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  • Maryland Apple Store employees to vote on strike, citing unmet demands

    Those “workers” are nuts. Better get those Starbucks applications in, it’s going to be competitive. 
  • Apple close to securing $1B TV rights to new FIFA soccer tournament

    I have to wonder if this tournament is worth so much.  I don’t think there are that many US soccer fans. 

    Personally and as an American, I would rather watch UK or European football and have less interest in US teams.  My experience in the UK and enjoying Ted Lasso have made me more likely to watch  the UK teams and haven’t increased my interest in the US sport. 
  • Apple's next big thing could be a home robot

    Kind of late for an April Fools joke.
  • Apple Watch pulse oximeter ban detailed in published documents

    mattinoz said:
    Anilu_777 said:
    I may be upgrading my Series 6 this year but as I’m in Canada I expect it to still be there as Masimo doesn’t have the patent registered here afaik
    What happens if you wear the watch and cross the border?
    I would expect no difference as the ban only exists on new watches being sold in the US.

    Unfortunately I doubt you’d be able to buy a Canadian watch and take it into America if you’re an American as that would be considered importing I guess.

    That being said, if you’re wearing it up your sleeve would anyone notice?
    You certainly can buy an Apple Watch outside the US and bring it in.  Generally, you can bring in $800 worth of purchases without paying any duty.  
    Obviously there are some rules that make it a little. more complicated than that.  $800 is the general rule. 

    A little more info nobody asked for:

    Many countries that charge VAT (and it can be 20%+) will refund it for purchases taken outside the country.  Often higher-end shops will have the forms you need.
    Apple will honor the warranty for purchases made outside the US so you need not worry about that.  Similarly, if you need your US-bought Apple product fixed outside the US you can take it to an Apple store overseas.
  • A software engineer wore Apple Vision Pro to his wedding, much to his new bride's chagrin

    Anyone want to lay the odds on them being in divorce court within five years?

    THAT'S a bet on which I wouldn't take the short odds!
    What odds will you give for the guy wearing his Vision Pro in divorce court?