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  • Apple's 'Mother Nature' sketch was a complete dud, and didn't belong in the iPhone 15 even...

    I didn't think the Mother Nature skit was filler.  I thought the whole event was filler because the devices introduced had minor feature updates that don't match up to the marketing hyperbole at all.  Does any consumer really care how many transistors comprise the phone's CPU or what kind of foil the battery is wrapped in?  They're very good devices and so are the ones that preceded them.  

    I find Apple's pre-recorded presentations to be overproduced and not fun to watch.  The transitions have annoying music and are much too long.  The locations where the presenters speak are distracting.  The crazy boring minutiae that are hyped to the point of exhaustion . . .   The presentations used to be pretty exciting.  Granted that Apple often had only incremental updates to introduce and still hyped minor stuff but the presentations were pretty straightforward and to the point and often enough there was . .  one more thing . . . that was exciting.
  • Apple's 'Mother Nature' sketch was a complete dud, and didn't belong in the iPhone 15 even...

    NickoTT said:
    I was watching the stock price go UP during the Mother Nature presentation! Critics will be critics.
    So which part of the presentation caused the stock to end DOWN $3 for the day? 

    You must have been watching some other stock because AAPL was up slightly at the market open and from a few minutes after the open it was down the ENTIRE DAY.   When the event started, AAPL was down about $1 and went steadily down about another $3 over the following hour.  A bit after 2 the stock recovered slightly before falling again.  I stopped watching the event at 2 after the Mother Nature skit so I can confidently and correctly say that AAPL was not going up at all during that bit.
  • Apple Watch Series 9 'FineWoven' band leaks hours before event

    I can hardly contain my excitement.
  • Apple Glasgow union reaches agreement with Apple for pay raises

    I would like to see AppleInsider read the contract and compare its benefits with the benefits Apple employees get when they aren't unionized. That would be interesting and relevant to Apple news followers.
    I would also be interested in knowing about the "arbitrary metrics."  I would interpret the more equitable pay model that ignores "arbitrary metrics" to mean that pay will be less or not based on performance and that would kind of screw over the best people in favor of the slackers.   To my mind, unionization makes the best sense in situations where individual contribution can't be measured as was often the case in the early industrial era.

    This Apple Store is a lovely building on what I think is Glasgow's nicest shopping street.  

    This unionization effort is very much in character for Glasgow.  When I was last there in July, there were posters everywhere promoting socialist revolution.  

  • New low-cost MacBook rumored to take on Chromebooks in education

    lmasanti said:

    According with ‘people with knowledge of the subject’… —a.k.a. my own inventions—…

    …the new model will be called… MacBook SE.

    Most probably, any M1 machine would be better than a Chromebook.

    (On the other hand, back in 1985… Apple released a Macinthosh 512k Ed for the educational market.)

    How quickly people forget about the eMac (the what? LOL!)