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  • Eddy Cue says MLS deal was about Apple sticking to things it could do well

    I guess content that doesn't appeal to many people is turning into one of Apple's core competencies?

    I'm not saying that Apple shouldn't do MLS, but c'mon now Eddy.  "First, it should be something Apple is good at, and second, it should be something consumers value and care about."  Let's not pretend this was some big decision. 

    TBH, after Ted Lasso I'd be interested in watching more non-US soccer/football and MLS doesn't interest much at all.

  • Family hit with $3,100 App Store bill after kid goes on Roblox spending spree

    brianjo said:
    A 10-year-old child spent over $3000 on Roblox via the family iPad, charges applied after the child changed the account password.

    This is a problem with iOS. It's set up to be a single use device, yet people purchase them as family devices. This encourages, if not requires sharing AppleIDs and passwords instead of the proper method of each user having their own ID and password.

    Granted, when using a shared device, I typically recommend creating a separate 'family' AppleID that has all of the restrictions in place that requires adult approval for purchases, etc.  However, since Apple doesn't have a system in place for family use of an iPad, this puts it more on the onus of the family to come up with this sort of solution. It also means that anyone with access to the iPad can change the password on that AppleID on that pad, including the 10 year old using it.

    The AppleTV used to be the same problem. Recently, they've added family features into the device. It's about time that the iPad got the same treatment.

    For family AppleIDs, Apple really should let families set things up they way they do with business and school accounts.  The parents then could have control of the children AppleIDs, being able to reset passwords, lock devices, etc.
    Apple came up with a solution and it's the option to require the Apple ID password before making purchases.  This is a different password from the one used to unlock and use the iPad, or at least it should be.  I'm not sure why more of a "system" is needed.   The main burden of the current arrangement is everyone shared the apps and overall config, and mom should have had to put in her password when she wants to pay for something for the tot.
  • Family hit with $3,100 App Store bill after kid goes on Roblox spending spree

    chutzpah said:
    Weird that it was the bank that stepped in, and not sure why an apology was necessary. 

    Wish the banks and Apple would kick the can down to Roblox more, it's their shittiness that is really enabling these situations to arise.  What kids game needs $3000 worth of consumables?
    I feel bad for the mom, but she did the equivalent of giving her 10-year-old her credit card so she bears quite a bit of responsibility.  Then there's the kid - a 10 year old is not a 3 year old.  The kid understands numbers, money, etc and the kid is a real stinker for causing this situation.  (OTOH, Perhaps a 10-year-old would fail to mentally connect Roblox purchases to the real world?)

    If the mom gave her kid the credit card and as a result they bought £2500 of candy on Amazon (or at Tesco - it's also a grocery), nobody would think to blame the candy company or Amazon.
  • No one can agree on what the Apple VR Headset will cost to make

    How can shipping be $200?
  • Apple's headset could be a cash cow for VR market investors, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    I would like to thank the author for not rolling out the "expected to cost $3,000" as has appeared in every other story about this headset.  I honestly think that line is Apple FUD intended to make the actual cost look cheap.