Error 3200: Massive iOS 5 demand hinders Apple?s servers



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    Third, after updating to IOS 5 my iPhone didn't restore from iTunes backup (because "backup session is not closed susccessfully"). I've ended up with clear IOS 5. I can't restore from iTunes, can't restore from iCloud because there's not backup there. Only option to configure as new left. Any suggestions? iTunes for Windows 7.

    I must confess that after a day break I succeeded to restore from backup. Apparently restore process can also be affected by overloaded Apple servers. Now I am with IOS 5 and my data.
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    Originally Posted by muppetry View Post

    I'm seeing that problem this morning too. Mail for my address will not load on iCloud or on my iPhone. Strangely I can still get it via MobileMe IMAP on my mac through the old server.

    Seems to be a problem still. My mail works flawlessly on my iMac through Apple Mail and the iCloud web page.

    On my iPod Touch and my MBP, mail times out with errors although I can still use the same mail from the iCloud web page. The iCloud support page reports everything to be up and running...

    I hope Apple sorts this out quick.
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    Originally Posted by stelligent View Post

    The IP's of the update files belong to Apple.
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