thank to Facebook shoving ads at me till end of my life probably. No context found that it has to be from special winery that we encountered and tasted and adds offer wines that are way off from our taste. Facebook could be advertising company for Anonymous  Alcoholics at times that drive any car vendors want to sell.

    Facebook should do better job in machine learning and tagging contexts for users.

    Thankfully, I switched to browser that by default blocks ALL advertising in Facebook, Google and few others and I did not see a lot of garbage, but some slipped anyway. That is before I left Facebook around December 2020 and logged in only once in 2021 to restrict all my posts there so they are not visible anymore.
  • Apple Music cuts free trial period from three months to one month

    Interesting move as Amazon now offers 4 months free for their service with the same pricing and working on many devices and not just Apple.