Apple Watch Edition to start at $10,000, availability will be limited

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Apple's high-end 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition will be a luxury priced item and the most expensive it has ever offered, starting at $10,000 and available in extremely limited quantities, the company revealed on Monday.

As noted by CEO Tim Cook, Apple Watch Edition will be available at "select retail stores" and presumably through Apple's own outlets.

"The Apple Watch Edition is something unbelievably unique and very special," Cook said, adding that the solid gold versions are "the most beautiful expression of the Apple Watch."

Cook pointed out that the strap hardware, such as clasps and buckles, is also made of solid gold. As with other Apple Watch models, the 38mm and 42mm versions will carry different costs.

The 38mm rose gold model with a white sport band, for instance, will cost $10,000, but increasing dimensions to 42mm will demand an extra $2,000. Similar prices are present for yellow gold watches with black sport bands.

A 42mm yellow gold watch with a black "classic" buckle will be $15,000, as will a variant with a midnight blue buckle. Apple's most expensive products will actually be 38mm models: a rose gold watch with a rose gray "modern" buckle, and a yellow gold unit with a bright red modern buckle, each priced at $17,000.

Buyers who want to change bands will be able to buy separate ones from Apple. Prices will range from $49 for a 38 mm sport band to $449 for a 42 mm link bracelet.

Apple Watch Edition preorders will go live on April 10, the same day customers can visit a nearby Apple Store to try the device out in person. Wide availability is scheduled for April 24.


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    But will it blend?
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    sflocalsflocal Posts: 4,614member
    I almost sprayed my coffee out of my nose... Talk about upping one's way of displaying not only their Apple fandom, but wealth too!!!

    Ouch... "Limited" is an understatement. I wonder if Apple will release sales figures for this pricey little jewel.
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    jumejume Posts: 192member
    Apple has gone mad
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    magman1979magman1979 Posts: 1,131member
    I think I just had a heart palpitation!!!

    HOLY ****!!!
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    magman1979magman1979 Posts: 1,131member
    But will it blend?
    Really? That stupid comment had to be made?
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    danielswdanielsw Posts: 905member

    Originally Posted by Jume View Post

    Apple has gone mad

    They're not mad. You're simply jealous. They'll sell like hotcakes. $10K is nothing for those who want the best.

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    icoco3icoco3 Posts: 1,459member

    You watch...they will sell out in no time.  There are plenty of people who can afford it and will buy it.

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    jungmarkjungmark Posts: 6,687member
    Wait, weren't some analysts predicting Apple would have millions of these suckers available? Fools.
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    19831983 Posts: 1,171member

    Price starting at 10 grand! J...s! That's crazy absurd! I thought they would start at half that.

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    dasanman69dasanman69 Posts: 12,980member
    Any mention of being able to update the internals?
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,527member

    Anyone surprised by this must have had their head in the sand the last few weeks.


    Surprised there was no "gold bracelet" announcement though.

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    thepixeldocthepixeldoc Posts: 2,257member
    My shot from the hip at the original event was only $5K and I caught some flak for that. Gruber was dead on.

    I'm slightly curious why Apple didn't create a MO video of the gold though.
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    So I was possibly the only one to understand this?


    It is absolutely normal... edition means limited edition, it is a non-sense to make a solid gold EDITION watch at 2 or even 4000 thousends, because in the watch industry 3000usd is just a normal basic price for a basic watch, and yes a limited edition will sale only in Monaco or Gstaad shops.


    No Apple is not mad, Apple just perfectly understood the luxury watch industry, and the luxury industry generally. If a star can pay 10'000 for a gold watch, and if you cannot, you'll be very happy to get one at 300 in aluminium. That's modern marketing. Just wake up :)

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    danielswdanielsw Posts: 905member

    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    Wait, weren't some analysts predicting Apple would have millions of these suckers available? Fools.

    No, you're the fool for paying any attention at all to analysts.

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    bobdylanbobdylan Posts: 37member
    much cheaper than the $40k the press were discussing previously.
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    brucemcbrucemc Posts: 1,527member

    Originally Posted by jungmark View Post

    Wait, weren't some analysts predicting Apple would have millions of these suckers available? Fools.

    For sure.  If they sell a few 10's of thousands I would consider that a resounding success.


    I was surprised (but glad) that the stainless steel versions were not as expensive as some rumours.

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    quansterquanster Posts: 34member
    The Edition will sell like hotcake. And Apple will limit its production to keeps its limited allure. It will sell more than Rolex though.
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    Some of you sound like people are forced to buy the Edition Get real, there are many tiers to choose from.

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    mac_128mac_128 Posts: 3,428member

    And it will still look like a featureless block of metal and black glass most of the time. But among ?Watch users it will certainly be impressive.


    However, I still maintain it's the best investment in Apple technology a person can make. In 2 years when the technology is obsolete, you can probably melt it down and the appreciated gold will be worth more than the price of the latest Edition watch.


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    dugbugdugbug Posts: 283member

    A rather standard price for a solid gold watch.

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