Error 3200: Massive iOS 5 demand hinders Apple?s servers



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    Got all my updates for two MBPs with OS X and ios 5 on two iPhones and two iPads, on about the forth or fifth try. The iPhoto update on the newer MBP that shipped with Lion updated easily using Apps update but the one year old MBP that used the iLife 11 disk has to use software update and so far that is crawling along with five hours to go. Mail is now working on Lion again with my MobileMe addresses migrated to iCloud after weeks of SMTP failures on MobileMe. The iCloud servers so far are running perfectly. I love mirroring on ATV from iOS devices. Now I just need my iPhone 4s!

    iOS 5 is far faster in every way or so it seems to me.
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    Originally Posted by cmshawaii View Post

    This happens EVERY time apple puts out a new iOS version.

    it happens because everyone wants to get a copy right away and no server can handle that amount of load. ANd then every time the blogs etc are full of folks complaining about it.

    and yet next time, the same folks are right back there hitting it at 10am for the next one
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    I too joined the line of users with a modicum of trouble in the update. Initially both my iMac and MacBook Pro (early 2008), failed in the 888 mg update to OSX.7.2 several times I was prompted that there was an "error can't save file." ( Haven't tried to update my early MacBook Air yet).

    So I unchecked one of the update items, and I downloaded and installed the two updates separately, and everything installed just fine. In fairness to Apple, I was overloading my wireless home network to do that, because I was running printers, surfing the web, and streaming music over the network, while I was updating both computers at the same time, wirelessly.

    My phone (iPhone 4) updated seamlessly, even though it took nearly an hour. I plugged it in, and it did what it was supposed to do.

    When it came time to use my new features, I had minimal problems connecting to my homeShare network with Airplay, but again with minimal effort, and a re-try it connected to all 5 pairs of speakers in the house. I had to re-enter the speaker passwords, and it was fine. I haven't figured out how to stream from my iphone to multiple sets of speakers at the same time over the network, like I could do from my phone, before, but suspect that will be easy too. Sharing Movies over the network on my phone is easy, seamless. Typical Apple, you don't need an instruction manual to make it work, it just does.

    I was somewhat concerned about my MobileMe and my Apple ID accounts being different, but the log-in recognized me, and everything works, from the store to all my accessories.

    I'm currently experiencing a delay switching the MobileMe account to the icloud, but it's just a busy server, and the notice just said, "try again later."

    All in all, for me, this has been another successful Apple Software rollout. This was easier for me than the software rollouts that we used to experience at the large teaching hospital that I worked at for many years.

    Apple really does ( overall) a good job executing product rollouts.
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    bwikbwik Posts: 565member
    My guess is this is the biggest net data load in the history of the Humans of Earth. It is fun to get my 4 devices loading, 39k per second, or 75k, 100k for short bursts. Just imagine the mammoth horsepower in AAPL's data centers, just buckling under the global load.
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    Updated Lion and iPhone 3GS without any problems. Quick and painless.
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    Happened to me too. My iPhone updated no problems. My iPad went bad, and I ended up having to restore from a backup, and then eventually got it all going again and installed with iOS5.
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    I had zero issues with downloading iOS 5 for my iPhone 4, but when i went to upgrade my MacBook Pro software to Lion 10.7.2 initially i had problems. I tried 3 different times and the 3rd time was the charm. Although the update did take about 5 hours.
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    Originally Posted by Mac Voyer View Post

    Yep! I have no idea why Apple didn't release 7.2 yesterday, and deal with the MobileMe transition at that time.

    I agree. I did 2 iMacs, MacBook air, one iPhone and iPad today without a hitch. Some took longer than others. Had a few errors with iPad and iPhone but went through after clicking "ok". I'll do my other iPhone, Mac mini, and touch tomorrow.

    They should have released the following yesterday and Monday:

    -airport utility app

    -find friends app

    -cards app

    -movie trailer app

    -lion recovery update

    -lion 10.7.2

    -iPhoto update

    -aperture update

    -iWork updates

    -safari 5.1.1 update

    -iTunes update (the only one that was)

    That woulda have made everyone do just iOS 5 today.

    Or- just do everything today- what do I know?
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    i had the same problem/error for more than an hour. I tried one thing and it worked for me. Turned off "hide hidden files" and went into my User Folder, under iTunes iPad Updates. Found the downloaded iOS 5 upgrade file and move it out of the folder. Restarted iTunes, and voila - the update was re-downloaded and the error never reappeared. Hope this works for others...
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    Originally Posted by oomu View Post

    For the load during normal days !

    No one on earth today can build a system for that kind of use in extraordinary launch day.

    Of course you can. That's what Azure and Amazon S3 are for. Apple should start leaning on these services during peak periods for updates like they do with iCloud.
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    if you downloaded it and got an error try this instead of "update" try "restore". watch your phone for a prompt to continue and follow instructions on phone.
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    ikolikol Posts: 369member
    5 hours to download my phone which is all now mumbled jumbled and nothing in the cloud yet.
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    It took me 7 hours to get it done. I have to use another computer to wipe out everything on the iPhone and reload the app. Obviously, the apps are all over the place and not in the right folders.

    Also, some of the upgrade software are very rudimentary. For instance, the Reminders is like a beginner's level "To Do" list. "Errands" was out a few years again with more graphics and user-friendliness. The shutter button was a stolen idea from Camera+, yet Camera+ has better photo editing functions. Newstand does not have a lot of publications. What is worse is that it cannot be hide away in a folder. If IOS5 is a major release, I am not impressed.
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    Would be amusing if traffic from today's updates crippled the entire Internet
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    I know, most users without problems don't write to forums. Just wanted to say that here in Oslo I downloaded iTunes + Lion update separately, then some two hours later downloaded iOS 5 during less than 4 minutes. The backup, update, restore of my iPad1 took 1 1/2 hours using my 3 years old MacBook Aluminium. I used my home wifi network connected to a time capsule connected to the cable network (20 Mbits/sec). (It wasn't boring, I was reading a book while the process went on...)

    Now I'm happily trying out iOS 5. So far I haven't seen any slowness due to the update, except the fact that it will always feel a bit slower than the iPad 2, of course. Love the reader function in Safari, esp here in AI with small letters and fixed width on the pages.

    The only precaution i took, was I waited some 6 hours before starting, so it was around midnight here.

    I wonder if this slowdown is worldwide or mostly in the US? In Norway we have about the same "mac-density" as in the US, around 12-13%, and iPhones are still more popular than androids.
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    I got the error, but waited a hour in the afternoon and downloading was not a problem to my iPad and Apple TV. Bandwidth is important as with TWC, I get 20Mb download. IOS5 is so cool !!!!

    Thanks Steve Jobs.....
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    My pain is the verify apple id limbo i'm stuck in now that i've merged with iCloud.

    iTunes on desk top will not let me login and iPhone 4 and iPad 2 will not let me purchase anything because i haven't "verified my apple id"

    Never had this problem before, in fact i bought a season from iTunes 8 hours before IOS 5 went live.
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    kotatsukotatsu Posts: 1,010member
    I too got error 3200, but on the third attempt it went through and updated. It did take about 4 hours though, which is rather farcical.

    You'd have thought Apple might have perhaps bought a few more servers in advance of this.
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    Tried updating last night (UK time). Connection to Apple timed out!

    Tried again this morning. Much, much faster now that most of you have gone to bed. So thanks.
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    Originally Posted by oomu View Post

    For the load during normal days !

    No one on earth today can build a system for that kind of use in extraordinary launch day.

    Neither apple, neither IBM and no telecom can dimension their network for that.

    So, just wait. Technology is wonderful but not magical. Internet and modern computers have some serious limits.

    It would have been fairly easy to stagger release of the updates -- by device type, geographical location, etc.

    Apple could have announced this policy in advance, then displayed a message with a single hit to Apple servers.
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