Apple announces iPhone 5s: Touch ID fingerprint security, 64-bit A7 CPU, new gold option coming Sept



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    Given that the 5 was already available in 64GB, why did they not keep that option in the 5C? Seems somewhat surprising and limiting. The bigger battery takes up more space?


    The somewhat unappreciated bit of news is that the so-called "cheap" phone (5C, 16GB) has an unlocked price of $549. That's nowhere near the $399 - $449 that was being widely touted. Higher margins (good news), but lower demand in the emerging markets (bad news). Samsung must be breathing a slight sigh of relief.


    While NTT DoCoMo is a welcome confirmation, I am truly hoping for the China Mobile news no later than tomorrow (that's the cause of the market disappointment, I think).

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    Originally Posted by Richard Getz View Post




    lol I don't think I was saying that, just glad to see I'm not the only one with code updates that don't go 100% smooth. 


    You'll have to forgive him.  He only sees the world in 2 colours.  Apple lovers and Apple haters.   For us outside of the apple sphere of reality, those colours are black and white.

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    A couple of thoughts:

    1) For all you fingerprint whorls out there... Will TouchID work with a stylus? No? Oops... Sorry Sammy!

    2) Seriously, TouchID with its announced capability for iTunes purchases is a major deal!

    It is a totally Apple self-contained iWallet, cashless, creditcardless, "whatever", way to buy things. Apple can roll out additional "purchasing" services backed by TouchID and iTunes (and the 500 million credit cards on file). I suspect that within a few years, you'll be able to buy anything from a soda from a vending machine, groceries, to a new car...

    Apple has a device and the infrastructure to do this, today... I don't see any competition for several years.

    Not to mention that the same technology can be used to replace your keys, Key Cards, ID Cards, Pass Cards...


    Agreed! Perhaps stating the obvious here but I think the TouchID is a huge plus for the iPhone. Again, Apple is leading.


    I also like the improvements in the camera...the slow-mo feature looks cool as do the two LED flashes. I have been putting off getting a DSLR b/c the iPhone is so good (outdoors-indoors not so much). The iPhone is just so much easier to use and carry on hikes, traveling, etc.

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    jragosta wrote: »
    paul94544 wrote: »
    Meh, a wash, we got finger print sensor but no news on which carrier in China just siad vailable in China, or unlocked price of 5C

    The unlocked prices are unchanged compared to the iPhone 5 - $649, $749, and $849. Everything is up in the Apple store online now.

    Also online internationally, yet slightly more expensive than before:
    € 699 € 799 € 899. Before it was:
    € 652 € 763 € 874 (or something like this, the 64GB was definitely € 874 as I bought that one)
    Keep in mind that these prices include tax.

    Weird thing is, I cannot buy the 5 now in The Netherlands, only 4s. And there's no date given for the 5c or 5s.
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    dunksdunks Posts: 1,254member
    pendergast wrote: »
    I am very underwhelmed.

    Mostly because of the price points. Everything seems to be $100 too expensive. 

    The 5C should have been 16GB for $0 on contract (or $399 off) and the 5S should have started at 32GB, not 16GB. 

    And the 4S should have been axed. Are they at least updating it to Lightning?

    My sentiments exactly.

    I'm sure the 5C will do well but it's hard to see why they went to such lengths for a redesign if it's replacing the iPhone 5. This was a notable missed opportunity to make a big move with the lightning connector, 4" displays and price. My best guess is this was a plan B because they couldn't sustain iPhone 5 production alongside the 5S.
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    Originally Posted by lkrupp View Post



    Really, nobody cares what you think, especially Apple.


    It is that narcissistic attitude that drives people away from Apple.  If you were open to debate and perhaps the idea that Apple is not right 100% of the time, you would surprised to see what's out there.

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    No, the fingerprint sensor does not seem wise for the Far East markets.

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    For all the excitement over a new iPhone 5S, I would have been truly excited (instead of "A new iPhone? Well, OK.") to have heard them announce "one more thing" like a fifth-gen iPad with the A7, M7, improved camera. A new iPad would get me excited, especially as my first-gen iPad is showing its age.
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    Originally Posted by PJWilkin View Post


    The 5S for me is a mixed bag


    on the plus side ... it supports more LTE bands and has a fingerprint sensor, and 64 bit


    on the minus side ... No 128GB model, and no NFC


    I feel the Fingerprint reader would have made the phone way better if they had also put in NFC


    as it stands, I may get a 5S just to get LTE support here (UK),  the fingerprint reader being a novelty without apps that it can be used with


    Someone can point me what is the killer uses for NFC that make it an awesome and must have feature.  I fail to found anyone with a useful use of NFC. For everything else, Wi-fi and bluetooth covers my needs

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    As much as I love Apple, I just feel let down by this product release. Maybe it was okay back when Apple did hardly anything for the iPhone 5, but another year of this has disconnected me from the Apple reality distortion field. I am seriously considering getting something else like the Galaxy Note 3 or Droid Maxx. They're on par with the pricing of the cheapest iPhone. I just seriously wish Steve Jobs was running the company. He'd have that "One More Thing..."
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    gtr wrote: »
    Interesting to see no 128 GB option.
    That is the only (slight) disappointment for me.

    I was really hoping to be able to get in more of my music in there.

    Don't you have iCloud? You can pre-dload what you think you want over WiFi -- then the occasional exception over cell data when out and about.

    Seriously, I am considering buying a 16 GB 5S and a 128 GB iPad 5. The only real storage need I have on the phone is for video/photos (especially with the improved camera)... But I can mitigate that by AirDropping to the iPad.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,408moderator
    the new CPU is twice as fast, and graphics performance has also been doubled.

    To show off the power of the A7, Epic Games was at Tuesday's iPhone keynote to unveil the upcoming iOS title "Infinity Blade III," scheduled to launch alongside the iPhone 5S. The publisher said that the new chip enabled four times the character detail with new features like blur and lens flares.

    Ok so the iPad might get the A7x, which could be 50% faster again so 3x faster than the iPad 4. The list here compares it to Mac GPUs (hit show all if it doesn't load the whole list):

    The iPhone 5 scores 29.7fps, the iPad score is at 53.7fps. Doubling the iPhone takes it to around the speed of the Intel HD 3000. If the iPad goes up 2-3x, that's in line with the Mac Mini with the 6630M.

    The Geekbench score of the old iPad was 1778, the iPhone was 1618. Doubling these brings them up to about the 2010 Macbook Air - Core 2 Duos.

    This iPhone 5S is pretty much one of these in your pocket:
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    Awesome! Let the iPhone 6 rumors begin /s

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    Originally Posted by ivan.rnn01 View Post

    No, the fingerprint sensor does not seem wise for the Far East markets.


    What's this? People wear gloves in WINTER?! How shocking a concept.

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    Since no one seems to see it I'll mention it:


    The first embedded OS [iOS] that is 64 bit, throughout to match up with OS X.

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    Originally Posted by rain View Post


    What have they 'innovated' with this phone?

    I don't see any physical innovation at all.


    Faster chip, camera update, fingerprint security? Wouldn't call that 'innovation'.


    The innovation is in the software.

    iOS 7 is the innovation... these phones are just vessels to make it sing.


    5s is a bit faster... woooo

    I don't foresee people chucking their 5's over the Golden Gate Bridge for this hardware update.


    - 2X CPU performance

    - 2X graphics performance

    - the first 64 bit OS / Processor on a Smart Phone

    - f2.4 aperture camera, with a bigger sensor, along with improved Flash 

    - Touch ID

    - New motion sensor chip

    - Better Battery than the 5

    - Same weight of the iPhone 5

    - And same thickness



    Unlike Android phone makers they don't have to bloat up there screen size to improve there hardware performance.

    To all those ranting about the lack of NFC. Google themselves have started knocking off NFC in there new Moto X series realising NFC has no positive advantage in today's day and age. NFC readers aren't popular and the S-Beam , Bumping phones to share looks like a 17th century Tech. Yeah AirDrop can handle that in a breeze.

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    Originally Posted by BigMac2 View Post


    You should drop the iHates fanboism. 


    Listening to you nothing is innovating enough.  Can you give me some examples of innovating product update from the competition? Base on your criteria I found none.  

    The iPod... innovation.

    The first iPhone... innovation.

    The first iPad... innovation.

    iPhone frame made of antenna array... innovation.

    The new Mac Pro's... innovation.


    As far as the competition in computer/mobile... don't care.

    I'm an Apple guy, always have been. I'm just not part of the cult - indoctrinated to believe absolutely everything Apple does is pure genius, the absolute best possible choice, and the only 1 true innovator in the world. :rolleyes:


    I'm just not going to call 'polish' or incremental updates... innovation. Sorry.

    I'm also not going to call technology developed by other companies - purchased by Apple - as Apple Innovation.

    For if I was to credit them - I would have to credit Microsoft for being one of the biggest innovators of all time when they were buying up tech companies like crazy in the 80-90's.

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    Originally Posted by Tallest Skil View Post



    What's this? People wear gloves in WINTER?! How shocking a concept.


    Because it's colder in Japan or China then the rest of the World, after all.

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    Originally Posted by Dick Applebaum View Post

    Don't you have iCloud? 

    I do (and I use it for my music with AppleTV). If I am in the car, I don't want to be wasting my cellular data for streaming music from iCloud -- I'd rather use Bluetooth.


    The real problem with iCloud is 50GB max storage, which I also find to be quite disappointing.

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    Awesome, so it's much better than 2 and 3 year old phones...I would hope so.  If you arent making a better product after that amount of time there is a big problem.  Is it good enough to keep people from leaving Apple?  I guess we'll know in three weeks.


    Is a slightly cheaper phone going to cut it?  Once again, people spending $550 probably arent going to shy away from $650 so is that going to increase sales?  Guess we'll know for sure in a couple weeks, but I would think not.


    All in all Google is demoing Glass, Samsung is talking about a watch...I think people want to see what new product Apple is going to come out with.  Cook did promise new products all throughout 2014.  Lets see if that was just more rhetoric. 

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