iPod mini, mass appeal or not?

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Just respond to the poll accordingly, lets see what people really think...


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    i say huge hit, but it wont replace the ipod.
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    Initial sales definitely are not weak. 100,000 sold as preorders according to Apple. http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2004/feb/17ipod.html

    I suspect it will hit a million this year, but you just can't tell with these things. There is always the possibility of a flop after strong preorders, but that's not my bet.
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    ibrowseibrowse Posts: 1,749member
    Is this topic really that different than all your other iPod mini threads?
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    ipeonipeon Posts: 1,122member
    I say the iPod mini will outsell the iPod. No doubts about it. It's smaller, lighter and has plenty of storage for a portable player. The iPod is for those that want a portable HD along with a player. Not many in that camp.

    I have a 5 Gig first gen iPod. I've listened to about 25% of the music in it since purchasing my iPod almost two years ago. The rest is there "just in case" I feel like listening to it someday... hasn't happened yet.

    Special note: I'm so glad they went back to the first gen control style. I hate the button location on the new iPods.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    It's okay except for the "become the next Cube" option. What is that even supposed to mean? The Cube was a computer, the iPod mini is an MP3 player.
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    Originally posted by iBrowse

    Is this topic really that different than all your other iPod mini threads?

    Maybe we should post a poll to see if Messiahtosh should moderate his own iPod mini forum? Anyone second the nomination?
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    32 Yes---Awesome, some believers...

    23 No---Maybe they just dont get it? hehe

    I am very surprised, naysayers...here is how people decried the original iPod.
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    Almost all Apple products are big hits out of the gate. The WOW factor will die down. It always does. The question is what's left? Does it have legs? I believe it will be popular with the Mac Faithful. But I think the other 97% will pass it by for the iPod that has the best perceived value. The iPod mini is not as small as a flash drive. Flash based users only need about an hour of music at a time. It is still a poor choice for exercise. It may be a small hard drive, but it is still a hard drive. And many will simply wait for the click wheel, the only real advancement in the iPod mini, to migrate to the standard unit. It will simply not have sustainable mass appeal until it hits the $149 mark. That will probably never happen. Even so, the Mac community and the geek press will keep it alive for some time. Everyone thought the iMac 2 was a hit, but it had no legs. Neither, I believe, does the iPod mini.
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    The iPod mini is great for exercise because of its built in RAM buffer for skip protection. I ran all the time for 45 minute periods with the original iPod and it never had issues, with skipping or the battery. Those who are uninformed will never understand the product's market and never end up buying it. A lot of people will purchase the mini, like the 100,000 now have and more in the future. The thing that gives it "legs" is it has an already low price that will only get lower.

    This is a unique pricing perspective from www.macworld.co.uk

    Apple's market-leading iPod has generated its own developer community. Edgar Matias, president of Matias which produces the iPod armor product, had a new twist on the long-running discussion over price: "Despite all the whining about the price from the Mac faithful, the iPod mini will be a spectacular success for Apple. It is well-priced and that will only go lower with time."

    I really do believe the naysayers will be just as wrong about the mini as they were about the original iPod. I do not understand where this idea that it is overpriced and not an ideal workout device come from.

    This is a unique pricing perspective from www.macworld.co.uk

    Praising the form factor, which Matias said he: "found to be ideal for portable handheld devices ? small enough to fit in the pocket, but still big enough so you can operate the controls", he predicted "the iPod mini will prove all the naysayers wrong."

    He continued: "The Mac faithful do not generally understand retail. They argue that if you can get a higher-capacity iPod for just $50 more, why would anyone get an iPod mini?"

    "Ignoring all other factors," he said, there is one class of customer who almost always buy the cheapest available option ? gift givers. And for these customers iPod mini is an absolute win. From a merchandizing perspective the product's a stroke of genius," he said.
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member


    *mod-speak for shut the hell up already
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    Originally posted by murbot



    *mod-speak for shut the hell up already

    What on earth is your problem?

    I did not say the iPod mini was not competitively priced. I said it would not have sustainable, mass appeal. I definitely believe the iPm to be the best of the lot in that niche market. I don't happen to believe that any of of those players it is competing with will be that successful either. 100,000 pre-orders is impressive, but how will it do in the second and third quarters? I don't think it will be a highly successful product category.. But if any will succeed, the iPm will.
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    That sounds reasonable, I guess we'll see.
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    a_greera_greer Posts: 4,594member
    mini will work like a charm only when they lower the price!!!

    one would be nuts to get 4 gigs at 250 when 15gig (and a much better form-factor, the ipod is the perfect size ) is 300
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    murbotmurbot Posts: 5,262member

    Originally posted by Mac Voyer

    What on earth is your problem?

    My post was not directly under yours. It was not meant for you.
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    Looks really, really tiny.
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    Instead of flaming anyone or coming out and arguing, I'll just let people know why I wanted the mini to begin with.

    For me, it's all about size and weight. I do not want anything less than 1,000 songs, more is good but less would be irritating to me. I wanted the mini for the gym and outdoors types of things. I wont lie, the old iPod was never in my pocket. I either had it in my backpack or at home where I would use it to run with later.

    I ordered a blue mini because I will be able to pocket it without really noticing bulk or weight issues. Running with it will be a delight compared to just holding the one I had in my hand, without even a case.

    I am happy with 1,000 songs and a 8+- hour battery life, it is perfect for my active lifestyle and fits my budget well (I'm only 18 years old). I cant wait to get it tomorrow! I blew a paycheck on the thing, luckily the price was 229 + tax to bring it out to 242 total. That is a whole lot less than I would have paid for a 15 GB iPod, I really think that if the mini comes to $229 by the summer, it will completely devastate the competition. So far, the mini is collapsing the competition of similarly capacitated MP3 players, once it comes down a mere $20-$25 it will own everything. I would even predict that iPod owners of the larger iPod would bite on a slightly less expensive mini.

    That is not to say I think it is too expensive, and I think it obviously is right in line, judging by preorders and what I thought of it when it was introduced. A lot of people were dissapointed about it at first because rumors had us all believing we were going to see a $150 iPod mini.

    Im psyched, plus, I'm going to have one of the most physically fit mini's! I run 4 miles a day 5 times a week.

    Oh, yah, Im totally obsessed about it right now if you cant tell. Once I get it I wont be here to bother you all. Sorry for the annoyance I seem to be causing to some of you!
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    pscatespscates Posts: 5,847member
    If you hurry and hop a plane to San Francisco, there's a very good chance you could marry your iPod mini.

    Some call it unnatural, but what if you're born that way? Equal protection.
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    Originally posted by Messiahtosh

    The iPod mini is great for exercise because of its built in RAM buffer for skip protection. I ran all the time for 45 minute periods with the original iPod and it never had issues, with skipping or the battery. [/B]

    Now this is one point that is just silly, the only thing that gives the iPod mini a + in that respect is if you use the arm strap and it cuts down on shaking.

    the iPod and the iPod mini have the *same* buffer, in and of itself, neither is better for exercise, they are both equally inferior to a 256 MB solid state player that holds 2-3 albums(about 2-3 hours of music) for exercise purposes.
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    Its just as functional, I did it all the time with the original iPod. People dont know what they dont try.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    Some people can't use the original iPod for jogging. It depends on how you carry it and how you run. I've heard of a number of people whose iPod will cut out after 20 minutes of running. An iPod or iPod mini may or may not skip, but a flash player will definitely not skip, that much is guaranteed.

    I'm fine with my 10 GB third generation iPod. I would like if the buttons were placed around a circle rather than in a row, but you can't win 'em all. It's fine for me.
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