Mac sales continue decline in Q3, Apple drops to 5th place worldwide



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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 1,609member
    dysamoria said:
    What confounds my ability to tolerate other people's viewpoints is when they proclaim having been here since the Apple II and STILL cannot see that the Apple of today is not as superior to today's competitors as the Apple of, say, 2009. ... I can only surmise that these people didn't see the actual quality that I saw; that it was irrelevant to them. I see lots of techie people missing the point on things like GUI design, user-friendliness, and such, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised. 

    More concerning is how the Apple defenders stand firm despite reasonable criticisms, responding with abuse...

    i shouldn't be so stunned and confounded by human behavior anymore. The irony of being called a troll by these people... They must be expert-level trolls.
    I think there are a lot of people who never really 'got' Apple, but jumped on board at some point, or didn't come to the platform for it's superiority. It surprises me too, but I doubt the majority of them have been here since Apple II days. Most have come post-iPhone days. But, also, I suppose as an engineer/designer type, I look for and value that kind of stuff more, probably.

    Then, there are the fanboys, or as you say, trolls who've been around the whole time.

    Aside from my IT/design background, I also have a MA in Theology, with emphasis on culture and apologetics, so the human nature thing doesn't surprise me much. That doesn't mean I like it. Also, it does seem to be getting worse, and most people don't have enough history and study of human nature under their belts to grasp where Western society appears to be headed. :(
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    LeBart1968LeBart1968 Posts: 15unconfirmed, member
    cgWerks said:
    The problem with all the statistics and such, is that I don't get their relevance (outside beancounter type thinking). As the analogy I've used before goes... Ford doesn't say, "Well look here, pickup trucks outsell cars... I guess we'll just put all our eggs in that basket and slow down car development... and heck, that GT40 doesn't make any profit at all, cut that program!"

    I mean, what business with any amount of sense thinks like this? Sure, sometimes you have to cut product lines under certain circumstances, and profitability is a concern - in the big picture!.

    I see ZERO reason for a company of Apple's scale, success, and profitability to go, 'hey Phones outsell all our other products by a wide margin... so let's just slowly shut down the Mac project and put all our eggs in smart-phones.'

    The only other explanation I see for what happened, is that they literally had to shift so many resources to iOS/phones/tablets, that they took them from the Mac (and from what I heard, this is indeed what happened early on), and then finally someone woke up and rather recently, started to replace those resources.
    Probably true, but not very smart from a company with so many resources ... it's almost unbelievable.
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 1,609member
    LeBart1968 said:
    Probably true, but not very smart from a company with so many resources ... it's almost unbelievable.
    To me, it is unbelievable. So, that makes me think there's some other reason, or it confirms that we're in trouble in regards to Apple's future. I'm open to what that alternative explanation might be that I'm missing.

    Like I said, in my last paragraph, I hope it was a hiccup due to the chaos surrounding Steve's death and that they'll start to recover.
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    netrox said:
    Apple needs to make affordable Mac minis!!!!
    And Mac Minis with upgradeable RAM, like just a few years ago.

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    macxpress said:
    netrox said:
    Apple needs to make affordable Mac minis!!!!
    $499 is not affordable? Sorry but the Mac mini isn't going to increase Apple's sales. It never has and never will be a big player. Apple is not in a race to the bottom. I'm sure Apple makes more revenue than most above them. Apple is never really concerned about selling the most...they're more concerned about the user experience and selling the best. Apple cannot cater to every single income level. 
    Sorry, but a bare-bones desktop machine needs 8 GB of RAM and 16 GB really should be the standard. So $899 is really what someone should expect to pay for a decent Mini.

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