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  • Hmm, if they are not showing up in a search, it might be the entourage DB is corrupted. Have a look at this link about how to repair the entourage db.
  • Excellent troubleshooting from the community here \ Patient: Doctor, it hurts when I do this. Doctor: Don't do that! Have you checked in your outbox? It sounds like you have mail waiting to be sent.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Kickaha Possibly it's the menu item that's activated in Preferences? Thats that mystery solved. Thanks all.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by lundy You don't have a dot-Mac account? No wonder you can't access the features. Now I'm wondering how you got the menu item enabled in the first place. There must be some other way to enable it. You can double-click o…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by lundy Yes there is. The second tab from the left. Here's what I see: Am I looking in the wrong place?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by lundy Or open system preferences -> dot-Mac ->sync -> and uncheck "Show status in menu bar." Theres no sync option in the .Mac section of sys prefs. I'm running 10.5
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Omega You might be able to hold the apple key and drag it out of the menu bar Excellent, you learn something new every day. I love macs!
  • It is possible that Yahoo are using some blacklists that have the mail servers you refer to listed as spamming servers. I don't know Pair so can't say if this is likely, but it is certainly possible.
  • Quote: Originally Posted by tilt You can use Pidgin, it used to be called GAIM. Download it from here: Cheers Pidgin is nicer than trillian IMHO. Thanks.
  • I don't really understand the 1.1 and 1.0 update terminology that yo are referring to or what OSW is, however you can do an Archive and Install, from the system disc. This will reinstall the OS and will preserve all the settings and apps of all user…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Jeff Deveraux Hi folks. I have a strange one... I just acquired a laptop this evening. My external drive did not mount on the desktop, but was seen in the finder window. Okay, no problem. At least I can access the dr…
  • How much data? Are they on the same network? Does the G3 have any ability to burn discs?
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Messiah My pain with the new iMacs continues. Now I can't set a display profile. As soon as I go to the Displays in System Preferences I get the bonking noise. When I select Color I get the bonking noise and everyth…
  • Quote: Originally Posted by Valthor so, i have an ibook g4, and i've never had a problem with it until i recently dropped it... well, long story short, it wont go past the loading screen... please help... It could be the disc. Have you tired s…
  • I found this on the apple discussion forums Basicly suggests quitting iTunes and restarting, if that doesn't work then Quote: click on your account name in the top right corner of the iTunes window. When a second window appears asking for your p…
  • 1. How do you mean "lost"? 2. I sometimes have a similar problem when I bring my macbook back in range of the keyboard. 3. Unusual but not unheard of. Could suggest an underlying problem with memeory or someother hardware failure. If it keep…
  • So, I can connect just fine to that host: Code: Deep-Trouble:~ xxxx$ telnet 110 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. +OK Can you provide a traceroute so I can …
  • Thanks Frank
  • This might not help much, but it worked fine for me. Set an 8GB partition for XP, rebooted and could see 3 partitons, 1 was opbviously too small (boot partition?) 1 was obvioulsy too big (OSX) and the other was the right size and was a labled C. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by Mr. H Possibly a corrupt calendar... Have you tried creating a new user and seeing if iCal works in the new user account? Try it with the default (empty) calendars, then copy over the calendars (stored in ~/library/…