Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update



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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    Originally Posted by coolfactor View Post

    I think some people expect software updates to be a brain transplant.

    Sometimes the problem is not with the device...

    I wouldn't be so evil in this case. I find that setting up email can be quite an irritating experience, and I tinker with computers and electronics quite a bit.

    Originally Posted by FriendInMyPants View Post

    does NOT fix non-working sleep/wake button

    I think that is probably a faulty switch. Software usually can't get around something like that. Exchange it where you bought it. They should have spares on hand for problems like this.

    Originally Posted by thomasfxlt View Post

    And you really think Apple puts out useless upgrades?? I'm sure it won't fix everything you expect it to, but I doubt it "isn't any different".

    Originally Posted by mike503 View Post

    Do they post changelogs for anything?

    It seems like Apple is the only company that doesn't bother to give any detail on what is in the package. For a 250MB (!) download, it sure seems like they could be a bit more descriptive than "bug fixes".
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    Originally Posted by harrykari View Post

    To refute one of the 'fixes': you could drag icons across multiple pages before, although it meant you had to stop at the edge of the next page to get it to flip to the page beyond. I'm hoping it's a little more intuitive now.

    I agree, it's a pain the way it is. It's great for a page or two, but dragging an icon across multiple pages and getting the page laid out the way you want is tiresome. A little layout app in iTunes would be cool. Then the icon arrangement would be sync'd
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    I'm 99% sure the most significant "bugfix" in this release is that it makes impossible to install cracked apps. That must be the real reason Apple rushed this update so shortly after 2.0.
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    Originally Posted by thomasfxlt View Post

    I agree, it's a pain the way it is. It's great for a page or two, but dragging an icon across multiple pages and getting the page laid out the way you want is tiresome. A little layout app in iTunes would be cool. Then the icon arrangement would be sync'd

    That would be sweet. Something like exposé, where you see all of your pages at once. On my MBP so you can actually see them. Good idea, t.
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member

    I downloaded the update through iTunes around 4:30PM PDST and spent the last hour or so driving around Portland, OR neighborhoods testing 3G signal strength.

    1) Much snappier responses in all apps and areas

    - Downloaded YouTubes "Evolution of Dance" in about 12 secs. ( on 3G - not WiFi for all tags to this # in my outline )

    - Opened Showtimes and it fully populated in just few seconds (first time I used it)

    - Contacts, Bloomberg, games, all open very quickly

    - Safari connected to my bank and loaded the home page VERY quickly.

    2) 3G Reception is now fairly constant 4 or 5 bars.

    3) Ironically, WiFi reception also seems stronger and much faster at both my home and office locations.

    I am VERY PLEASED with this "minor bug fixes" update. Geez Louise Apple. Do you have to put the RDF spin on everything?

    Either way, color me the happy camper I fully expected to be 3 weeks ago.
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    hillstoneshillstones Posts: 1,490member
    Thankfully the lag in contacts is fixed!

    I like the comment about wanting more battery life in 3G. LOL. Good luck with that dream! Turn off 3G if you want improved battery life. The 3G chip draws too much power.

    For POP email, go to Apple's support forum for the iPhone and they have an email wizard for walking through the steps to set up your POP email account. I gave up on my Road Runner since their outgoing server did not work over Edge. The alternate server ( was slow. I now forward my Road Runner mail to my MobileMe account and my email problems are solved. Both sending and receiving mail on WiFi and Edge is very fast.
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    Originally Posted by CrunchinJelly View Post

    Is this supposed to be clever, Mr Cool Factor?

    I have owned countless mobile phones and have not had a problem connecting to my POP e-mail with any. Along comes the iPhone and it won't connect at all.

    This is not and end user problem, it's a problem with the way the iPhone handles Mail.

    No need to be so hostile.

    I also had POP access issues that started with 2.0 with my Yahoo account. Except I had my messages but none would load so I couldn't use them on my iPhone. And frankly and embarrassingly I whined non-stop about it. (I suspect I'm not the only one to do that!)

    I spoke to people at the Apple Computer store nearby and like a chorus several said blatently "Delete your pop email accounts and reinstall them!"

    Anyhow I did and all problems have vanished and I can read the mail and download it like back in version 1.0.

    Which brings me to another point. Yes like many I've been disappointed by the instability of v2.0 and the apps. But it is interesting, as an example, that one GTD-based ToDo program called OmniFocus kept crashing and crashing each time I added more items and then recovered each time so I could return. While another GTD-based ToDo program called Things (I was evaluating both) NEVER crashed!!!

    Well OmniFocus got somewhat better with its update as did much other software with theirs and I've noticed that the crashing of my iPhone has dramatically been going down as I stayed with known software and checked user feedback carefully this time for crashing before getting more. To the point now that I rarely have to restart my iPhone while at the beginning of 2.0 I was doing it seemingly all the time. We are talking about an iPhone packed solid with data, photos, music etc and I use it day and night relentlessly in work and play.

    The moral from me at least is to carefully choose your apps and don't get any without at least days and days of feedback showing solid performance.
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    Note: this is update 2.0.1 not 2.1 There is probably more fixes to security than anything else but yes it seems faster and some glitches have been fixed. Expect a major upgrade in a month.

    This is typical of Apple. They want to pacify us while they work on the bigger issues.

    The ApplePreacher
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    ghostface147ghostface147 Posts: 1,629member
    This should have been the release version.
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    Originally Posted by CrunchinJelly View Post

    Still can't get my POP e-mail account to work.

    Oh, well.

    If you're having trouble SENDING, try putting as the outgoing mail server (that's AT&T's mail server); leave username/pw blank.
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    jjasiejjasie Posts: 1member
    Originally Posted by Ireland View Post

    Great, waiting for pwnage to catch up.

    Still unlocked but I lost Cydia
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    Looking at your phone the wrong way will make the apps want to update. One day my phone decided that all 50 or so apps needed to be updated all at once.
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    crees!crees! Posts: 501member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    Some changes

    -You can now drag an app icon across multiple pages in one motion, rather than having to drag it, drop it, pick it up again and drag it over to next page, and repeat.

    You could do this in 2.0.
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    Originally Posted by ghostface147 View Post

    This should have been the release version.

    Actually, that's your problem, not Apple's. You should have waited to buy the new iPhone (or update the old one) until you got an 'all clear' signal.
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    the geo-location bug with East and west in europe and further east hasn't been resolved!

    there's apps that don;t make the mistake, but camera app still writes the wrong data into the EXIF!

    camera app doesn't see when you cross the meridian... weird...

    i have to manually change the negative to positive value for the longitude... bummer!
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    Originally Posted by anantksundaram View Post

    Actually, that's your problem, not Apple's. You should have waited to buy the new iPhone (or update the old one) until you got an 'all clear' signal.

    APPLE is the one giving the all-clear when they entreat millions of users to download their software. That's why there's such a thing as QC - and why the aforementioned millions of users complain when they find they're part of a large beta testing program.

    No offense but I'm old enough to remember when products had to WORK out of the gate - not be a buggy piece of shit that'll be sort of okay after about three or four firmware updates.
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    stevetimstevetim Posts: 482member
    Originally Posted by Phlake View Post

    I feel obliged to say that in my brief testing, it certainly feels Snappier©.

    I would call it a zippy little upgrade
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    eaieai Posts: 417member
    I'd say we're fairly likely to hear or even see another update in September when the MacBooks and iPods are announced...
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    A year later, and we still don't have CUT, COPY AND PASTE!!!!! That's a HUGE SHORTCOMING, and thus a perfect point of ridicule for Apple's competitors who say that iPhone is not an Email Device, and is mostly Read Only!

    One of the Apple execs stated that CUT, COPY AND PASTE! were not the top priorities... I wonder what planet that guy is on?!

    Here is my iPhone WISH LIST, but I'd settle with the top 5 items!!!

    * Copy and Paste

    * Editing of Documents (Word, Pages, PDF etc.)

    * Memo-Notes 2 Way Syncing

    * Spotlight Search

    * Adobe Flash Support

    * Removable Battery

    * Card Slot for External Storage

    * Wireless Bluetooth (in Ear Headphones, with Noice Cancellation!)

    * Video Recording (natively)

    * Audio Recording (natively)

    * Flash on the Photo Camera

    * Skype or some Voice over IP

    * Solar Charging

    * SMS and Phone Call Log Syncing (natively)

    * Voice and Internet at the same time while on 3G, not just on WiFi

    Memo-Notes 2 Way Syncing + Spotlight Search is what holding me and my friends from buying iPhone, since we are coming from Palm Treo's and have a ton of Notes and Memos, that we can't sync to iPhone, and even if we could, without Spotlight, or some kind of Search, how would we find those on iPhone?

    iPhone is a PLATFORM, PORTABLE COMPUTER -- nice buzz words, but how can anyone call it that without CUT, COPY AND PASTE!?????????

    CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW, APPLE????????????: !!!!
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    drjjonesdrjjones Posts: 162member
    Had horrible results with this update. Had error 1604 6 times . Restored 6 times , each one a failure. Said each time i needed to do a restore. Finally went to Apple help web site and they said to disconnect the iphone , shut it done by holding down top power button and hold down home button while start up . Plug back in and restore . If failure , repeat. When mine failed 1st time it worked on second try . Hope this helps some one if they get deadended trying to restore. It did work but took well over an hour and a half to fix and replace all data . Nice update eventually .
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