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  • ACLU sues for information about FBI iPhone unlocking capabilities

    In the game of Chess; which is what Intelligence is all about - there is no obligation on either side to tell you their plan or strategy.  One could easily argue that this is a National Defense secret.

    That's why Apple is constantly updating their Secure Enclave and iOS several times a year.  A stationary target, is a dead target.

    I fully expect the response to be "go pound sand".  The Oxley-Sarbanes Act of 2002 put in place incentives for companies to be forthright and honest when dealing with privacy issues.  Jobs and Cook are both on the record of doing what they can to maintain customer privacy, further they say that Apple does not have a means to gather, nor intention to monetize privacy issues.  A CEO or executive that violates this act, can be PERSONALLY held responsible, fined $5 Million and/or 20 Years.
  • Oracle will move headquarters to Texas from California

    spice-boy said:
    This is great news, looks like the Democrats will continue to turn Texan into a Blue state. Great for America. 

    Have you ever noticed that nice, low crime areas, where schools are effective, roads and bridges are maintained, people are polite and you are generally safe - are NOT Democratic areas?
    Places that become Democratic, tend to have much higher crime rates, lower education levels, their infrastructure is a complete mess, jobs are fewer, opportunities are more infrequenct, and businesses are taxed to the point that they are no longer profitable in Democratic areas?  Drugs, Gangs and trash soon follow.  May I offer some examples?  Detroit, Chicago, New York City, New Orleans, Compton, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Los Angeles, St. Lois as some openers.

    People move, and they seem to think that the more social programs that failed so miserably where they were - and were the REASON they were forced to move; will magically work better when they move to a new place that doesn't have those same programs.  Has it occurred to you that the reason the place you moved to, is BECAUSE it doesn't have those soul-killing programs?

    It's the same air, we drink the same water, drink the same soda, we see the same stars, we farm the same soil.  All one has to do is look at cause and effect.  Name a single prosperous socialist state - in the history of mankind.  Name a highly successful, clean, safe, Democratic city.

    It may come as a shock, but of the top 10 largest cities in America, Dallas. Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio are all located in Texas.  Compared to the other large cities, they are relatively low crime - they are relatively safe, prosperous.  It isn't the TexMex food.  As they get more Democratic, the things that make them attractive, become those things that make them unattractive.
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  • Apple renews 'For all Mankind' for third season

    I was truly impressed with the technical skill involved in the For All Mankind series.  Having been a child during that timeframe, seeing the clothes, home decor, dishes, cars and re-creating that whole period in time was truly masterful.  We have enjoyed quite a few of the Apple shows, and are anxiously awaiting to see Season 2.
  • Second-generation AirPods Pro, third-gen AirPods may land in early 2021

    Can the quality of the sound be improved?  Bose has a pair of earbuds that have increased the bass response, providing a more pleasing overall sound.  If there is a single part of the Earpod experience that is lacking, it's the bass - not the size of the stems.  Let's put performance ahead of style, give some more bass capabilities to make the sound more pleasing - then naturally the battery life.  Functionality and form is pretty much nailed - they are the earbuds considered by many to be the superior design.  Their only shortcoming is quality of the music - and isn't that one of the reasons people use head sets?
  • Hear Steve Jobs demo his NeXT computer in 1988

    Really doesn't matte what industry you are in - NOBODY comes close to the presentation finesse and skill that Steve Jobs delivered, and demanded from his team.  Even today, years after his death - his company's presentation style and basic skills are among the best of any company, anywhere.

    If you deal with sales, or presenting for your company - reviewing Apple's presentations is time very well spent.  No detail is unrehearsed, no inflection is accidental, no sentence is ad lib.  It's practiced, it's timed, it's paced and organized such that those who want a high level review get it; and those who want to look deeper, can review it and look not only what is said, but what is on the screen and get a much broader understanding.

    Simply masterful.