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  • User-modified iPhone X with USB-C port sells for $86K

    I get that this would have been an interesting project for the guy who made it, and I also understand that $86k isn’t a lot to everybody, but I still struggle to see why anyone would pay anything for this.  I mean even as a bit of a geek I’m thinking… who cares?  

    Yes it’s annoying that apple won’t commit to usb c yet, and when they do and we have actual properly supported iPhones with that connector it will be a big deal, but this isn’t that.  This is a hack of an old phone that will
    sort of work until you or apple break it, and that’s it.  Mildly interesting but of no great consequence, and I’d still take any of Apple’s newer phones, complete with lightning connector over this.
  • Steve Wozniak 'can't tell the difference' between iPhone 12 and iPhone 13

    The thing is, all Apple are doing is continually improving their product.  That doesn’t and shouldn’t mean completely reinventing it every year, and it absolutely doesn’t mean that anyone must or should upgrade every year.  If the improvements in one year don’t interest you then great, keep your money, there’s nothing else to say about that.

    The fact that the 13 doesn’t completely invalidate and obsolete the 12 shouldn’t be a criticism of Apple; the problem is that anyone might expect it to.
  • Apple's cleaning cloth is sold out through January -- get this instead

    The only thing more ridiculous than the existence of Apple’s polishing cloth is the sheer amount of column inches that have been devoted to discussing it.
  • Majority of iPhone users unimpressed with iPhone 13 lineup, study finds

    I suspect the survey is asking the wrong questions of the wrong people, probably on purpose.  Nobody should be upgrading from last years phone or possibly even the one before that; Apple know full well that upgrade cycles are longer now as the technology plateaus.

    For me, I upgraded from an iPhone XR to a 13 Pro, and not only is it a very nice step up on almost every level (LCD to higher res OLED with pro motion, single camera to three lenses, 3gb ram to 6gb etc) but as someone who always used to pay extra for the 128gb it was also good value.
  • John McAfee dies in Spanish prison following extradition order to US

    FWIW, he came out with a social media post late last year (edit: maybe in 2019 actually) showing a tattoo spelled “whackd”, I think, and warning ppl that he would never commit suicide, so if he mysteriously died of suicide, it wasn’t him. Pretty strange stuff. To his credit, he seemed to have called it. Makes me more curious about whatever he was getting into. I didn’t follow him so I’m not really sure. 
    Did he “call it” or was he cornered, suffering paranoid delusions and reacting publicly to his own private thoughts of suicide?  Governments don’t kill people for tax evasion.