iPhone 6, 6 Plus owners complain of easily scratched screens

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A growing number of iPhone 6 owners are complaining that their recently-purchased handsets are exhibiting slight surface scratching not seen with previous models, with some alleging flaws in material and design.

Surface scratches seen on iPhone 6.

Multiple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus users have taken to Apple's Support Communities forum to report issues with the handset's display cover glass, which they claim is more prone to scratching than previous iPhone models.

The thread, now at over 103,000 views and 626 replies, started on Sep. 23 with user jake.underwood26 saying his iPhone 6 Plus exhibited visible scratching near the display's corners after "extremely" good care. Apple's latest iPhone generation went on sale four days earlier on Sep. 19.

Many other forum posters followed with similar responses, saying they too found scratches after less than one week of normal use. Some compared the iPhone 6 to past iPhone models, noting previous generations were not as prone to surface scratches even after years of use.

The exact material used to shield the iPhone 6 display has not been officially revealed, though some believe it to be Corning's Gorilla Glass 3 branded alkali-aluminosilicate glass. Instead, Apple touts the use of "strengthened Ion-X" glass, an ion-impregnated material purportedly harder than normal covers.

AppleInsider has seen the issue first hand from a user who carries their phone in a microfiber satchel. In this case, as seen in the photo above, it appears as though the glass was perhaps raked against a hard, flat surface or etched with small debris, perhaps during polishing. The miniature trenches are deep enough to be felt with a thumbnail and can be seen when the display is turned off.

There are any number of reasons as to why Apple's iPhone 6 is seemingly more prone to screen scratches. For one, the latest generation iPhone is the first to use a curved display glass with no bezel "lip" to protect against scrapes. Previous iPhones like the most recent iPhone 5s used flat pieces of glass surrounded by a thermoplastic peripheral material housed in a harder polymer wrap. This structure helped for shock protection, deflecting encounters with foreign objects and would keep the screen protected if laid down on its face.

For the iPhone 6, Apple carried over the shock resistant thermoplastic material, but now has it sandwiched between the display assembly and phone body. The hard plastic side wall was also deleted in favor of a cover that curves toward the rounded aluminum chassis. While great for finger feel and gesture control, a curved edge design necessarily leaves the cover glass exposed to contact with hard surfaces.

Apple has not officially responded to user reports, though some owners have found success in taking their scratched iPhone in to an Apple Store for replacement. There is apparently no repair protocol entered into Apple's system, however, as other forum members did not receive the same service.

AppleInsider has reached out to Apple regarding the issue and will update this story when a reply is received.


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    Mine's fine.

    #scratchgate. :rolleyes:
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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 13,002member
    Mine's fine.

    #scratchgate. :rolleyes:

    The phone, or the scratches? :lol:
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    I normally have a screen protector but this time I went commando. I took insane care of my iPhone 6. It went into a pocket with nothing else. Never dropped. Well, a month ago I found a scratch in lower right corner. A hairline scratch. It annoyed the hell out of me. Well, I took it to Apple, bought AppleCare, and they replaced the screen. Now I have a screen protector. It seems good so far.
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    dasanman69 wrote: »
    The phone, or the scratches? :lol:

    No scratches lol. Launch model. I hate screen protectors so while I have some, I won't apply them.

    I do have a case though.
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    Strange. I had a lot of hairline scratches on my 5s but seems my 6+ surface is as pristine as when I bought it. No screen protector and taking care of it but not excessively. Wonder if there are bad batches of glass around.

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    –Not sent from my iPhone 6, but that’s hardly relevant

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    More whiny BS.
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    Really? This is the definition of sensationalist journalism. Writing an entire article on how a phone with a glass screen can get scratches? You might as well write an article on how cars will eventually run out of gas. Scratching will happen to a phone screen eventually if you don't use a screen protector ( and I don't because I find them to cause bigger problems than they fix). Any phone screen.
    In my case, I've had my 6 since the beginning of October and have no visible scratches on it, and I haven't even carried my phone in a "microfiber satchel"(really? REALLY?) like the anonymous reader mentioned in this article. I've even dropped it a couple of times(although not from high up) and had it scrape against materials that could easily have scratched a lot of phones. There's no "scratching problem" with iPhone 6s. It's as resistant or more resistant to scratches than other phones. If you scratch your phone then deal with it or just get a new screen if you care that much; don't complain to Apple that their glass isn't magical. This is even more ridiculous than the bending nonsense.
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    The beautiful screen on my 6 is as pristine as ever it can be. No case and no protector.
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    I got a hairline scratch on mine after 5 days of owning my day one iPhone 6. It is perfectly straight and perfectly vertical. Gets annoying when viewing white backgrounds as it appears as a rainbow line. All of my iPhones prior have had more abuse with no scratches.
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    My wife's 6 has got several nasty scratches across the top. We speculate that it happened when the cat knocked it to the laminate floor. Her old 4s and 3G are still pristine. She's pretty bummed out :/
    My 6 has a very slight scratch between the front facing camera and the ear mic... I'm not real careful with it, but haven't noticed any specific reason for that scratch. My old 4s and 3G had a few deep scratches and chips.
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    Tort lawyer driven BS. Class action lawsuit in five, four, three . . .
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    I believe somebody was in another thread posting about how silly Apple was to pursue scratch resistant sapphire screens when Gorilla Glass is obviously already more shatterproof. /s
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    Had my 6 from day one, no screen protector, Product [RED] silicone case, no scratches. And I play air hockey with it. Okay, the last part was a lie.
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    I had the iphone 6 for a good month with no scratches, broke the screen last week, and in a week there are these same scratches. I dont think the screen I had originally is the same
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    A competitor who spends millions, if not billions, to advertise their shit .....


    How much would it cost them to pay a few thousands to post crap?!!


    Samsung? :smokey: 

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    gonevw wrote: »
    I had the iphone 6 for a good month with no scratches, broke the screen last week, and in a week there are these same scratches. I dont think the screen I had originally is the same

    Now, that could be a thought; they're cranking out screens so fast that they're not being manufactured properly.
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    bageljoeybageljoey Posts: 2,001member
    krawall wrote: »
    Strange. I had a lot of hairline scratches on my 5s but seems my 6+ surface is as pristine as when I bought it. No screen protector and taking care of it but not excessively. Wonder if there are bad batches of glass around.
    Yeah. My 4 and 4s both got micro scratches within the first month or two. Noticeably near the top where it would rub my glasses when I held it to my ear in phone mode. I had just been marveling at how pristine the 6 screen still is.
    This report makes no sense to me unless there were different materials or processes used...
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    My phone has no scratch at all. It has an apple leather cover and always carry my phone alone in my jeans left pocket. It has fallen to the bare floor. Tossed away by my daughter and even bitten by my chihuaha.

    I am really happy with my iPhone 6 and not a single scratch yet.
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    boredumbboredumb Posts: 1,418member

    I carry mine in my pants pocket, with coins and keys, just like my 4.

    I didn't even get a bumper for it for over two weeks.  I will say it feels more like plastic than glass, not sure why.


    Nothing at all on it so far.


    ...oh wait - there's a scratch right on the bend! oh no!;) 

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