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  • Apple's moves point to a future with no bootable backups, says developer

    I feel my love affair with Apple is ending. I love the fact I can boot from a super fast SSD, it made it easy to cross grade from my MacBook to an M1 Mac mini as I can still boot the laptop drive from an older iMac I’ve kept. The loss of target display mode on that iMac was significant too. There is a progressive loss of convenience happening here. 
    And in my case having to drive over 100 miles to a Apple store, drop it off, then return to pick it up once fixed. Time to move on if this happens.

    No more Time Machine or CCC backup and restore. WTF
  • Apple sued over 'stage light' MacBook Pro display issue

    DAalseth said:
    This was a real issue and Apple should have acted faster and more aggressively to make it right.
    This lawsuit though, will do nothing for the people with the problem. It will end up only lining the pockets of the law firm.
    There was and still is a problem and Apple won't fix it without being taken to court. So here they are being forced to fix something that should have been fixed then and there. They play, now they pay. They bring this on them selfs. 
  • Security flaw in Ring Neighbors app exposed precise location of users

    MplsP said:
    Ring keeps promoting itself for security but the only thing I've seen it actually be successful at is outing the neighborhood kids playing ding-dong-ditch. I can't count the number of cases where people have had packages stolen or other vandalism and had video of the perpetrators but the police do nothing.
    It's not the police. It's places like Amazon that tell Law Enforcement not to bother. It's cheaper for them to resend the package then to deal with it. The police hands are tied by that fact.  If a complaint is not filed, they have no case. I've had several packages taken from my door in the past and the first time I called my local police dept. They came out and told me to contact Amazon and if Amazon want to proceed then to call them back. I did contact Amazon and they said no and they would send out another order to replace the one that was taken. I was also told if it happens again to contact them and they will replace any future shipment. 

    Thieves know nothing will happen so it's a invite to steal.

  • Former Apple exec Scott Forstall to speak at Code.org online session

    Poor Scott - all he had to do was apologize.  Just a simple signature and his life would have been much different today.

    You think he cares ? He did not play there game. And I doubt he has cash flow problems. I bet he was glad to get the hell out. Here sign here and you can keep your job. No, I quit. LOL.  It's not like Maps is kicking ass in the past 8 years since he left. 
  • New Grayshift spyware lets police surreptitiously snatch iPhone passcodes

    rob53 said:
    I consider this spyware and malware, both are illegal to install on computer devices so why is it that our government isn't going after this company for admitting they're producing spyware? Oh, that's right, our government doesn't care about our constitutional freedom. Time for Apple to update their malware finding software along with other companies (Malwarebytes, etc.). It's also time for Apple to turn the tables on GrayShift and create a trojan horse that is sent back into the GrayKey system when it tries to load spyware on an iPhone. Once loaded it effectively destroys the GrayKey and everything GrayShift owns.
    You say it's unlawful to load spyware, but you want  to do it to GreyKey. Sorry can't have both ways.