Apple's Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to retail for $29 in September



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    Originally Posted by Mr.Scott View Post

    To: macxpress...

    Perfect!!! Best laugh of the day!

    Too bad our moderator doesn't have the same sense of humor.....
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    actually Windows x64 XP and vista are as "true" 64bit about as much as 10.5 is "true 64bit".

    Both just changed it to address the increase in address space limits.

    10.5 can handle more then 4gigs of ram, while a windows x86 can do 4gigs minus accessories(i.e.a 1gig GFX a big chunk) minus 500 megs reserved.

    You can have a guestimate of x86 parts of the windows because it has a sperate folder for it!

    10.6 is really a rewrite to bring more of it, including key technologies to help 3rd party do it too.

    10.5 is a 64bit OS ready, 10.6 is a 10.6 ready-er OS.

    The difference is mac is auto sense.
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    My god. Have they ressurected you from the 90s? M$. Lol.

    The Truth and the Consequences of using a M$ WINDOZE PC
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