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  • Windows XP can partially run on Vision Pro hardware in emulation

    For some reason?  Because it's funny and cool!  Obviously running Windows XP on a $3500 headset isn't something many people are aching to do but it's a very cool proof of concept.  Back in ye olde day, some folks got MAME running on a digital camera.  Why?  Because how cool is that?!
  • Apple Watch may gain a new fabric band

    A friend got a multi-pack of the woven bands in the picture a few years ago and gave me a few.  The bands were probably $1-$2 each.  I like them a lot and they're still like new.   If I get one dirty, it goes in the wash and I install the other. 

    I am glad Apple is getting in the game so I could spend 10-20x more than mine cost.  I'm sure the Apple woven band will be carbon neutral, made from a revolutionary new material, few buttons, thinner, and available in Project Red and Pride designs.  Maybe if we're lucky they'll eventually come out with a fantastic really white white version.
  • Apple expected to invest in Arm ahead of possible September IPO

    avon b7 said:
    NYC362 said:
    lorca2770 said:

    Please, correct me.
    I have been following Apple since 1984 (Mac 128 😊)

    Was it not S Job who at some point, during the tough times, sold ARM (since it was Apple’s company)? I think I understood it was Apple Reduced Memory. It was one of those developments that were undermined by Microsoft with the permanent: “stop the presses we are coming with something better”. So many Apple developments were drowned by, at the time, all powerful MS.
    Please advise.

    I can't find anything online about Steve Jobs/Apple having owned ARM in the past.  ARM stands for Advanced RISC Machine.  
    Apple owned shares in ARM. Prior to that it was involved in Acorn Computer. 

    It sold off a chunk of its ARM shares around 20 years ago. 
    NYC362 is correct and it was a large part of ARM.  Apple didn't sell because of any problem with ARM (they used the chips since the Newton, if not earlier) but rather because the company needed the cash.
  • Apple TV+ cancels Uma Thurman thriller 'Suspicion'

    Tehran showed that the Israeli shows could be a lot of fun.  Instead of adapting False Flag, perhaps Apple should have instead bought rights to add that to their library. 
  • Dark red iPhone 15 Pro, mint green iPhone 15 may land this fall

    People tend to underestimate the significant technical challenges involved in creating deep red for the iPhone.