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  • Thanks guys.
  • Excellent to hear thank you. I have a full backup that is no problem so it looks like I will purchase Leopard come payday.
  • Do bright lights in general hurt? If yes get your eyes checked you could have an issue.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by OfficerDigby It's not unusual behaviour from Apple. They gave up on the G3 iBook and extended warrantee for Logic board failure. But somehow they held out on the G4 iBook, hoping the users with the problem would just d…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Sport73 As odd as it may seem, don't judge by what you see in the store. Those Sony Bravia displays make the AppleTV/iTunes Movies look terrible. They look darn close to DVD on my 50" Hitachi 50VS810 LCD RPTV. Clear…
  • Suprisingly it uses a desktop drive. I have had them apart to repair it is amazing to look at what went into getting them together.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by mydo I would stay far away from any college that numbed my balls. I'm with Mydo on this one. While having Macs is nice it shouldn't be the only reason to take a course. A little advice from someone that is still pay…
    in Mactopia Comment by tekmate April 2007
  • I like the Dells myself people here can yell at me but Apple displays are not worth the money in my book.
  • I was going to sell mine and buy a MacBook and then I decided the only reason I wanted a MacBook was so I could dual boot Linux. I can do that on the current system so I am going to wait.
  • I seriously overpaid then.
  • I have a Powerbook G4 1.5ghz and I surf, do a little HTML work and play a few games. My programs are: FireFox Camino Photoshop NVU NeoOffice These comprise 75% of what I do.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by gwoodpecker Nobody here wants to offend you, but as you stated in two threads that the G4 was still a viable alternative, people will always tell you that you're wrong here. As Windows people would when you say the Pen…
    in New G4 Comment by tekmate April 2007
  • Yes take it in otherwise you will be swapping batteries forever.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Aquafire Don't worry about it..Tekmate. I am running it on a Compaq deskpro EN using a P3 866 Mhz chip (133) with just 384 Mgbytes of ram. (3 X 128 sticks) Seems to function perfectly fine with that set up. …
  • Personally I am not upgrading this year. Money is tight right now and I am still very happy with CS2 so I think I may wait for CS4 before doing anything.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Slewis Personally I don't see the need in one for sub notebooks if they use a dock. Sebastian I agree with you I have an ultra portable that I take on long trips with a travel battery and I love it. For home u…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Aquafire; Case in point, take a squiz at this site. [url http://lightcrafts.com/linux/[/url] I have downloaded and used it on my Linux box. I have to say, it's a very nice bit of kit... Aquafire For an…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by mikef Regardless... what sense is there in spending the nearly the same on an iBook than you would for a MacBook? Some people just prefer the PowerPC architecture regardless of price. If he is happy with it what is…
    in New G4 Comment by tekmate April 2007
  • Quote: Originally Posted by mikef I never understood the startup time of an application being any indication of the app's performance... I was not implying that existing G4 owners throw them away and buy Intel Macs, but to buy a G4 now seems i…
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  • Quote: Originally Posted by Aquafire And it doesn't help my cause when I keep buying perfectly working and really cheap computers for $5.00 or $10.00 or even fishing them out of dumpsters...for free. Aquafire I hear you I just found a per…