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  • I don't know if it's the same in the US but in the UK you can either shift you current iPhone to a new contract or stick it on a PAYG sim card, if you do that you could sell it on. The other option is obviously to jailbreak it and use it on any netw…
  • I've been more than happy with my O2 service and my iPhone, I'd definitely add another 18 months to my contract for a free upgrade Can't see it happening though
  • No way of knowing until some o2 iPhones are available. However, All this talk of Apple and o2 'skinning' people is imho absolute rubbish. I currently pay £35 a month for 200 minutes and unlimited texts. Now, when I switch to the iPhone I'…
  • I'm sure you won't need a 64bit processor to run Leopard, it will just run better with one. Coreduo, or even G4 would all be fine as well as the core2duos
  • If you control click the connect 360 icon in your system preferences pane it'll give you the option to remove it. This is the same for any user added prefpanes. hth Cheers Dan btw - Connect360 works fine I use it a lot although browsing you…
  • no problem mate, enjoy yer semester
  • Are you logging on from your school/college? or from home - chances are that the schools smtp server will only allow connections from it's own network. If you're at home you'll need to change it to your isp's server hth dan
  • Quote: Originally posted by Darth_Apple If you want to talk with your friends who will be using MSN Live I suggest you use Yahoo! Messenger for Mac It has everything you want: * New look and feel for OS X * New features including Avatars, …
  • it's actually more likely to be that MS Office is a badly coded POS. It runs slow on all the macs I've ever had including a Quad G5, a dual 1.8G5, dual 2 gig g5, and for my sins I even had to use it on an original g4. It's also slow on my new iMac b…
  • I've found that the file is installed by all macromedia software (Adobe now) I believe it's to do with the flash player being installed for ALL browsers on your system. As you don't have opera installed it just dumps it in your home folder. hth. …
  • Quote: Originally posted by techound1 You're not alone - and it's probably not on your end - several debit card users in the UK have been hit. See: http://software.silicon.com/security...9157381,00.htm silicon also had a UK-specific st…
  • Yes, I know a keylogger would have to have been installed previously. That's why I asked about a keylog scanner. Actually I can see the confusion. I meant a scanner for my computer to FIND a keylogger or similar, not to actually log keys Dan
  • hehe, very cool - the original wired one button does it to. Dan
  • lol, it would appear there's more than one way to skin this particular cat!
  • You can also right click on the window and choose customise> then drag 'path' to where you want it on your window chrome so its always there with no key combo
  • lol, threadrape! My apologies, I will try and refrain from using any 'local dialects' in the future
  • hehe, jollies - hollies, holidays sorry, my bad
  • I have it enabled on my 12' 1.33 powerbook, Expose/dashboard are beautifully smooth! Dan
  • Am using the weather widget in the UK with no problems, typed in Middlesbrough and hit enter and it searched and came up with 'Middlesbrough, United Kingdom' Flipped the widget and all is well, I did notice though that if I didn't hit enter then it …
  • Very useful post, nice one Dan Quote: Originally posted by mdriftmeyer To extend upon Hitby's commentary: The update to Tiger converted com.apple.windowserver.plist to binary1 upon rebooting the system. To see exactly what got modified…