Sony renting 'The Interview' for $6 on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox & Crackle, but not iTunes

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Though Sony apparently held talks with Apple about debuting the film "The Interview" on iTunes, the movie is instead now available for rent on YouTube, Google Play, Xbox Live and Sony's own Crackle service for $5.99, while viewers can purchase the movie for $14.99.

Citing unnamed sources, Re/code first reported on Wednesday that "The Interview" will be available to rent on Christmas Day on YouTube, Google Play and Sony's website. Later in the day, Sony confirmed that it will be available on Crackle and Xbox Live as well.

Renting the film cosst $5.99, while it's available for purchase for $14.99. It became available earlier than expected, starting today at 1 p.m. Eastern, 10 a.m. Pacific.

A select number of theaters will also be showing the film on its originally scheduled premiere date, after Sony relented to pressure to release the film. Sony Pictures Entertainment had originally canceled the release after major theater chains refused to show the film because of vague terrorist threats from hackers.

Sony reportedly tried to work out an exclusive deal with Apple to release the film on iTunes --?talks that were also said to involve the White House. But Apple reportedly felt the timetable for a Christmas Day release was too soon, and declined to make the film available.

The film has been the source of a great deal of attention after hackers, said by the FBI to be from North Korea, attacked Sony Pictures Entertainment and released private emails, documents and even films on the Internet. The hackers also made questionable threats of terrorism directed at theaters showing the film in the U.S., but counterterrorism officials have dismissed them as not credible.

The North Korean government is offended by the premise of the film, which sees actors James Franco and Seth Rogen playing journalists who are instructed to assassinate the country's leader, Kim Jong-Un.

Despite all of the controversy, filmgoers will still be able to see "The Interview" in theaters on Christmas Day, thanks in large part to the group Art House Convergence, which will screen it at 250 small theaters across America.


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    Apple p?ssied out..
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    asciiascii Posts: 5,936member
    It would be good if all films were released online at the same time as theatres.
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    droidftwdroidftw Posts: 1,009member
    wurm5150 wrote: »
    Apple p?ssied out..
    True, but it's an understandable business decision on their part.
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    Now will all the people who in the previous article called Sony out and cowards and talked about bandwidth issues now retract, ignore, or somehow justify and excuse Apple for not taking part? ...

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    wurm5150 wrote: »
    Apple p?ssied out..
    droidftw wrote: »

    How do you reach that conclusion on the available information? If Apple is unable to ink a deal with a vendor does that always mean Apple pussied out, or just in this case because you assume they were scared, as opposed to Sony wanting too much money from Apple for exclusivity, Sony not allowing iTS to be the exclusive vendor, Apple not having the bandwidth for Christmas Holiday* Day, or something else entirely. Why, of all the possibilities, have you two decided that hacking Apple was the primary reason? Do you think that NK (or others) have ignored Apple up to this point because they don't know they are there or because you think they are honourable hackers?

    * Just for [@]Benjamin Frost[/@]. :D
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    Sure, just as soon as the know-it-alls of the internet explain the actual reason for Apple's decision, minus speculation and the never-ending need to bash Apple.

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    $6 to rent and $15 to buy aren't bad prices. I thought it would be $12-20 to rent due to the hype and because it's the same day as the theater release.
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    Apple traditionally "closes down" over the holidays, that is why there are almost no app updates after 12/22.  So it is NOT surprising that just before Christmas Apple would not have the personnel in place to implement a large release like this.  


    But for those with AppleTV it will be available on Crackle.  It does not show up on Crackle as of now, but is expected to go live at 1 PM 

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    emoeller wrote: »
    But for those with AppleTV it will be available on Crackle.  It does not show up on Crackle as of now, but is expected to go live at 1 PM 

    Good to know. I'll have to unhide that channel.

    I suppose I'll need to create a Crackle account online, first?
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    It's evident Apple bailed. They can offer the movie under normal terms of licensing agreements already made with Sony like other retailers are likely committed to. Though many will say Apple has more to lose, especially if proven their infrastructure isn't as secure as they say it is, ultimately they won't lose customers or revenues.
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    Yeah.....just give Sony your credit card to pay for the movie online.....should be totally secure

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    How many people around the world will be receiving an Apple product on Christmas? What would happen if those people had difficulties accessing iTunes or other Apple servers, after unwrapping their new Apple product?

    Whether releasing this movie on iTunes caused excessive bandwidth demands, denial of service attacks or anything else that might impair access to Apple's servers, it would be stupid of Apple to risk the rest of their business. Whether you think Apple should release this movie through iTunes or not, a Christmas Day or Christmas Eve release is just not a good idea solely because of the timing.
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    Weak move on Apple's part just like what Sony and the theaters did before they got clowned for being cowards.

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    Weak move on Apple's part just like what Sony and the theaters did before they got clowned for being cowards.

    How the **** do you people come to these conclusions? It's one thing to speculate and include that as a possibility but your putting on blinder and saying that you've ruled out every other possible reason with absolute certainty.
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    I think Apple just didn't feel like sending in the people to get this online. Most reports say it was just too rushed. The infrastructure there is basically on autopilot at the moment.
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    Originally Posted by SolipsismY View Post

    How the **** do you people come to these conclusions. It's one thing to speculate and include that as a possibility but your putting on blinding and saying that you've ruled out every other possible reason with absolute certainty.

    ALL our opinions are speculation. No one's crying when you say Apple is not putting it on iTunes for other reasons. You have your opinion and everyone else has theirs. Take your little self-censored cuss words and go home. And stop crying while you're at it lol.

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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 9,233member

    Good for Apple for refusing to make this movie available! I have zero desire to watch it. I don't give a crap if the rental were .99 cents!


    The whole way that the situation around the movie was handled was pathetic, and this movie will not get any of my money, not even a few pennies.


    I hope that this movie doesn't make back its production costs.

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    Tim Cook = pussy!

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    patsupatsu Posts: 430member
    Too late ! Looks like Apple have already shutdown for the year. Hackers and Interview fans will have to wait till next year to play on iTunes. The movie will probably be scheduled normally with the rest. No one-time deal here.

    Personally, I watched the Hobbit film yesterday (it's good !), and will go to the Penguin one these few days. Will wait for the Interview review. Not sure it's a good production yet.
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    I wish Apple had been the one to make this happen - crazy how all these smaller companies did it instead.. Maybe this movie will have record sales, and prove to the movie companies that releasing online is a viable alternative. Then Apple will also see the importance of being a part of these kind of opportunities - Tim Cook talks to share holders about how he's pursuing his beliefs over profits, using Apples good name to make a stand for gay people.. this would've been a great chance to make a statement to any country that tries to stifle our freedom of speech. If anyone could do it, and make a decision to send a message, even without a unique outreach from the White House, Tim Cook could, but I guess it'll have to be Crackle instead.
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