Conan O?Brien spoofs Apple iPad 2 event as "a little bit cocky"



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    jonamacjonamac Posts: 388member
    Is this really funny to millions of Americans? There's so much to parody about Apple, and this is the best they can do? It's pathetic. Good satire takes truths about something and presents them humorously. Does anyone really think the iPad 2 represents a minimal amount of effort? Ask Samsung if 'squashing it a bit' is such a small task. Steve Jobs never appears in the product videos either. It's just devoid of wit.

    I'd happily laugh at a good satire of Apple, but this just isn't funny. I watched it bemused as to what the audience were actually laughing at. Someone made a funnier joke on the forums yesterday about 'Scot Foreskin' going on for ten minutes about the mute switch than anything in this. Childish, but just funny cause it was true, we got the point in 3 seconds and he talked about it for 60! In the product video he says: "It's amazing!" (which the iPad is!) with such a cheesy joy that it's ripe for satire. There's comedy gold there and instead this 'comedian' comes up with this bland tripe...I don't know what US tele is like, but I hope there's something funnier on the other channel for you guys!!
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    I am getting an iPad 2 and love my iPhone, but I got a good laugh out of the video.

    Apple is a master at PR and this just pokes fun at it...really can't take it personally.
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    sprockketssprockkets Posts: 796member
    Hmm.... the video playing caused 96mB of usage and 20% CPU. With the adblock gone off of ai's main page and the video playing in another tab I get 120mB of usage and up to 70% of the CPU, and that is in unix terms so it never went over one core.

    Perhaps that person should get a PC or something.
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    dr millmossdr millmoss Posts: 5,403member
    Originally Posted by irnchriz View Post

    This is just an example of exactly the penetration Apple has in popular culture, with the iPod and now the iPad. Their competitors would kill for that.

    You got it. As Oscar Wilde wrote, "the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about."

    Apple is a big company now, they can take it.
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    rabbit_coachrabbit_coach Posts: 1,114member
    Originally Posted by LuisDias View Post

    I thought it was frakking funny as hell. And true too. Apple overdues its style, and of course, that's why I love them, but then they cannot pass as "everyday people" as they try to too, which is a contradiction. In a nutshell, apple's dressing code is more strict than any other company, while trying to seem blazé. And they seem completely oblivious to the obviousness of this all...

    I think it was funny to see how helpless conan was to make a significant joke about the iPad. Its rather embarassing how he must be lacking of inspiration.
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    While the parody of the Apple ad was hilarious, the Android ad (presumably real) that preceded the video was so ridiculously full of motion and color and so short on information that it would be almost impossible to parody.
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    Originally Posted by redbarchetta View Post

    Satire. Look it up.

    Yep. It's a joke people and a good one at that. I'm a big Apple fan but that video was hilarious! Well done Conan.
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    cameronjcameronj Posts: 2,357member
    Originally Posted by StevesMinion View Post

    You could replace penetration with pretentious. Can't Apple make a normal video? I don't need Jony Ive to describe the iPad as a god. Product shots and captions would do.

    That's ironic, given the Xoom super bowl ad
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    nkalunkalu Posts: 315member
    Spoofs or not, whatever the case, its all good for Apple. Free commercial/advertisement.
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    I love Apple and CoCo! Another great bit from Conan! Anyone who can't see the humor in it needs to lighten up.
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    Does anyone care?
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    mazda 3smazda 3s Posts: 1,613member
    I thought it was hilarious. He's making fun of a company/product, not your mom. Some of you guys need to get a grip.
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    "In a nutshell, apple's dressing code is more strict than any other company"

    Actually, not true.

    I visited the Apple campus in Cupertino a couple years ago for a presentation by Apple to our school.

    While having lunch there, one of the (male) engineers walked by with his tray....wearing a skirt, nylons, heels and a sports coat and tie. The representative with us said there are a couple such cross-dressers, and Apple has no problem with what they wear, as long as they do their job.

    People wore a wide variety of stuff from jeans and sandals to suits and ties.

    Nobody stared. Nobody cared. Everybody was happy to be working for one of the coolest companies on earth.

    Make fun of Apple all you (or Conan) wants, but they make some da** cool and innovative products, a pleasure to use and built with great care and attention to detail.

    I would venture that most people who rip on Apple have never really tried an Apple product.

    They either a) can't afford one, b) don't want to admit that the cheap generic pc/windows product they are using might really be a piece of junk, or c) just like bashing what they don't understand and can't have.

    I think I recall a story about something to do with sour grapes.

    By the way, I thought Conan's bit was funny. C'mon, it's just humor!
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    prof. peabodyprof. peabody Posts: 2,860member
    Originally Posted by dualie View Post

    Satire from the guy who told the same basic Paris Hilton joke every night for three years.

    Yeah, this is "satire" in the same way as Mad Magazine was satire, which is to say, just barely.

    I didn't find it funny and it wasn't worth the load time and the advertisement you have to watch before you can even see it, but I must agree that the standard Apple formula for their product videos is wearing really, really thin.

    If I have to hear Jonathan Ive go on in that every so earnest voice about how *this* product (product of the day) is so "special" and so forth I think I'll puke. How many times can they say the same thing in exactly the same way about a product before it's obvious to everyone that it's just the standard BS. I actually believed him when he said the same things about the iMac G4, but sheesh! He's said the exact same thing about every product since and wearing the same clothes against that same white background.

    Apple really needs a new act.
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    mstonemstone Posts: 11,510member
    Originally Posted by AppleInsider View Post

    The video ends with the tagline: "iPad 2. You'll buy it no matter what we say."

    They at least got that last bit right.
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    macnycmacnyc Posts: 342member
    Originally Posted by redbarchetta View Post

    Satire. Look it up.

    He has a point. I live in NYC where you think people would be better informed. Not so...
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    macrulezmacrulez Posts: 2,455member
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    Originally Posted by redbarchetta View Post

    Satire. Look it up.

    BAD satire. Look it up. Then go look up something by a true master of satire. REAL satire. GOOD satire. Then again, you wouldn't know the difference, would you?

    George Bernard Shaw said "Dying is easy. Comedy is hard." Even Conan O'Brien would be upfront in admitting that, compared to a master like Shaw, most of what he does on his show is pretty weak. Conan knows this because he's a bright guy who has actually turned out some great work (the Simpsons' early days, for example). The 'iPad' bit was not his best work. Not by a long shot.

    Originally Posted by macnyc View Post

    He has a point. I live in NYC where you think people would be better informed. Not so...

    He certainly did have a point. Some people are quick to post, slow to think about whether they actually have something worth saying. 'redbarchetta, unfortunately, is the problem rather than any kind of solution.

    Originally Posted by Prof. Peabody View Post

    Yeah, this is "satire" in the same way as Mad Magazine was satire, which is to say, just barely.

    Sergio Aragones has read your post, and he is not amused. Expect a visit.

    Agree with you about Ive. Apple needs to take another approach re those videos. That act IS tired. Liked the video showing the iPad COVER though.
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    island hermitisland hermit Posts: 6,217member
    I wouldn't have seen it if I hadn't come to AI... Conan's too boring.

    Sent the link to a friend who's always razzing me about my Apple love. He thought it was great... and true. Har!
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