Steve Jobs disparages Google, Adobe at company meeting - reports



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    Originally Posted by macusersince1993 View Post

    Flash had its day, but it's time to move on. Sometimes Apple has led the way in ditching old technology to embrace new (remember people complained iMacs didn't have floppy drives?). If Flash is still around, the HTML5 debate is going to drag on forever and we will be using 1990s proprietary technology for the Web when we could have 2010s open source technology. A lot of companies, not just Apple and Google, are waiting for people to make up their minds with HTML5 to save the money they pay Adobe in royalties.

    Flash isn't holding up HTML 5, Internet Explorer is holding up HTML 5, along with many consumer websites that won't use HTML 5 because they can't ignore Internet exploder's > 50% user base.

    Opera supports most of the features of HTML 5

    Safari supports the video and audio tags (which is mostly how this relates to flash)

    I think chrome supports audio and video tags

    Firefox is implementing parts of HTML 5 including i think video and audio tags, but they aren't there yet

    Internet Explorer 8 (the latest version and the least installed version of IE - most are IE6 and IE7) plans in the future to support some of the elements of HTML 5, but NOT video and audio tags.

    So really, the only browsers that currently support the audio and video tags are opera, safari, and chrome. These are the three smallest mainstream browsers out there in terms of usage - total they add up to less than 20% of all web page views.

    Why in the world would any site that distributes video (besides apple) throw out flash video and switch to html 5 video? There is no significant audience right now that can even render HTML 5. And if Microsoft never gives in, then we're gonna have Flash and Silverlight video for a long time.

    I think MS will probably have to support it eventually, but don't hold your breath - it's gonna be a while. We still have to develop for IE 6, which is around ten years old - 2 lifetimes in internet time :-)

    Microsoft is the culprit holding up web standards. Even though its gotten a lot better since the days when IE had 95%+ market share, they STILL own enough of the web browser market to hold the web hostage.
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    Originally Posted by iGenius View Post

    Yes it can. But Apple will not let you do it, except with a few apps.

    In general, for most practical purposes, it does not multitask.

    yeah that's an important point. some of the built in apps do, but I don't think in general it will multi-task without hacking it.
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    Originally Posted by cdyates View Post

    yeah that's an important point. some of the built in apps do, but I don't think in general it will multi-task without hacking it.

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    Originally Posted by hill60 View Post

    So tell me which Flash based sites stream Xvid or other DivX based codecs.

    Flash uses an flv wrapper it has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with converting DivX files to a format that plays on iPhone OS then transferring the files from a computer.

    You need never go anywhere near the iTunes store if you don't want to or buy a single thing.

    Any media file on a computer can be converted and synced using iTunes software apart from DRM protected files like BluRay.

    It's a separate issue it has nothing whatsoever to do with Adobe Flash.

    Sure, here's a copule for now., you cannot watch any of there free shows.

    Same goes for NBC, CBS, MLB.

    You can buy a program for the iphone that lets you watch MLB but you have to pay for each game, with a paid subscription, you can watch any game with a macbook Pro, iMac, Mac Pro, but even if you are a member, you cannot watch a MLB game via the iphone so would assume it's the same case for the iPad,

    The reason I asked about Xvid is torrents (free shows anyway), can be downloaded and then played. That would be fantastic to download a complete season for a cross country flight, can't do that presently on the ipad.


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    Originally Posted by machei View Post

    For god's sake, I just want them to rev the processor on the MBPs already. I've been waiting with increasing impatience since December, hammering away at my aging G4.


    If you've held out that long what's another six months gonna matter!!

    That's some devoted G4 lovin!
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    Originally Posted by Dr Millmoss View Post

    Maybe... So when are they going to start making 16:9 screens? All the screens I've seen outside of movie theaters are virtually square.

    They are made. What I would do is "short screen" it if I couldn't find a widescreen one that I liked.

    I found a few here:

    I really should get a proper screen, but I've gotten by for eight years on a wall painted a low gloss white.
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    Ideally, don't you want to avoid talking about the competition? Besides, going by actual sales, it doesn't sound like Google is serious competition, doubly so if you want any customer service if something goes wrong.
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