Apple releases iPhone 2.0.1 Software Update



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    Originally Posted by lfmorrison View Post

    I think Apple's position on that is pretty clear: They have no intention of doing (VoIP) themselves at the moment, but 3rd party developers are free to offer it via the App store.

    Jobs has gone on record as saying that Apple would not block a 3rd party VoIP application from the App Store, provided the application only attempted to communicate via a WiFi connection. If it attempted to communicate via the cellular network's data connection, it would be banned.

    There are some very interesting things happening with VoIP, and the integration with mobile networks is the most intriguing. Third parties won't be able to do that... they'll just offer a voip phone line option for us on the phone. The iPhone is now international, I'd like to see Apple playing in the voip area themselves in some countries.

    Originally Posted by jfanning View Post

    But they are selling it as a phone, all phones have a removable battery

    Look out for Mophie external 'juice pack'.

    I am personally pleased they didn't increase the phone size to make an easily accessible battery, but I see some people need it.

    Anyway... this is nothing to do with 2.0.1. I've installed - same carrier details failure - but all works fine. Seems to have better responsiveness but I'll need more time.
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    justflybobjustflybob Posts: 1,337member
    Originally Posted by JeffDM View Post

    I don't understand what "Mac web" has to do with the iPhone. You talk about using brains, but I'm not sure one was used when posting about some vaguely defined "Mac web".

    Granted that is rather poor use of the language but, then again, English may not be their primary one to use?

    That being said, I believe they were trying to say that with all the Mac FORUMS out there, that you should have known what you were getting into with the iPhone "experience".

    I'm not saying that I agree with them, but I do feel that was what they were attempting to communicate.
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    pandapanda Posts: 1member
    I still have some problems with my MobilMe sync, when it comes to iCal (it doesn?t sync at all...). But the syncing problems with the Addressbook are finally gone

    But I have notice a changed in the way Maps is searching for keyword. Before the update Maps automatically kept on searching for the keyword when I changed the search Area; if I wrote "Restaurant", it would keep on searching even though I changed the position to another part of the City. Now after the update (which by the way made my iPhone works almost twice as fast, thanks) I manually have to push the "search" button for every time I change the search area. Why? I don't see any advantages of this.
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    If my usage is light say only calls and maybe 15mins of music/video a day will the phone last from morning to evening?
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    Originally Posted by bavlondon2 View Post

    If my usage is light say only calls and maybe 15mins of music/video a day will the phone last from morning to evening?

    yes, no problem (unless your calls do not last few hours...), and I would say you can even listen to music much much longer than only 15mn (maybe several hours with no problem).

    and especially with 2.0.1 update: I confirm battery life is longer. Further to my post in this thread, I can say that yesterday evening, my iphone 3G was full at more than 75%, while with 2.0 it was already at this level by 2pm with the same global use!

    I fully charged the battery yesterday evening, used some wifi this morning (15mn) with safary mostly and other apps, and now (around 10:30am), it's still indicating 100% full battery.

    I'll report to you this afternoon and this evening the next charge level.
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    Thanks for the update.
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    jafjaf Posts: 4member
    i left mine fully charged last night (12pm). in the morning the battery was at 80%.!!!!! could this be possible?
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    Originally Posted by Garv1e View Post

    I tried updating the software this morning but eventually got a 'Fatal Error' message saying the upgrade could not be completed. I detached the iPhone and then re-attached it to my Mac and clicked on the check for upgrade button in iTunesonly to be told it was the 2.0.1 version. Checked the iPhone itself and that says 2.0.1 too.

    I feel that some functions are slower and the touch facility less responsive. Should I go for a complete reset?

    I got a fatal error during the upgrade process too. The iPhone was left in the "connect to iTunes" screen that you got before activation. When I did this, iTunes said that I had to do a reset device to reinstall the firmware again. Luckily after this happened it was able to restore all the the apps, settings, but all my music and videos were wiped off my iPhone - so I had to add all those again which was a bit of a pain!

    Afterwards I checked the firmware version and it had indeed upgraded to 2.0.1 though, and as others have said user interface performance does seemed to have improved. I've not experienced any applications crashing yet (in particular safari which would crash quite often before).
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    Originally Posted by jaf View Post

    i left mine fully charged last night (12pm). in the morning the battery was at 80%.!!!!! could this be possible?

    Damn iPhone-using elves...
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    Originally Posted by cloudtamer View Post

    1) Cut And Paste - I am sure apple is working on an API

    2) Editing Document's - I am sure Microsoft will help there.... just be glad you can read them for now.

    3) Memo's - Yea.. Not sure if/when

    4) Spotlight search - What's that?

    5) Flash - From last I heard adobe says yes.. Apple says "wait a minute"

    6) Removeable Battery - LMAO!!! When has apple ever had a removable battery in any Ipod product?

    7) Card Slot for External Storage - Apple won't do this.. promotes illegal music sharing. Thank you RIAA

    8) Wireless Bluetooth (in Ear Headphones, with Noice Cancellation!) - Could be coming with an updated API

    9) Video Recording (natively) - I wish too

    10) Audio Recording (natively) - They have an App..

    11) Flash on the Photo Camera - Hardware request issue or possibly a dongle. that's a good idea.

    12) Skype or some Voice over IP - I bet AT&T won't let them, hopefully At&T will release something.

    13) Solar Charging - Apple wont' have anything like that.. Look for 3rd patry.. I am sure there is SOMETHING out there.

    14) SMS and Phone Call Log Syncing (natively) - Yea.. not sure how that is going to happen.

    15) Voice and Internet at the same time while on 3G, not just on WiFi - This already happens.. Try again. Mind you EDGE is NOT 3G!

    I would be happy with just MMS.

    FIRST, I want to say I love Apple, even when a tad slow on updates. I after updating the iPhone cannot access my iPod although all my music and video's are there. I will make a new post on this once I have read all the threads.

    I did want to say that I saw a company that makes a copy and past you can buy on the App store. I forgot the name, but at lease there is 1 solution out there. ;-)

    Have a good day!


    PS. you do have some great suggestions / wish list!
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    Originally Posted by Aymeric View Post

    I'll report to you this afternoon and this evening the next charge level.

    Well I won't report anything today, because I switched this afternoon from MobileMe to MS Exchange together with NuevaSync/Google Contacts and Calendar. I'll see in the coming days what's up with the battery life.
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    Originally Posted by jfanning View Post

    But they are selling it as a phone, all phones have a removable battery

    Why would it? Every smart phone has a card slot in it

    Remembering that they selling the device outside the US as well, and some networks sell a Skype phone to make calls over their 3G network.

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. The battery can be removed with out swapping the phone at the Apple Store I was told.

    2. Apple is thinking of themselves (after all, they want to make more $) by not adding a card slot - this ensures that one day when apps might be 1 GB in size, and they could get there, that you upgrade to a bigger phone with more memory in it.

    I love Apple and see no wrong in this, it is just business. Could I be wrong? Sure. Just my thoughts. Don't hate me because I love Apple.

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    I just noticed that it can now connect to a WPA AirPort network. With 2.0, I tried entering the password 10 times and it would not connect. Now it does! Yay!
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    none!!! Except 2 things for sure. 1 backup is a little faster. The second is this. I have had the iPhone 3g for 3 weeks now and I have had basically no 3g coverage anywhere. I am currently living in Rolland county and have had 0 3g reception up here since day 1 I have had 3-4 bars with edge. After the update I now have 2-3 bars with 3g and it moves after then the 3-4 bar edge so that's cool. Testing still lags contacts still lag. I haven't had any apps crash yet though.
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    Great update. iPhone 3G moves faster in all areas.

    1. No lag in contacts. (About 70 contacts or so)

    2. Camera opens in half the time.

    3. No SMS lag

    4. Shorter email lag when choosing a contact. if only we could do MMS and record video I would be the happiest guy in the world. Almost.
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    I thought iphone isnt capable of video capture?

    Anyway I have given up on that.
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    Not only is 2.0.1 a great improvement, some of the apps on the App Store are getting updates recently that really improve them.

    Things are getting better daily.

    Now where is a simple page editor that also has a Mac version?
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    royleeroylee Posts: 8member
    Having moved from Windows/Windows Mobile to the Mac/iPhone world, I must say that at least the updates are readily available. Previously, you would read about updates but carriers/phone manufacturers would be soooo late in upgrading that by the time they do, it'll be time to get a new phone...maybe that was their sales strategy.

    All in all, 2.0.1 is faster in contacts (1000 contacts) with still a slight delay but not as long as 2.0.0. That's the most noticable improvement for me. You can criticize it to the bone, but end of the day, it's a cool phone and I'm a happy camper...
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    I was so excited to do the update as there were a lot of bugs and I was hoping for new features. When I did the update, no apps worked, and my iPod was empty - but looking in iTunes it was all there on my iPhone! Crazy. As per all my Apple experience and troubleshooting through the years, the first thing I tried worked if you want to know my solution:

    Obviously I tried rebooting and so on, but I unchecked all apps in iTunes, updated, then did a backup which is very fast with no apps installed. Then I erased and restored from the back up and all of that took less than 30 min, started last night at 6PM and was done at 6:28 PM! I was impressed, and now the iPod app and all 3rd party apps work perfect. It is zippier, and I like the turn by turn directions in maps - that may not be new but I never used it before.

    Now to address some reasonable complaints - as mine are not as I want a cam on the front for video conferencing!

    Copy and paste and video recording can be done by a 3rd part app, it is a series of apps for I think $19.99. Let me see if I can find a link real quick for everyone!

    This is not the one, but it is one:

    In other words we have hope for the future. I only hope Apple does this, not a 3rd party. I think they really wanted to get their SW and phone out so fast as the demand was so strong that they said fine, here you go, and fixed the other bugs as soon as they could. To me it is just like any major OS update, 10.5, it was less than 30 days till 10.5.1 came out out, same for 10.1, 10.2, 10.3, 10.4 and when I beta tested 10.0 in early 2000.

    Well, I'm sure I bored you enough, have a great day all!

    Kevin / TheTechShack
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    Installed without a problem on iPhone (not 3G). Later, got notification that there was an update for one of my apps. Tried to do the update over the air on the phone. The update failed, and the phone crashed. Soft reboot did not work. Hard reboot did not work. Nothing worked. Ended up having to restore the phone to factory defaults. The one piece of good news is that it appears that the backup feature of 2.0 is now actually working in 2.0.1. Was hoping for more stability in the new release. Have never had to restore to factory defaults prior to this. Perhaps a one time glitch?
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