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  • Apple Music cuts free trial period from three months to one month

    Interesting move as Amazon now offers 4 months free for their service with the same pricing and working on many devices and not just Apple.
  • Microsoft says that if Apple isn't stopped now, its antitrust behavior will just get worse...

    Apple is much too successful - we need to stop it now! -- Microsoft

    Microsoft is pretty pathetic, and Apple's privacy terms rankle Microsoft's nerves. Too bad Windows doesn't have the same privacy safeguards - with Windows attempting to force everything through Edge.

    Microsoft runs their own closed ecosystem with XBox, so it's a lot of Microsoft calling the kettle black.

    The real monopoly is in the enterprise software realm where Microsoft keeps boosting prices for their good enough software.

    What really pisses off Microsoft is that they don't have access to Apple Silicon ARM processors, so Windows ARM will run faster on Apple hardware than on their OEMs - or indeed on their own surface machines.
    Adolf Hitler was also successful in his times even before WW2. Many prominent politicians from around world met him and discussed and they were not even nazi. Someone said that power can corrupt and absolute power can corrupt absolutely. That applies to business as well.
  • Apple working on tech to allow iPhones to directly process credit cards

    First of all this sounds illegal and Apple should learn a bit about financial regulations on processing cards. They cannot be issuer and processor at the same time. I have spent several months in one of two biggest US credit card processor companies and learned a bit about that. I suggest legal department at Apple studies PCI regulations before it gets hit with federal lawsuit for violating industry compliance standards.
  • Apple seeds macOS 12.2 to public with rebuilt Apple Music, minor updates

    maximara said:
    kip said:
    I have a 27" iMac from 2020 that seems to have lost any trace of the ethernet network connection. It ran smoothly initially then was lost I believe when I upgraded to OS Monterrey. I've spent a lot of time with Apple support and the final solution was to bring it in for repair, which I haven't done yet. I'm hoping this update will fix it but am not holding my breath.  I'm fine using wifi but it is annoying. Anybody else having this issue?
    Have you tried down grading via restore?
    And why? 2020 Apple computer is relatively new and usually supported for 5 years with new systems. If he downgrades then he goes to older systems with limted time support. This is not a solution, but temporary workaround for relatively new computer. is this how Apple "fixes" work now? 
  • 'iPhone 14' may have eSIM-only option, but it won't be universal

    So let me understand this: Hardware protections are more secure, but eSIM is future? What if identity is hacked and stolen? After all many of us runs RSA key/code solutions on those phones. We also can change telecom vendor while still use the same hardware for generating codes to get login to work and else. Also did they forget that prepaid providers may not be ready and we prefer shoving physical card for prepaid service in foreign country as it can be cheaper than some telecom programs offered (IF available) in those places? I had used international phone number together with US mobile phone number while travelling many times. In fact I have both numbers, but it requires switching SIM and not playing with some eSIM. If Apple expects me to change my ways... or more adapt their ways then I will never return to iPhone and stick with Android, but many like in my family may just dump iPhones.