Samsung warns of massive 60% decline in profits for Q3, cites stiff smartphone competition



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    I’m adamant in my distaste of the idea that my possessions be outside my local ownership.


    For that reason, I can’t feel that OS’ based in the cloud will ever gain support among any group. Large businesses won’t do this because they won’t want the third party running the OS stealing their IP. Small businesses won’t do this because they won’t want to have server or connection problems cut them off from their clients’ files. Consumers won’t do this because they will neither know nor care how. 


    If you try to tell someone, “Oh, you can just log onto your friend’s computer at their house and see all your files there,” they’d get excited. But telling them that they have to have an Internet connected to use their computer at all will glass their eyes over.



    There's a point between the having everything local and having everything in the cloud as well, in that you can have cloud software working on local files. So almost all of computing data possessions will be local. You still have the disadvantage of requiring an Internet connection to work on a new machine, but you can certainly design cloud software to operate disconnected once it's been accessed (Chromebook apps are an example of this). Even without a laptop, you can use portable storage for your files, or even serve them up yourself from home/office -- so you'd have a file server with Internet connectivity, that your cloud apps could access when you have access.


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    Thanks, as communication speeds have gotten higher I can see that model. The subscription aspect is, of course, annoying. I've a lab with a limited budget and so am one of those with a number of "just good enough" programs we don't use all that frequently on the machines...


    Yeah, I hear you. I'm on the fence, about to subscribe to Adobe's Creative Cloud, even though I poo-poo'd it when it first released. <sigh>

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