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  • Apple's machine at the low end are very competitive. Not because of their hardware make up, which is not up to par with the PC world - yet - but because of their ease of use. I know a number of people who have opted for Macs at home when they had …
  • Well, I would use 8GB of memory today (I have 4.5GB) at the moment if the OS was 64bits, but it is not. So the most I can do (given the kind or processing I do) is to use 2 processes, each running with 2GB of memory, and have 512MB for anything els…
    in 4TB of RAM :) Comment by *l++ March 2004
  • Given the current channel inventory, there is no way we will see a new G5 in a week. Apple is clearly privileging XServes with this one. I would not be surprised to hear of other G5 clusters popping up. Until XServe demand drops, I would expect e…
  • Even if IBM could deliver 3GHz 970s to Apple by MWSF, Apple would probably pass on it until it would be assured an equal speed-up in an equal time period afterwards. So Apple may go to 2.5GHz then, knowing that it will achieve 3GHz 6 months later. …
  • This sounds like a VLIW chip (similar to what Intel is using for the Itanic, oops Itanium.) VLIW = Very Long Instruction Word
  • Actually, an update on Monday has zero probability. The question is whether there will be an update on Tuesday or not.
  • Quote: Originally posted by Ensign Pulver No new Powerbooks until Paris. That's my prediction. See, now we're back on topic. Thank god you are just plain wrong! Seriously, Apple will not go for a month with an empty channel and miss the…
  • They are coming very very very soon ! http://www.macprices.com/g4tracker.shtml (Either that or Apple has decided to stop selling PowerBooks)
  • Given the 7457 lower power requirements (At 1Ghz it uses about 1/3 the power of an 800Mhz 7455), it seems a lot more likely that we will get a new Powerbook with 1 (or 2) 7457 than we will see a 1.2Ghz G5. http://e-www.motorola.com/files/32bi...o…
  • 5-7 business days means out of stock. 2 months ago, you would not have seen a single red dot on that page.
  • This screams new Powerbooks: http://www.macprices.com/g4tracker.shtml
  • No Powerbook today, but the number of red dots on the page below is strangely comforting. http://www.macprices.com/g4tracker.shtml
  • Try this: http://www.insanelygreatmac.com/news.php?id=2350
  • ThinkSecret reports that the Apple Booth is wide open and unmasked at MacWorld. This really bodes badly for new Powerbooks this week.
  • WOW++
  • Quote: Originally posted by thegelding i think it may be time to bring back an old favorite: g The infamous note.. What a disappointment that was !
    in Wwdc Comment by *l++ June 2003
  • We will hear that the Apple Music store has been running on Panther and the IBM 970 since its launch and has performed flawlessly. That you need that kind of memory (some large amount of GB of RAM) to maintain the DB in memory and perform all the s…
    in Wwdc Comment by *l++ April 2003
  • MacBidouille translation The architecture of the PPC 970 64 bit motherboards should be getting a "Mach 64" trademark. The official logo will depict an apple with an orbiting space shuttle. The commercial slogan will be "With Mach 64 Technology".…
    in PPC 970 date? Comment by *l++ April 2003
  • Quote: Originally posted by Programmer I'm not so humble that I won't point out that I've been saying this for over a year now. But why would IBM use MacOS X server when they have been pushing Linux? They finaly have a way to no longer depen…
  • MacBidouille says 1.4Ghz on the 1st of May, and the faster ones on the 21st. I would not expect anything beyond 1.8Ghz. By WWDC, Apple will have enough chips to ship new Powermacs.