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  • Kuo: 'Apple Car' likely to launch in 2023 to 2025, fuel $2 trillion company valuation

    Oh no, not that picture again...
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  • Qualcomm pushed for iPhone exclusivity in response to $1B incentive payment demand, CEO sa...

    Hmm...I am not sure why AI is presenting this (the incentive payment) as some kind of a bribe that Apple offered Qualcomm. Going by Florian Mueller's article on, it appears to be the other way around!

    That is, Qualcomm had a habit of negotiating incentive payments from device makers in return for strategic favours. So, there's really no wrinkle in the FTC case, as suggested by AI. Instead, it's one of four issues related to Qualcomm's conduct that are being investigated. To quote:


    For the FTC, Jennifer Milici outlined the four key issues surrounding Qualcomm's conduct that the FTC is tackling (let's not forget that some other aspects are at issue in Apple v. Qualcomm in San Diego, where a trial will start on April 15), which are interrelated as she also explained:

    • the "no license-no chips" policy;
    • incentive payments (for a brief explanation, those incentives effectively reduce patent licensing fees in exchange for doing Qualcomm some strategically-relevant favors);
    • the refusal to license rival chipset makers (note that Judge Koh's summary judgment in this context was based on contractual obligations, while the focus at this trial is now on an antitrust duty to deal); and
    • past exclusive arrangements with Apple.

    We all know Florian Mueller is paid by Apple and has been Apple support for so many years. His blog is biased and has no credibility.
    What a dumb statement. Even if that were true — although you don’t provide a shred of evidence — that’s like saying, since Mollenkopf is paid by Qualcomm, we shouldn’t believe anything he says. 

    Incidentally then, how do we know you’re not being paid by Qualcomm?
  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    A wonderful thread, so far. 

    But it just wait until the Huawei trolls start to show up... (and they will — it’s still very early morning there). 
  • Google suspends Huawei's Android license, forces switch to open-source version

    I’m actually amazed Google is doing the right thing here. After all, they’ve been fueling Asian knockoff artists (including Samsung) since Android 1.0, at the expense of/on the backs of American companies and American innovation. Remember how Google bought one of the last remaining American mobile device companies (Motorola), only to mine their patents before dumping the company off on the Chinese? All to build a mobile market share monopoly to feed their sweet, sweet digital surveillance advertising business.

    Now all that remain are Apple and, surprise, Google. Who, like Microsoft before them, found it worthwhile to stab their hardware “partners” in the back by jumping into the hardware market themselves for some potentially-lucrative double-dipping.

    Google are scum, but at least they’re doing the right thing here. For once. 
    This is not the first time. Google left China some years ago when they were asked to tattle and spy on users. They just packed up and left (yes, there were some recent moves to tip-toe back in, and while that may yet happen, they’re still not in China). Apple, IIRC, agreed to China’s data requests — but someone could correct me on that. 

    Credit it where credit is due. 
  • Tim Cook spotted eating with Brazil's Bolsonaro, Microsoft's Nadella & others at Davos

    Here we go again... the Left can't stand the Right, and vice versa.

    Cue the mindless back-and-forth.
  • Steve Wozniak doubts fully self-driving vehicles are 'quite possible yet'

    slurpy said:
    Sorry, but why does the media hang on Wozniak's every word? Why do we care what he thinks? He hasn't been relevant in decades. What has he produced since he left Apple, while living on his AAPL stock? He's never been shown to have even a shred of insight into where things are going, or even a fundamental understand of what makes products and companies successful. He's certainly never under what has made Apple successful. 
    I agree with you that SW is over-rated, especially on the topic of Apple.

    But on this one, I agree with him wholeheartedly. Fully self-driving cars are at least 7-10 years away. They have to first fix insurance/liability issues, and then hundreds (if not thousands) of state and local regulations related to vehicles and vehicle traffic have to be worked on one by one. On top of which, the US Congress will have to pass legislation.

    I think it will all ultimately happen, but not before 2025.
  • U.S. to investigate planned French tax on Apple, other tech giants [u]

    Excellent. Let's see a tax on every Danone yogurt, Airbus plane, Schneider circuit breaker, bottle of champagne, Dior perfume, L'Oreal cosmetic, Air France ticket, and Michelin tire sold in the US.

    They'll come around pretty quickly.
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    crowley said:
    avon b7 said:
    roake said:
    pjs_socal said:
    I am surprised that it took EU countries this long to enact these kinds of taxes. It’s common knowledge that Apple (with help from Ireland) took advantage of loopholes in international tax laws to reduce their tax burden. Of course, Apple has done nothing illegal, but it’s completely within each country’s rights to change tax laws to close those loopholes.
    So imagine if every UN country charged Apple an additional 3% on gross revenue.
    Where would the problem be? It's a decision each sovereign state must weigh up. And in this case it isn't 'Apple', it's companies that go above a specific limit.
    Taxing revenues is unheard of.
    Sales tax is unheard of?  Where are you from?
    Sales taxes are not imposed on, or paid by companies. Get with it...
  • France approves digital tax measures against Apple despite US pressure

    dougd said:
    Awww Apple has to pay some tax boo hoo
    “Some”? 3% of revenues for a company with a 20% pre-tax profit margin is a 15% tax rate. For a company with 3% margin, it’s a 100% tax rate

    You like spending other people’s money, eh?
  • Laurene Powell Jobs joins Leonardo DiCaprio to form Earth Alliance

    I watched DiCaprio's climate movie a couple of years ago. Simplistic is a charitable description. 

    The only way way to make the planet less environmentally susceptible is to incentivize large developing countries to grow and create their wealth — which there is no stopping — by being more carbon-efficient, water-efficient, minerals-and-metals-use-efficient, flora-and-fauna-use-efficient, and producing less detritus by way of waste, pollution, and emissions in the process. 

    Any other ‘solution’ is basically feel-good stuff that might not amount much more than a hill of beans.