Amazon mocks iPad's glossy screen in new Kindle ad

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A new ad from Amazon pokes fun at the outdoor viewing capabilities of devices like the iPad while highlighting the low price of the third-generation Kindle.

The ad, which Geoffrey Fowler of the Wall Street Journal compares to the award-winning "Get a Mac" campaign, depicts a man trying to read an iPad-like device by the side of a pool. Unable to read, he asks the woman next to him how she is able to read her device in "this light."

"It's a Kindle. 139 dollars. I actually paid more for these sunglasses," the 'Kindle gal' says.

The ad's sunglasses comment refers to a quote from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos during an interview. "At $139, some people spend more than that for their sunglasses," Bezos told journalist Charlie Rose in July.

During the interview, Bezos denied that he was worried about Apple's competing iPad, asserting that the iPad and Kindle can co-exist in a "multi-device world."

"The evidence is very clear that Kindle is a companion to tablet computers," Bezos said.

Amazon's Kindle, which debuted in 2007, utilizes E Ink display technology to allow users to read without the eye strain that often occurs when reading from LCD backlit displays.

When Apple's iPad was first announced, complete with its own iBooks digital bookstore, it was immediately labeled as a "Kindle killer." Just days after the iPad announcement, Bezos reassured investors in a quarterly earnings call, saying Amazon had sold "millions" of Kindles.

Despite the runaway success of the iPad, which sold its own "million" in just 28 days, Apple struggled early on to get publishers' content on the iPad. Pre-existing contracts with Amazon reportedly prevented publishers from putting their content on competing devices such as the iPad.



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    Apple will be busy selling $5+ Million per month.
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    Originally Posted by mdriftmeyer View Post

    Apple will be busy selling $5+ Million per month.

    Amazon will be selling millions of kindles too.
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    It's pretty much the only thing that the Kindle is better at. The iPad has so many more features and is hitting way more markets than just eBooks. They should definitely consider a matte screen option tho...
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    nkhmnkhm Posts: 928member
    It's a shame that Kindle chose to show the iPad with the brightness turned all the way down.
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 6,069member
    Truth be told, the e-ink is superior for outdoor reading in direct sunlight. My other half has a Nook (Barnes & Noble) and I was very impressed with how easy it is to read in the sun by the pool while on holiday.

    These e-readers can easily co-exist with products like the iPad because they do one thing (and only one thing) very well. Anything beyond that is pushing it for the device.

    That being said, we are both eagerly waiting for the v2 iPad.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    They're right, but eventually Apple will solve the problem of screen glare on the iPad, and when they do the iPad will go from strength to strength (because it is more general purpose), while the Kindle goes the way of the iPod. It's only a matter of time since the problem has already been solved on the Kindle.
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    Amazon has a point, but it's not a deal breaker. The glare doesn't bother me usually. I could fault Amazon's Kindle for it's slow refresh, low-contrast display (about the same as newsprint). Not quite laser printing on bright white paper contrast. And yes, with a strong light source behind you (like a reading lamp), even the Kindle screen can suffer from diffuse glare. I own a 2nd gen Kindle, and I love it, but it's far from perfect.
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    Originally Posted by Suddenly Newton View Post

    Amazon has a point, but it's not a deal breaker.

    While it's true that amazon has a point, it could be deal breaker to some people that are just looking for a good e-reader.
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    Yeah Apple - take that!

    You're shinny screen is a POS!

    OTH - we don't have any 'apps' or color (to speak of), not much of anything -

    to tell the truth, we're a bit jealous.

    As Ballmer said "you're selling more iPads than we'd like" - so

    we 'junk-bonded' the price of our Kiddy - and

    now we're gonna nail ur ass to the wall - so there
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    matrix07matrix07 Posts: 1,993member
    I think it's an effective ad. Simple and effective.
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    ****, but there are better e-ink devices than the kindle, whilst in its class there are not any better devices than the ipad.
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    Good for the call-girl.
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    I think it's a fair marketing angle to be honest. They are completely different devices, which can both be used for reading eBooks.

    The Kindle has a far nicer screen for reading, that is much more akin to the experience of reading normal books. It also has great battery life, and is smaller and lighter. A lot people seem to be ignorant of the fact that for certain things, the Kindle is better than the iPad and will be for years to come (due to e-ink vs tablet displays - a matte screen isn't going to change that).

    The iPad is much more than just an ebook reader. It is also much better for certain types of reading because it doesnt suffer from the slow and less flexible e-ink display etc

    I think Amazon are right, the Kindle is something you can have as well as a tablet. They DO compete, and Amazon has to make sure people realise why having a Kindle is better than an iPad for certain scenarios.

    I personally am happy having both, and using my Kindle for longer, more sequential reading (or when I'm outside ).
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    It's only a matter of time before the kindle is annihilated either by a future generation of iPad or by an Apple product competing for the same market utilising e-Inks.
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    I actually thought it was a rather good advert. Why shouldn't Amazon play on the Kindle's strengths? That's exactly what you would expect them to do in an advert!

    Although I have no intention of ever buying a Kindle, it's a perfectly fair comment to say that it's far better in the environment indicated in the advert. Ironically however, a pair of polarised sunglasses would dramatically help the iPad's cause. So the girl in the advert with the expensive sunglasses, would quite possibly have had no problems reading the iPad!

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    Meh! These products don't compete with each other, IMO. True, there is the bearest amount of crossover but prior to the iPad, I had no interest in owning a tablet like the kindle because I am not in the market for a one-trick pony e-reader. Frankly, such a device, while it appeals to some, shows no imagination. I'd say free is a pretty good price for it.
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    There is a Kindle App for iPad of course, so even as they push their own device, they are hedging their bets.
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    Would be nice to see how matters will change after sunset. The time of the day, when most people start reading books for leisure.
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    Originally Posted by ascii View Post

    They're right, but eventually Apple will solve the problem of screen glare on the iPad, and when they do the iPad will go from strength to strength (because it is more general purpose), while the Kindle goes the way of the iPod. It's only a matter of time since the problem has already been solved on the Kindle.

    You'd think so, but it's unlikely. Only transflective LCD does well in direct sunlight, and it sort of looks like crap without backlighting--think PalmPilot. Apple also loves glossy display coatings, which don't help.

    eInk is just a totally different technology than LCD. It's been in development a long time, and it works well with b/w. The development path for good color is still a couple of years away, and it will never be good for full-motion video, but it does what it does well. Check it out in person, get your hands on an eInk-based reader, and you'll see the difference.

    For the record, I don't work for any of the companies involved, and I've been a Mac user since the 80s, so I'm not bashing Apple. The iPad is way cool, but I think eInk is better for reading.

    As for the ad, it's fine until the Kindle girl smugly says she spent more on her sunglasses than her Kindle. Then I hate her.
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    The first thing I've bought for iPad after one week using it is a MATTE protective film (designed for iPad). It make iPad USABLE outdoor.


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